My "Swheat" Table Flip

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Today I have completed one of my favorite Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest projects so far. I bought this table from a barn in Michigan. The couple who was selling it found it in the  farm house they were updating from the Eighteen Hundreds. The table plus oak wood trim original to the house were a few of the treasures I found at the barn sale that day. This table showed her many  years of age, watermarks, but had beautiful lines.
    She is a mess, but I see the possibility of beauty in her good bone structure.

 The Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest would not be possible without the tremendous ladies at the helm. This month is a Geometric Design theme hosted by our lovely and talented Lynn & Carrie.

                                 Co-Founders Evey of Evey's Creations
                                                  & Stacy of Anastasia Vintage
                                              Host Charlotte of Ciburbanity

Thank you to General Finishes this month for sponsoring the month of September geometric inspiration themed contest. Although I was provided
product from the sponsor all thoughts and words are my own. My views of the service and product are honest and my own opinion.
I chose Gel Stain Prairie Wheat and  Gel Top Coat to use on my Geometric design. This product is amazing. I found it easy to work with as sanded
 the finish off the top and lightly sanded the remainder of the piece to give the Gel Prairie Wheat Stain a good surface to adhere too.
   I had some questions as to how my plan would work with the General Finishes products. I call the GF Company and was extremely happy with the great amount of knowledge, patience, and interest the gentleman showed in the #TheFFFC and my project. He  was also was curious how my plan will turn out even inviting me to email him with my results after the contest. I think you would agree that the customer service is outstanding.

I also decided to honor the history of the table by adding a wheat design to the top and accent the legs of the table with gold. I used some unconventional materials but, to me reaching outside our boundaries is what this event is all about. I stenciled the top with a coat of black Chalk Paint and gold metallic mixed together equal amounts and then highlighted the legs and a few of the curves in the base of the table. After that dried I painted by hand over the dry stencil with a mixture of 1/4 black to 3/4 gold
paint highlighting & shading the leaf, stem, and center of the stencil.

 I waited for the paint to dry again to paint one more coat of gold metallic over the whole design taking care to make the brush strokes soft but give the design more definition.
"Swheat's" feet were a mess. I spent several hours scouring them with sanding paper and Bar Keepers Friend. I scrubbed and sanded the metal feet of the table one more time to make sure I removed all the rust, dirt, and grime. I painted the feet gold metallic setting them aside to dry while I lightly sanded the table top, the gilded areas of the legs and center support.
This picture is while the paint was drying before I sanded the finish lightly to smooth out the top before applying the Gel Top Coat one last time.

And here is my "Swheat" table in her after shots. I had a few nervous moments deciding of the Gel Top Coat was the product to seal chalk and metallic paints. I had no need to worry because my "Swheat" table has her beauty back.

 I am in love with "Swheat", who is named after the Gel Prairie Wheat and Sweet which is how I think she turned out.
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                                       Karen Marie

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Art Is Beauty said...

I have to try that gel stain. I have never tried that color and seeing this I am in love!

Art Is Beauty said...

I have never tried that color gel stain and now I want to.
You do a gorgeous job, and it turned out perfect.
(I left a comment and couldn't find I am leaving another..:))

karen@somewhatquirky said...

I love the color of the Prairie Wheat! This turned out beautifully. Nice find!