The Christmas Link-UP Recipes

Friday, December 18, 2015

My Darlin' Elves we have a problem. I joined this group to create a recipe for Christmas.  I made a promise to myself that I will never put a recipe on my D&LP unless to share one about aging wood or something building, staining or project related. Hmmm! How to keep my promise and add a recipe. This is a bit like the wonderful blog +TheKimSix Fix faced with her recent toilet paper roll project recently. Never say never right, Kim.
  I figured it out. Yep! You can use this simple recipe to share a cup of tea with your friends or you can stain a fabric from white to ivory.

The Christmas Link-up Party Gifts

Friday, December 11, 2015

How are you doing with your holiday shopping? Have you found all the right gifts for your list? Darlins' I am bringing back a personalized gift I have made in the past. Making your Christmas list shortened by a gift you can make quickly but, look like you spent hours.
Christmas gifts, Ice tub, stenciled, personalized, Silhouette America Cameo, The Christmas Link Up. Where did I find the acrylic ice tub? Home Goods and TJ Maxx.

"The Gift Giver" A New Christmas Classic

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

     Darlins' today I am bringing you a sponsored post. Yes! I know that make you wonder if you are willing to spend your time with me at the moment. Please wait and read my review of the soon to be classic Christmas book in your home. I did receive a copy of the book to review. All opinions and thoughts are my own and are not influenced by compensation.
 The Gift Giver is written by Jacob Haslem and Nick Allen. The illustrations done by Elissa Weaver are to be treasured for years to come. 
 What is this book all about? This book is featured on Christmas night. An evening all of our children take great interest in along with the anticipation of the coming morning. We teach our children about the birth of Christ on Christmas Day but, the hustle and bustle of the holidays may overshadow our lessons to the children and quite frankly adults by the time December 25th is here. 
Book, The Gift Giver by Authors Jacob Haslem and Nick Allen, Illustrator Elissa Weaver
The Gift Giver illustrations by Elissa Weaver

Christmas Tree Tour

Friday, November 27, 2015

    Darlins, I hope you are ready for some fun.  Jessica of Designer Sweet Spot had the idea to run a four-week series during the holidays. Each week we will be sharing special holiday traditions. This week is Christmas Trees, next up Home Tours, Gifts and lastly, Holiday Food and Recipes.
You are invited to share your creativity by joining the Linky Party that will last four Fridays. Are We Ready For A Party?
 With our further ado: Welcome to our Christmas home from our house to yours.
 This Angel is made with scraps of fabric from the tree skirt made below. I made these two family gems the first year we were married. This will be the 32nd Christmas we will celebrate with the angel with has the year of our wedding and Kedzuch embroidered by hand on the heart in the angles hands.

Ornament Linky Party

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hello, Darlins are you all ready for Thanksgiving? I am sure you have been busy with the bustle of the holidays already and I would love to see what you have been Creating.  Do you remember a couple of weeks ago when I posted this blog post? Click Ornament Tutorial Exchange Link here to catch-up if you missed it.
Glass Ball Ornament, Tutorial, Gold, Glitter, Gold Stems. Ribbon, Burlap background
  Erlene invited several of us to share some holiday cheer by making ornaments for new friends. Today she has helped us gather them all together to help you with a fabulous wealth of ideas to make treasured gifts for friends this holiday season. Now we need your creativity to complete the circle of fun. That is right we would love for you to link up your Holiday Sparkle, Plaid, Rustic and more. Please give us your best because, to all of us this is the best part in sharing our passion for holiday decorating our trees with gorgeous handmade ornaments.
Ornament Exchange Link Party
Welcome to the first 2015 Holiday Ornament Exchange!

Craft Lightning Holiday Edition

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Darlins' it is time for Craft Lightning Holiday Edition. Are you ready for Fifteen minutes of fun crafting and a free printable too?
Let's add to that the amazing blogs hosting the event:
 Thank you to each one of you for all your hard work. Rounding up a bunch of creative minds into one group is no small feat. Plus Featuring me along with other bloggers on your blogs tomorrow. Kudos for all you do!

