A Woodland Glamour Christmas

Thursday, December 8, 2016

 Our house this year is a woodland glamour Christmas fantasy land. Since I am sharing our lake house on this tour it seemed perfect to go a different direction than our home in Illinois. I had so much fun stretching my decorating style. The house is filled with teal, turquoise soft greens and white, Stars are blended in with Curly Willow branches made into trees, Faux fur and blankets with pillows galore to snuggle in for a long winters night. The Kitchen and dining area have touches of red with snowmen greeting you at the door. I will stop my chatter and invite you into my home. You many leave your shoes on or put them under the bench transformed from a bed.

Enjoy our Woodland Glamour Christmas Tour this is our entry  please join us in our home.

Come along as we visit the dining and living rooms first. You will see the beauty of the sun as it sets. I call it chasing the light in the winter although as you can see the shadows create some pretty photographs. I have been know to buck the system of blog lighting and erasing all the shadows. To me the dance of the light is part of lifes beauty.

Rustic-Glam Christmas 15 Minute Craft Lightning

Monday, November 7, 2016

     Hello darlings! The temperature is 70 degrees in early November. This is not normal weather in the midwest for this time of year. The bright sunshine highlighted the last of the fall colors while the warm breeze softly touched my skin making me feel refreshed from the weekend. Back to work. Sorry I was savoring the moment.
 It is time for Christmas 15 minute craft lightning  the round which will last all week. Please follow along to find over 40 craft tutorials during the week.
Thanks to The Country Chic Cottage   30 Minute Crafts    Tried and True Blog  for hosting Christmas 15 Minute Craft Lightning. It is not easy to wrangle more than 40 bloggers at the same time.

 Today you will learn how to add a touch of rustic-glam to this holiday season in 15 minutes.

Style Sunday Series Four

Sunday, November 6, 2016

     Welcome back to  another Style Sunday Series. This is the fourth month Glamour Farms Boutique and I have collaborated on Style Sunday Series. Today I am introducing you to the Carson 3/4 sleeve Waterfall Tunic/Dress in Teal. This comfortable flexible outfit is flattering no matter your size. I am wearing it with a pair of leggings, boots and necklace from my closet.

Carson, Tunic Dress, Teal, Brown, White, Watercolor, Tie Dye, Three Quarter Sleeve, Leggings, Belt as necklace

Glitzy Farmhouse Style Table Makeover

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hello Darlins' it is time for another DIY Furniture Girls Makeover Day. This is one of my favorite days of the month. Fifteen amazing ladies taking furniture that was headed for the trash pile and turn them around making them stars for a home. This months theme is Glitz & Glamour. My nine dollar Goodwill before table needed plenty of filthy dirt scrubbed off to prepare for this Glitz and Glamour makeover.
Glitzy Farmhouse Style Table Before and After, Makeover, White, Gold, Milk Paint, Plaid Paints, Wax, Metallic Silver Frost Wax
After a few shades of white milk & custom milk paint and gold metallic paint this glamour girl got her beauty sleep. When I woke up I sanded the gold extremely lightly with a sanding sponge, wiped off the dust. 
Farmhouse Before and After Makeover, DIY Themed Furniture Girls Makeover Day, Theme Glitz and Glamour

Made in India hinged legs paired with antique oval mirror painted in shades of white Milk paint from Plaid.
The mirror was a wall mirror at some point but the shades of brown matched exactly to the hinged legs from India. I decided not to fix the screw holes to keep telling the story of two pieces finding their way into a pair.
Antique oval mirror with aged label, silver streaks in the mirror, white, gold, wax, roses, K doorknob, antique china tea plate from Nana

Layers of finish in Makeover, white milk paint, blended custom milk paint, metallic gold, with clear and silver frost wax

six hinge legs from india combined with mirror to create table. gilded with god and two wax finishes.
 The  details of this combined piece is what drew me to this piece. I love the time worn streaks in the mirror, the details in the legs, and the mirror still has the faded label on the back.
Pale cream roses, K doorknob, Mason Jar filled with shades of glass.white and gold trimmed tray accessories on Before and After Glitzy Farmhouse Table Makeover

A Pinterest Friendly Image for you.

This soft elegant lady earn her way into my heart as a glitzy farmhouse style table. We all need a little sparkle in our life, even if it is just a flash of a smile from another person. :)

I am glad you are here and lets stay in touch. I would love to share behind the scenes photos and extra tips. Don't forget to leave a comment. Your comment truly make my day.
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~ Let Your Creative Spirit Dance  ~

Until Next Time Happy Creating,   
                                                     Karen Marie
Don't Go Yet! There are more talented DIY Furniture Girls work below. Leave some comment love for all of us. It truly makes our day!

