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Monday, October 26, 2015

I have had the chance to participate in a challenge to create something different out of an Ikea Rast Dresser. This post is sponsored any and all opinions are my own. I did receive all of the materials I purchased from the sponsors for this post.  A few of the items mentioned are either scrap pile or separate purchases I had made previously. Both of these types of items I call my stash. Now that this business is out of the way lets get on with the creating.
  First I started out with the #OneBoardChallenge from +Sawdust and Embryos. I bought a board for seven dollars and built a tray. Which serves as the removable top of the bar cart.
2015 D&LP Bar Cart Kreg Jig Removable Tray #OneBoardChallenge
 As you can see from this photo my Prince Charming was a hero and helped me with this build. I love using the Kreg Jig to make strong joints.
2015 D&LP Bar Cart Kreg Jig Removable Tray Sturdy joints #OneBoardChallenge
I am securing eight-foot board into the removable serving tray. Every inch of the board is in this tray. The handles are made out of the two last pieces of the board.

2015 D&LP Bar Cart made from One board Challenge top and Rast Ikea Dresser Pittsburgh Paints and Stains Trim Door and Furniture Antique White Paint Hickory Hardware Menards Pier1 Wine Rack
Now I realize I am giving you a sneak peek, but the top created the inspiration for the rest of the design. Can you believe I found that board at Menards? 
2015 D&LP Bar Cart Ikea Rast Dresser 2X4 Frame and Locking Casters from Menards
I know I should be telling you how I built it. I had 2"X4" in the garage stash. Prince Charming helped me again by cutting and assembling the base. We purchased four 2 1/2" locking casters at Menards. I wanted the bar to have a place to store bottles of alcohol, wine, drawers for napkins, and a shelf for glassware. My design also included a bottle opener and pulls to push the rolling cart.
2015 D&LP Bar Cart Pittsburgh Paints and Stains Trim Door and Furniture Paint Antique White
Pittsburgh Paint and Stain provided me with Trim, Door and Furniture paint. I chose Antique White as you can see. Now this paint is a gel based paint needs to be stirred to the consistency of thick pudding. It is an oil based paint so be prepared to open a window for ventilation while painting. It does take a little bit of a learning curve if you have not used gel paint before. This picture is right after I opened the can. You do have to stir the product well to get the paint smooth. Then the paint goes on easily and gives you a lovely finish.
 2015 D&LP Bar Cart Hickory Hardware Belwith P3190 WOA Ring Pull
See how beautiful the Antique White looks next to the wood base trim. Hickory Hardware provided me with these gorgeous Ring pulls. If by chance you love them as much as I do you can find them here Ring Pull  I love the rustic and crisp antique white together. It will be perfect for entertaining at our lake house.
2015 D&LP Bar Cart made from One board Challenge top and Rast Ikea Dresser Menards Sponsor Blog Photo
The bar cart is complete with just a few changes to the Ikea Rast dresser. I will give you a summary of the changes we made and I will list the expenses at the bottom of this post. The First change in the design was the base and locking casters. In order to secure the base, we had to cut the trim board beneath the bottom drawer. The 2" X 4" base is behind the natural trim molding.  If we removed the trim board for the dresser it would have left a big gap. I decided a shelf  would be great for glassware neatly tucked under the work service.
2015 D&LP Bar Cart Hickory Hardware Belwith P3041 WOA Pull MM CC Bottle Opener and Wine rack
 The shelf in the back to hold bottles helped determined what size to make the bar cart. I found these wine racks a while back and decided to include them in the design. I felt that every bar cart should have a bottle opener. Who knew it would be hard to find? After searching the store twice, my sweet hubby humored me and went to the garage area of the store. Man Cave right? The customer service guy was great walking my Prince Charming all the way back downstairs to the hardware dept. The Menards employee said, He only had the way in and out of the man cave but nothing that goes in it. The Hickory Hardware Pull handle item is attached on each side of the cart to assist when moving the cart. I also thought it would be a great place to hang a bar towel.
2015 D&LP Bar Cart made from One board Challenge top and Rast Ikea Dresser Menards Sponsor Pier1 Wine Racks
One of the nice things about the design is it looks finished from all sides. The wine racks with large shelf look as nice as the front of the bar cart.
2015 D&LP Bar Cart made from One board Challenge top and Rast Ikea Dresser Menards Sponsor 
 Here is one last beauty shot for you to look at the Ikea Rast Bar Cart designed by me. I am thrilled with how it came out and wouldn't change a thing.
 I was given a budget of $75.00 to buy the paint, supplies, and lumber. The hardware was provided from Hickory Hardware which was better than being given a key to  a candy store. The Ikea Rast Dresser was also provided. 
How much do you think I spent? 
+Locking Casters 
+ Paint 
+ paint brush 
= $65.00 total with a scraps added to the stash pile.
Thank you to all of the wonderful staff and representatives that made sure I had what I needed or how to use the products. I hope you are thrilled with the finished product. I love the way the Ikea Rast, Pittsburgh Paint and Stains Trim, Door, and Furniture antique white, Hickory Hardware, with Menards gift cards Bar Cart tuned out.

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Unknown said...

OH my goodness, I love this! Such a creative hack for the dresser. I participated in this challenge too, it was so fun! Really really like yours!

Art Is Beauty said...

Karen, this is awesome! You are right, it does look finished from all sides! That wine rack is so cool! I just love it.

Karen Marie said...

+Kimm Boes,
Thank you for your kind words. You did a beautiful job on the challenge as well.
Happy Creating,
Karen Marie

Karen Marie said...

+Karin Chudy,
You are sweet to leave a note of encouragement. I truly appreciate your kindness.
Happy Creating,
Karen Marie

Susie from The Chelsea Project said...

I just love this little hack. That removeable tray is to die for. Love the wine rack and the hidden backdoor booze shelf. Well thought out and executed. Kudos. Thanks so much for linking to Friday's Furniture Fix. We love having you share with us. XOXO