Ornament Tutorial & Exchange

Sunday, November 8, 2015

 I am participating in the holiday spirit thanks to Erlene author of My Pinterestventures is Hosting the 2015 Ornament Exchange.  Do you know Erlene? Make sure you visit the link above to meet the magical Elf. She somehow managed to wrangle a large group of blogger to create tutorials for you,  then send off ornaments to a new friend. She has created a job that is similar to Santa delivering all the Christmas joy overnight. Only she has subjected herself to this for several days. I hope you enjoy the good cheer, creative ideas and meeting new bloggers in the process.

My new friend is Stephanie. She is a Mom, Nurse, Adjunct Professor teaching college students and the author Casa Watkins. She has chosen the colors of Gold and Green to decorate her Christmas Tree this year. I hope this ornament will remind her of the heart of gold she has during the Christmas season.

Ikea Rast Bar Cart

Monday, October 26, 2015

I have had the chance to participate in a challenge to create something different out of an Ikea Rast Dresser. This post is sponsored any and all opinions are my own. I did receive all of the materials I purchased from the sponsors for this post.  A few of the items mentioned are either scrap pile or separate purchases I had made previously. Both of these types of items I call my stash. Now that this business is out of the way lets get on with the creating.
  First I started out with the #OneBoardChallenge from +Sawdust and Embryos. I bought a board for seven dollars and built a tray. Which serves as the removable top of the bar cart.
2015 D&LP Bar Cart Kreg Jig Removable Tray #OneBoardChallenge
 As you can see from this photo my Prince Charming was a hero and helped me with this build. I love using the Kreg Jig to make strong joints.
2015 D&LP Bar Cart Kreg Jig Removable Tray Sturdy joints #OneBoardChallenge
I am securing eight-foot board into the removable serving tray. Every inch of the board is in this tray. The handles are made out of the two last pieces of the board.

Swap It "Light" Its Hot

Friday, October 9, 2015

Hello, Darlins'! 
 Miss Charlotte author of Ciburbanity asked me if I was interested in participating in the Swap It Like Its Hot group of bloggers she gathered. I was ready and willing with a quick yes. This is a fun game of chance and thinking outside of the box (Literally) with a group of creative bloggers. I sent a box of treasures purchased from a local thrift store to my dear friend Michelle Beaton author of Weekend Crafts. If this worked perfectly you have already been to visit Weekend Craft  to visit Michelle. If you missed the post click on the name of her blog above 
I received a package from another good friend Evey. She sent me what is pictured below. Evey is a busy lady, but you can always find her at Evey's Creations. I think she is going to be surprised how outside the box thinking, a few stash supplies and $2.24 dollars created this group of decor items. Please click on Evey's blog name in this paragraph or at the bottom of this post to follow along the "Swap It Like Its Hot," trail of packages.
The pile of goodies includes a nineteen cent circle of wood I forgot to mention earlier. Did you see the smoke rising from my town? There was a lot of thinking going on to get to this point. The picture below gives you the start of a plan for the tile plaques. I only broke one of the tiles taking them out of the frame. The other two are safely in my stash for future projects.

Furniture Refresh Family Style

Thursday, October 8, 2015

  Hi, my Darlin's has this been a busy season for me. I bet you have been busy too. This is the First Furniture Refresh during the month of October we have been given a theme (Inspired).  This little table has sat by my door waiting for a new look. I call this table Family Style because it came from my husbands family and it needed to be dressed and styled since the day I brought her home. 
  She belongs to the Cihlar part of the family which is Prince Charmings Mothers relatives. My Darlin's that have followed me have seen her before in a few posts. 
  Her before picture leaves a bit to be desired. Hidden among all the scratches, water marks, and damaged finish is a hand carved table from PC's Grandparents or Great Grandparents. Since she has survived the family this long I decided to give her a simple look with DecoArt Chalky Paint in two colors and finishes.