Spider Spun Candy Halloween Treat

Monday, October 17, 2016

  When Halloween Rolls around I always look forward to working with World Market, Laura Kelly Designs plus several other sponsor participants. This year I am very excited about my popcorn box contribution. Last year I made a treat for our sweet Cricket which you can see here.
  This year the spiders are helping me make the treat for our ghosts and goblins. I thought they would be happy to help spin some sugar to make cotton candy. 

Setting the stage for Spider Spun Candy in World Market Popcorn Box. Spider, Web Decoration, Pencils, Vangs, Fingers

I used several of the items purchased from the small payment paid to receive an envelope of supplies from our sponsors. Of course a project is never complete with out a few added items from the craft store. The cotton candy in this picture is "Spider Web Decorations." 

Spider Spun Candy Decor, Cotton Candy Spun by Spiders, Halloween, Pumpkins, Calderon, Apple Basket

Don't you love the  die cut pumpkin from Laura Kelly Designs? It has perforated lines to help round out the pumpkin. The paper and felt were also included in my stash envelope long with that darling spider at the top of the pumpkin. The curled paper stem, eyes and mouth of the Jack O'Lantern is all the same paper too.

White Pumpkin, Vampire Fangs, Udderly Smooth, Fall, Halloween, Cotton Candy

The Spider Spun Candy aka Cotton Candy is made with a glow in the dark kettle and water globe stuffed with glow in the dark plastic table cloth. Another water globe is also holding more spider spun candy which I added fun fangs to the opening. Did you notice the vampire I names him Fang? Wash your hands before you eat, applying Suddenly Smooth to take the bite out of dry hands. 

Pinterest image for your convienence. 

Pinterest Image Spider Spun Candy Halloween Treat, Orange Spider web decor, Sparkle black Felt, Wooden Crate, Fang Vampire made from Udderly Smooth.
Thank you to all of the wonderful companies who provided product towards this event. With out each of you this would not be possible.
World Market
Kunin Group
Udderly Smooth
Tombow USA
Bakers Party Shop

  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Style Sunday Series 3

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sponsored post
It is time for Style Sunday Series again. Three months have past since we started this fun adventure together. Darlin's it is already October. Have you started decorating for fall or wearing your new looks for fall? Is the weather blazing or as in our neighborhood pouring rain and chilly? Lets get on with the fashion for the day.
 As I mentioned it was raining leaving our scenery a bit limited. Cricket, our golden retriever must have felt all gals need to show their curves. My Prince Charming and I tried to distract her but she thought she was the star of the day. I am wearing Carson, 3/4 Tunic Dress in Dark Brown from Glamour Farms Boutique.

Carson 3/4 sleeve dark brown from Glamour Farms Boutique, Cricket out Golden Retriever showing her curves too, Styled with long Light Gray blue Scarf and charm with stone attached.

Seven Layer Table Makeover

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Today is DIY Furniture Girls Themed Makeover Day! Finding out the theme of the month is layers was awesome. Seven layer cakes came to mind because I love sweets. Funny! I have never eaten a seven layer cake. Chocolate is where you have my heart. You know a piece of dark chocolate each day is how I roll. Isn't it good for you?

Welcome to Our Fall Home Tour

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

When a new season begins it is time to celebrate. Hello Fall! The best way to welcome
fall is to share our home tours with you. Welcome to Our Fall Home Tour Blog Hop starting this morning with our Tour Director Debbie author of Chatham Hill on the Lake and Assistant Tour Director Karen of Dragonfly & Lily Pads. Keep following throughout the week as several gracious Tour Guides through out the welcome mat for all of us to see their beautiful homes.
Today we hope you stop by at:Festive Fall Home Tour at Chatham Hill on the Lake www.chathamhillonthelake.com
Dragonfly & Lily Pads Fall Home Tour www.dragonflyandlilypads.com

Clever Gifts for your Guy

Friday, September 16, 2016

 Shopping for  guys is as easy as pie with the categories to narrow down your selections at Uncommongoods. They have reasonable price points, trendy and traditional gifts. A few of the gift giving opportunities I brainstormed are bachelor, groomsmen, Fathers Day, anniversary and birthday gifts.. Since I have three men in my family I used my husband PC (Prince Charming), A is our oldest son and N is the youngest son in our family as personalities and interests to shop for gifts. Uncommongoods gave me a gift certificate to shop. I choose who I partner with very carefully while keeping all my opinions my own regardless of any compensation the company may have provided.

Style Sunday Series Number Two

Monday, September 12, 2016

Sponsored, Affiliate Links included. 
 Thank you for the great response on Style Sunday Series last month. Speaking of the month can you believe it is already September? Honestly August turned out to be a tough month but each day you work with what you have been given and move on. Right! Do remember the cut coral top and jeans I wore in August well wait to you see this months outfits from Glamour Farms Boutique. This is a wonderful fall sweater trimmed with plaid accents. It is light weight and perfect for warmer temps as the cold sneaks up on us this sweater is perfect layering.

