Halloween Decor in a Flash

Friday, September 11, 2015

I was invited by my blog buddies to whip up a craft for Halloween in less than 15 minutes. My answer was obviously yes to my clever crafty mates. Thank you for inviting me to Craft Lightning The Country Chic Cottage.net  30 Minute Crafts.com and +100 Directions.com
Now here is the thing. I am rather a Glenda the Good Witch kind of girl. I don't like haunted houses, prefer no masks, and please Lord do no touch me with a mask on. It will not be a pretty moment for either of us. Someone might even get hurt and it won't be me. 
Thank goodness I love trick or treaters, handing out candy and carving pumpkins. Good old fashion apple cider, the colors of the fall and the pictures of children on a pile of pumpkins just seem to be the best photographs. 
I tend to be a work smarter not harder girl making this challenge perfect for my brain.  First up a creative way to use what you have and decorate quickly.
I bought this darling drawer on clearance for $5.00. I had the greens already in the drawer with a foam. This Decor was created for the Chicago Randolph Street Market Midwest DIY Bloggers Roundup (Click Link Here) I created and hosted in August.  My dear friend Sally Schwartz owns the Market and graciously allowed us to meet at the RSM for two days. 

 I removed the two rubber band suckers and the paint brush from the arrangement. The board in the back you will see what to do with later. I always like to do a little dry fitting as I call to prevent an extra run to the store in the middle of a project.
The list of my supplies is above, these pieces were in my stash or I bought at a Resale store. I created the two prints, but to save time you can Google Halloween images to and print a free design. We are going to count the prints as drying time in my case.
Are you timing me yet? I gathered the items for my decor within a five minutes, I was done. I simply three pumpkins, fall berries, a nineteen cent board held up with a leftover piece of wire I taped to the back and two clothes pins to hold the Halloween print.
 That was so quick I decided to make a second style for just the fall. I know some of us decorate for the season instead of the holidays. This one celebrates the fall colors. I took out the pumpkins put in gourds while I switched the print. I only changed four items for a new look.

 This SPOOKY coloring page is for you to print off and share with your children.
I have never made a page to color on the blog before. I do hope you or your kids enjoy coloring. It is so relaxing. I am off to visit the 40 other talented bloggers who participated in the Craft Lighting 15 minute Halloween Event. 
Thank you again to our hostesses with the "mostesses"! Angie The Country Chic Cottage, Carolina 30 Minute Crafts, and Jen 100 Directions.  

Please follow the Links below and share what you have been inspired to create. As always I love to read your comments so don't forget to write!

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~ Let Your Creative Spirit Dance  ~

Until Next Time Happy Creating,         
                                       Karen Marie

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