This Popcorn Has Gone to the Dogs

Monday, October 5, 2015

          Welcome to the 2015 Popcorn Party 
     My dear friend from Laura Kelly Designs asked me to participate in this years popcorn party. Of course doing a fun project with the happy-go-lucky Laura is a resounding YES! 
  Since my kids are adults I decided to make my treat for my constant side-kick Cricket. I call her my little girl, she is my 4-year-old Golden Retriever. Even my husband Prince Charming walks in from work and proclaims, "Hi! Little Girl!" No, he is not talking to me. LOL! My Popcorn treat has gone to the dogs AKA "Little Girl" or "Cricket"
This Pup Corn Has Gone To The Dogs, Popcorn, Halloween, Trick or Treat, Handmade Stick
  Laura Kelly Designs organized a group of fabulous sponsors and mailed out a darling kit of supplies. Yes, this is a sponsored post as usual all of the opinions are my own and are not swayed by the sponsors in any way. Did I mention there are many more bloggers and a Give Away included in this post? Please read the whole post and leave a treat for me in the comment section so I can thank you kindly.

My "Swheat" Table Flip

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Today I have completed one of my favorite Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest projects so far. I bought this table from a barn in Michigan. The couple who was selling it found it in the  farm house they were updating from the Eighteen Hundreds. The table plus oak wood trim original to the house were a few of the treasures I found at the barn sale that day. This table showed her many  years of age, watermarks, but had beautiful lines.
    She is a mess, but I see the possibility of beauty in her good bone structure.

Nautical Personalized Cooler

Monday, September 14, 2015

   Today I am showing a step by step directions to personalize a cooler.  I am participating in the September Silhouette Challenge which is Outdoors and a bonus of Green. Let's see How I cover those tasks with my project. We have all been to a soccer game with the other parents trying to figure out which pile belongs to our family. This will help keep you more organized on the treat days, sporting events, or even label the bag groceries to bring home your frozen foods. I use the cooler bag for the grocery store and a day on the boat at the lake. 
D&LP Chevron, Cooler Bag, Source JoAnn Fabrics & Crafts, Teal, White, Green
 I bought this bag last summer on clearance from JoAnn's Crafts Store. I love the color for my lake house. While I was working on this project my oldest son (A) commented on the colors of the cooler. He said teal and green are the themes of the lake house. I said those are the colors because they remind me of the beach. He said he liked it. Which is quite a compliment coming from an Architect and Mechanical Engineer with an eye for design!

Halloween Decor in a Flash

Friday, September 11, 2015

I was invited by my blog buddies to whip up a craft for Halloween in less than 15 minutes. My answer was obviously yes to my clever crafty mates. Thank you for inviting me to Craft Lightning The Country Chic  30 Minute and +100
Now here is the thing. I am rather a Glenda the Good Witch kind of girl. I don't like haunted houses, prefer no masks, and please Lord do no touch me with a mask on. It will not be a pretty moment for either of us. Someone might even get hurt and it won't be me. 
Thank goodness I love trick or treaters, handing out candy and carving pumpkins. Good old fashion apple cider, the colors of the fall and the pictures of children on a pile of pumpkins just seem to be the best photographs. 
I tend to be a work smarter not harder girl making this challenge perfect for my brain.  First up a creative way to use what you have and decorate quickly.
I bought this darling drawer on clearance for $5.00. I had the greens already in the drawer with a foam. This Decor was created for the Chicago Randolph Street Market Midwest DIY Bloggers Roundup (Click Link Here) I created and hosted in August.  My dear friend Sally Schwartz owns the Market and graciously allowed us to meet at the RSM for two days. 

