Craft Lightning Holiday Edition

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Darlins' it is time for Craft Lightning Holiday Edition. Are you ready for Fifteen minutes of fun crafting and a free printable too?
Let's add to that the amazing blogs hosting the event:
 Thank you to each one of you for all your hard work. Rounding up a bunch of creative minds into one group is no small feat. Plus Featuring me along with other bloggers on your blogs tomorrow. Kudos for all you do!

  Now on to the project at hand. Fifteen minutes of fast productive fun. I decided to use my stash I created last year at the 80% of sales after the holidays. Believe it or not, I shopped with a plan. Maybe I bought a few extra items since they were on sale?
Supply list, White Christmas Tree, paper cone, garland, low temp. glue, glue gun
The supply list is short. The shopping trip was definitely not this quick.
White sparkle, Glitter garland. Tree branches, Christmas Tree, Paper Cone
I removed the branches from the garland. I used Low-temperature glue because it worked best as I place the pieces I split the branches I already glued to fill the gaps easily.
Craft lighting Holiday Edition, White Christmas Tree, Paper Cone and Garland
Keep gluing and checking to see you are not leaving big gaps in your coverage.
White Christmas Tree, 15 minute Craft, Blue Charger, Craft Lightning Holiday Edition
In a few short minutes, you can create a tree like this too. I think it turned out pretty. What ideas do you have for creating your own version of this quick craft? #DragonflyandLilyPads when you make your so I can see your creation.
Free Printable by D&LP, Christmas tree, Snow, Candles, Deer Antlers, Ornament
The ornament was made for an exchange the link is here for directions. I made a hand made free printable for you which is included at the end of the post. 
Gold Candle, Gold Ornament, White Tree Branches, Close up, Craft Lightning

       Snow free printable from Dragonfly & Lily Pads, White Garland, Gold Glitter Ornament
          Below you will find the Free printable for your personal use. Enjoy!
Snow, Free Printable, Handmade by Dragonfly & Lily Pads, Blue, White Snowflakes, Silver metallic pen
I hope you enjoyed the Craft Lightning Holiday edition. Please visit our many other talented crafters for more 15 minute crafts.

 Please follow the Links below and share what you have been inspired to create. As always I love to read your comments, so don't forget to write!

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~ Let Your Creative Spirit Dance  ~

Until Next Time Happy Creating,         

                                       Karen Marie

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Angie Holden said...

I love that tree! Thanks for joining!!

Carolina said...

I love this! :D

Karen Marie said...

+Angie Holden,
Of course, you are the sweetest person. Thank you.
Happy Creating,
Karen Marie

Karen Marie said...

+Carolina Moore,
Thanks Carolina!
Happy Creating,
Karen Marie