Boys Dresser to Nautical Nod

Thursday, August 20, 2015

This month the Fab Furniture Flippin Contest is titled the "Icing on the Cake". I choose to add some shine to our boys childhood dresser. The people great people at D.LawLess Hardware sponsored this contest. They graciously provided the hardware for my boys dresser to help this piece of furniture grow up. Now this Nautical Nod is fitting for my sons room at the lake house. 
As you can see here this dresser is tired. We bought this when our first son was born 29 years ago. Did I just say that out loud? Well! I was very Young. 
Thank you to our hosts this month
Along with the creative team

The Sponsor this month D. Lawless Hardware from Olney, IL
This post is sponsored, but all the opinions are my own.
 Artesia Knob - Sedona Bronze 45mm L-P17020C-SBZ-CArtesia Knob-Sedona Bronze
Thank you for the lovely knobs chosen my son A. for the dresser from
 D. Lawless Hardware. I am very proud to have a great supportive company with superior products in the same state that I live. Illinois is certainly having a tough go of it right now. I appreciate the company for sticking with us during the hard times. 

DIY Pillow Painting Design

Saturday, August 15, 2015

    I am sharing the DIY project I will be demonstrating at the Randolph Street Market First Midwest DIY Blogger Roundup. DIY does not have to be with power tools. I do love my power tools and building. Huge Smile! I chose to show you how you can add the feeling home to any space without a huge expense all by yourself. 
We are focusing on things to make for Back To School. Now remember back to school affects everyone. The small ones starting school, middle school taking on more responsibility and high school graduates leaving for college. Each one of these events also affects parents, grandparents, and even a homes function.
I am going to use a pillow form, metallic fabric paint, and stencils. You will also need a piece of cardboard to place in between the pillow form to keep the paint from bleeding through to the other side.

Midwest DIY Blogger Round-Up Reservations

Friday, August 7, 2015

     I asked if we could blend the Randolph Street Market with DIY bloggers to create a place for bloggers to meet in the Midwest. This area of the country is an untapped resource for bloggers to network, learn and let their talents shine. Planning this event was no small task but, well worth the effort to provide a platform for the Midwest bloggers, companies, and of course, one of the top ten markets in the country.
   The Randolph Street Market Make Your Reservation Here along with a special rate at the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel which has received numerous features in magazine, fabulous reviews and is absolutely a stunning restored piece of Chicago's skyline.
Thank you to the Randolph Street Market, Chicago Athletic Association Hotel, Hometalk and Blitsy for your generous sponsorships supporting the First Midwest DIY Blogger Roundup. Without their support to create this venue for us to network this event would not be possible. Please remember to show them your appreciation

Colorful Chair Up Date

Friday, July 17, 2015

     The craft room has been shaping up nicely even though it has been going to slow for me. I found a fabulous chair for $15.00 at an estate sale that just needed a little love to be perfect. The wonderful women who started the Fab Furniture Flippin Contest created another opportunity to splash some color in my craft space.
Our  Hostesses for this month are
Stacy of
 Lynn of
The remaining creative team 

        This month has been sponsored by Unicorn Spit and the theme is color.

Chest of Drawers Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest

Friday, June 19, 2015

     This month I am participating in the Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest. The sponsor is The Old Fashion Milk Paint Company based in Massachusetts making naturally safe historic paint since 1974. Thank you, OFMP for offering a discount to participants in the contest. All of the comments and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. The Theme is Shabby Chic Storage this month. My eyes lit up with joy as the piece I chose is a chest of drawers that was in my family for years. It was white with pink handles while my sister and I shared a room.
Please click on the title link of our lovely Co-Host posts for this month. 

The representative was wonderful explaining to me how to create the effect I wanted and what products to buy to produce the finish I desired. I called The Old Fashion Milk Company to ask two questions. My first question was how much paint do I need to paint the dresser? The answer is 12 oz. of the dry OFMP, and because the piece was already finished a bonding additive is needed for the first coat. When you make the paint you add water according to the included instructions. I found them easy to follow, but I was nervous to mix the paint. 
Pfff ...Easy Peasy!
 My brother painted this wood tone while he was using the chest of drawers. There were several layers of paint revealing the past of this hand me down furniture.

How to Stencil an IceTub for Beverages

Monday, June 8, 2015

    I am so excited for my high school girlfriend and her family. They have made a "Big purchase" recently. They bought a house in the woods on a lake in Wisconsin. Growing up my girlfriend her family vacationed at the lake nearby their new home. She met her delightful hubby there while hanging out with the kids at the lake for Summer break. Their love story reminds me of the movie Dirty Dancing in a dreamy sort of way. <3
 I was digging deep for a great gift idea for celebrating the special time in her families life.This present needs to be as incredible as my friends who I consider chosen family. I purchased an acrylic ice tub in a rectangular shape from Home Goods. I have an added surprise for her hubby, but that will have to wait.
 My plan to create a template of their last name in LB Timely font to personalize the ice tub and the tray.

Plain Pots Turned To Pretty Planters

Friday, May 29, 2015

I am working on sprucing up my lake front this year after the dreaded Ash Bore took hold of our two Ash trees and now week have a naked waterfront. Not to embarrass the neighbors I decided to add some color to our seawall. Jeanette from +Snazzy Little Things - Vintage DIY & Decor Blog has been running a 30-day challenge. Terracotta Pots is the challenge for this month. Since the lake weather can be pretty harsh I opted for Terracotta AKA (Plastic Pots). 
Plain Pot, Patio Paint, Blue, Lavender, Hot Pink, Paint Brush, Pavers
Plastic pots do not look as lovely, but the will hold up better in our environment. Drop and Plop flowers from +The Home Depot 
I did purchase one more item or actually two decorative trellises for height from +Lowe's Home Improvement 
I found the rest of my supplies in my stash. 
FolkArt Patio Paint 3 colors
Paint brush 
Paper towel 
Plastic cup for water
Frozen Dinner tray (paint pallet)

The Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest

Saturday, May 23, 2015

 This month I am entering a fab contest. These lovely talented lovely ladies have put their heads together and formed this wonderful Furniture Flipping Contest.
This month inspiration is Mothers.
 My Mom and Grandma have a love for roses, but each one is allergic to the scent of the beautiful flower.  My Dad has been growing roses in the garden for years so they can enjoy the beauty without the scent. I have been working on my craft room layering love and meaningful inspiration all around me in my creative space. I chose to paint my desktop with roses in honor of them both. The roses remind me of their tremendous influence on my creativity. Now when I work on my craft room they will be right there with me, inspiring me each day.

Denim Art for the Craft Room

Monday, May 18, 2015

 I have been transitioning our basement into a craft room for quite some time now. As you know Dragonfly & Lily Pads is a rather long name for my blog. Some have told me it is not great branding but, I love it and have decided to make it work. I have a special reason for the name I've included the link to the post here Dragonfly Pad.
 When I am writing the blog I use the initials D&LP for my notes and even a bit in the text. The moment I saw these white denim letters a project plan was hatched to add branding and decor to my craft room. Look at the start of the Craft Room. Yikes! Yes, this is real life in transition and the first space I have ever had of my own in my life.
White Denim D, &, L, P from Michael's, Turquoise Spray Ink, Computer

Shedding Some Light On The Craft Room

Monday, April 20, 2015

 This lamp from Good Will is the perfect height I wanted for my desk in the craft room. Here she is with her blue shade, rocking those dangling beads in an awkward original state.
Now watch how she transforms into a beautiful addition to my craft room.
Before, Lamp,Good Will, Blue Shade, Gold, Black, Tall, Thrift, Beads
Yep! craft room mess and this is progress. You can see the floor.
I purchased a lamp from a wonderful designer friend of mine for my craft space at the lake house. Click here The Tour Through Blogland is Live with Three New Bloggers! to see my inspiration, learn a little about me and a few friends.  I used it as inspiration to put my personal touch on the lamp for the craft room in Illinois.
                    After, Lamp, Chalk paint, White, Green Stripes, Dragonfly,Blue Fringe, Flowers,
 The design of the lamp went through a metamorphosis of sorts starting with the planning process to purchasing and then even completion. The supply list changed several times as I tweaked, painted, glued and pinned different pieces to her. She even ended up with part of a napkin ring on here which changed part of her color scheme and materials. When you look at the pictures you will see crystal I never used and beads from necklaces. The fringe was on clearance I bought for a pillow. I think the pillow leftovers look great on my lamp the crystals would have been all wrong. 
Lamp Base, After, White, Black Silver Sharpie Metallic Marker, Print Flower
White chalk paint left over from a project gave the lamp and shade a clean crisp look. 
I kept the black and added highlights to the details on the lamp base with a Silver Metallic Sharpie Marker. 
After, White, Lamp shade, Dragonfly Napkin Ring made into Shade embellishment 
The dragonfly was a napkin ring I cut of the ring with wire snips and hot glued the dragonfly to cover where the fringe meets, When you look closely I also painted the finial white and silver. The thin green lines on the shade are two shades of Sharpie Markers tying in the green of the dragonfly.
Flowers, Inside Lamp Decor, Silver, Grey, Gray, Print White
 My friend has some sweet tricks up her sleeve and this is one of my favorites. If your sitting down your probably going to see the inside of the shade. I love that ideas to make all angles pretty. So I added a few paper flowers and a felt rose pin from another thrift store. The center of the back flower was gold. Silver marker made it into a match and of course I had to add a little sparkle.
After, Good Will, Lamp, up-cycle, Fringe Dragonfly, Paint, Marker, Flowers, Napkin ring, Dragonfly
 It is all in the details.
 I love the new addition to my craft room.  This s my grandmother's sewing machine in my living room the light in the basement is "terrible".  Another treasure from my grandmother is her antique books. They are a series on how to learn to be a good home maker. I really should read them some day. I have read snippets of some. They are very funny compared to our world today. LOL
 I am extremely grateful to all of you have been checking to see what is new while I have been busy. I have been working on projects, the back end of the blog and preparing for my first blogging conference called Snap. Working on projects you can see what I have been doing. To non-bloggers the back end of a blog means computer work that sends all this magic I create to you. 
 The Snap Conference I will be writing about when I return home. It is for bloggers to learn more exciting possibilities to bring to you on this very site. Follow my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to see some of the action during the conference. I be sharing the fun, work, and education I have obtained to keep improving my skill set to bring you current information useful in your home.
 Who is going to give lamp a re-vamp for a room in your house? 
I would love to see the pictures of what you create for your home. Link below and share what you have been inspired to create. As always you know I love your comments so don't forget to write!

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 ~ Let Your Creative Spirit Dance  ~

Until Next Time Happy Creating, 
         Karen Marie

Spring Cleaning Giveaway

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

   Spring is in the air we all have cleaning on our minds. I am excited to offer you two Fun ways to spruce up your home today. First up is a Free 8 X 10 Printable I created to add to your home decor. It is original and signed somewhere on this print. I bet you will not find it either because I hid it very well. You are welcome to copy and save as a picture in your computer, press print add a frame.

               Spring To Life Free Printable, Birch Tree, Green Leaves, White, Light Blue, Shades of Green

Standing in My Shoes

Saturday, March 7, 2015

  As I look in the mirror the reflection of a woman full of promise, hope, standing in my own beauty. I am proud, feel a sense of peace, knowing I am a still a work in progress. Today I am standing in my own shoes. Why is it important I am standing in my own shoes?
 After a simple accident at home followed by three surgeries in as many years. I worked with wonderful therapists who helped me retrain my nerve and brain to work after a fall. I am left with questions that have no answers from some of the lasting effects of this accident. Which I find extremely frustrating. In my living room a single high heel black shoe with sequins trim between the seam of heel and the shoe. I found the picture at +Home Goods and Decor on my way home from one of the many occupational and, physical therapy sessions during three years of rehabilitation.The print is out of the ordinary for my decor but it doesn't matter because it is a symbol of my strength, courage and determination it took me to battle back. The words in in the print are all encouraging to rise above and strive for the best.
Standing in My Shoes, Stand Up, Black and Cream, Inspiring words, D&LP

Top Of The Mornin' To You

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Top of the Morinin' to you! I know my last name does not scream Irish but I am proud of my ancestry from the Emerald Isle. Have you ever met an Irishmen who is not proud?  I thought I would share a small vignette I gathered to celebrate the up coming St. Paddy's Day Holiday. My Great Great Grandfather Is Patrick Condon of Cahir, Ireland. I have had the honor of traveling to the town. While I visited I met the family member still running PC Condon's Pub in Cahir. She is a delightful lady who welcomed me took me on a tour of the town. Taught me about where she lives, exchanging family history.I now have contact with more family. I am looking forward to meeting one day soon.

One Day is Here Now

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

 This is a Sponsored Post which I have been compensated for by One App to demonstrate how to use the free app. My opinions are my own and are no way influenced by my compensation.
  Have you ever found yourself saying One Day I will video tape the kids to freeze this moment in time. You no longer have to wait one day to catch a cute moment with your children, family and loved ones. Now you can load this free app on your I Phone or Android cellphones to capture moments today.

Hearts A Flutter Valentine Decor

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Love is in the air which means my heart is all a flutter. While shopping for craft room storage at a  half price sale in January #AHeapOfChangeChallenge. I wandered by the valentine displays as I was piling up the first cart with items I deemed necessary to an organized craft space. (Squirrel) I wanted to make a decoration with materials slightly out of the box. As Prince Charming headed for the second cart I chose a bunch of silk roses in ivory and pink, 2 cardboard hearts and valentine card stock. I already had bakers twine in red, pink and white at home. After the cashier rang up our two carts of sale items we filled the car and headed home.
I will be posting about the storage and organized craft room reveal soon.
Roses, Ivory, White, Cardboard Hearts, Hearts a Flutter Valentine Decor
Can you imagine how these rose petals are going to look with Mod Podge adhering them to the card board hearts?

Print & Cut Valentine's Day Banner

Monday, February 9, 2015

Welcome to the second Silhouette Challenge Facebook Group of 2015. Print & Cut with a choice to raise the bar and use hearts. Easy peasey right!
 The plan was to get this accomplished on Monday. I finished it Wednesday night with a few bumps in the road due to equipment failure. Yes failures happen to bloggers all the time. We are human and have the same frustrations as other people when their machines do not work.
brPrint & Cut Valentine's Day Banner Print from my Silhouette Cameo library
 Here is what I chose to print from the items I have already purchased at the Silhouette store. This was my first step.
In this picture I am showing you how to not cut the flowers because that is my pattern. Not my cut selection because I will be cutting out letters.

Tips & Tricks to Organize with Labels

Thursday, February 5, 2015

  I received an email from  +Hometalk asking me to curate a Clipboard for them on organizing with labels. They had seen a post Create Craft Room Labels I did with my +Silhouette America  and liked what I did. Thank you Hometalk for such a lovely compliment. Their contact invited me to curate a board for them about labels and organizing. I of course said yes and set out to work on a Clipboard that would help organize a home and keep it that way with labels. 
This is an example of what I did for my post Create Craft Room Labels. I also submitted pictures and a post to Hometalk.

Creative Spark Link Party #40

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Welcome to Week 40 of the Creative Spark Link Party! We know that you are constantly looking for inspiration and we wanted be able to provide a place for you to come for inspiration! So every Wednesday hop on over here to Creative Spark Wednesday where FOUR blogs (that's right, FOUR): Weekend Craft, My Paper Craze, Please Excuse the Craftermath, and Two Purple Couches, join together to feature projects, provide a place for bloggers to link up and a crafting/DIY hub of inspiration So what is a Link Party? It’s the perfect opportunity to share YOUR projects and gain inspiration from other crafters who are linking up their own! PLUS, as a bonus, when you enter your projects into the link up, you could have your project featured by one of our blogs! Each week, we all choose our own features to post up and show the world AND pin your project to our Party Pinterest Board! Be sure to follow along to get the latest and greatest features from the parties!

What have we been up to this week?

                 Dragonfly & Lily Pads Weekend Round Up of Bloggerland