Craft Lightning Halloween Creepy Spiders

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Welcome to the spooky Craft Lightning Halloween edition. This year I will be sharing Creepy Spiders you can make in 15 minutes or less. This is a great Halloween party activity or a way to decorate too.
   Thank you to our lovely hosts this season Jen Goode's 100 Directions
                                                            Angie Hodlen's The Country Chic Cottage
                                                            Carolina Moore's 30 Minutes Crafts

To make the Creepy Spider decoration you will need:
 Fun Foam I chose orange but any color you like is fine
 Halloween Tulle from Celebrate it
Halloween Rings 100 pieces
Black Thread
School ruler

Summer lake home Tour

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

  Welcome to our summer lake home tour. This newly built entryway is a place I am particularly proud of since this was my first One Room Challenge project. I will include all of the blog links to this build and design at the bottom of this posts. This design was created by me, the build was a family affair, my guys even consulted with me on the textiles.  This project even included a Mother's Day surprise which blew me away.


Style Sunday Series

Sunday, August 14, 2016

This is a sponsored post with affiliate links. Affiliate links provide a portion of your purchase to my blog with out costing you any additional money. All opinions are mine. 

Darlins' I am excited to share my new outfit with you from Glamour Farms Boutique. I attend conferences and classes to bring you the best blog experience here on D&LP. The conference I attended two weeks ago included a fashion company from right here in the Midwest. Happy Dance!!!!!
I Loved the clothes of a few of the ladies at the event the last two years. This year I was going to ask wear they bought their outfits. Hooray! Glamour Farms Boutique is where they buy their clothes. Even better is the range of sizes fit the tiny to curvy lady in a comfortable flattering style for all of us. I don't think there is enough dancing room in this post. Dancing on the Ceiling!!!!!
You may wonder why I decided to add clothing to this DIY based blog? We all wear clothes! I can bet many of you also want to feel beautiful in what you wear everyday just like me. How could I not share the most comfortable flattering clothing with you when I have finally found them? Darlins' I can not leave you out of this exciting find. 
Style Sunday Series will start with a once a month post on Sunday to share my new outfits. If you love the SSS then we will keep it going? I hope you will love it as much as I do! I Love DIY and I am a girl who likes to feel beautiful inside and out.
Now that we have all of the details out of the way on with the show. 
Late summer look with Shaper, Pretty Corral and Turquoise top, Jeans, and dark wash jeans

Shopping for Floor Cleaners at Groupon Goods

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

This is a sponsored post all opinions are mine.This post help support the blog.

Recently I was contacted by Groupon Goods to review shopping for floor cleaners. I found the site to be filled with items I buy normally at great prices. I found the site easy to navigate while I searched for the floor cleaning products. I am impressed with at least 113 choices to find the perfect product to save money and time cleaning my floors.
 I have the most adorable dog who loves to fish in the lake. She brings in sand, seaweed and grass from drying off in the yard. This is Cricket Fishing! She is certainly a hot mess. The bamboo flooring, area rugs, tile and carpeting in our home need to be quickly cleaned.  I want to have fun in the sun too. 

Outdoor Themed Furniture Makeover Day

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hello Darlin's today is Themed Furniture Makeover Day and we are showing you our best outdoor projects. Just in time for record breaking heat in out area. It is so hot outside I think I was sweating spray paint while working on this much needed paint-lift. On the positive side the paint dried quickly.
Tired Before Green Outdoor Bar Height Table with worn out Bird house
This trash treasure found a few years ago has served us well for a great party drink station. Now it is past time to give this hard working gal a look deserving of her service to our family. 

Craft Lightning Scouts with Nautre

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hello my summer Darlin's! How has your summer been so far? I know 4th of July is over but, summer is far from done. My dear friends have been scouting around for weeks to give you a Craft Lightning Scouting Crafts edition that will keep your scouts, girls or boys busy for the rest of the season.
 Please make sure to visit the lovely and patience hosts for the Craft Lightning Scouting Craft round.
                                  Presenting! Angie from The Country Chic Cottage
                                                    Carolina from 30 Minute Crafts
                                                    & Laura from Laura Kelly designs

 My mom was my Girl Scout Leader along with some other wonderful people. Were you a Brownie, Indian Guide or Princess, a Tiger Cub or an Eagle Scout? I worked my way up to a Senior Cadet in Girl Scouts. My sash, beret, and book are part of my treasures along with the countless memories.
Scouts of any kind seem to blend with nature.
As you are scouting out fun during a meeting or on a trip here is a map to treasure. Search for these items and you will have half your supplies before you know it.
Free Printable Treasure Map to create a nature inspired craft with scouts.

Fun Confetti Frame

Friday, July 1, 2016

It is time for Summer Fun Week #3. Be prepared to get messy with this fun confetti frame to make with the kids. My name is Karen Marie from Dragonfly & Lily Pads and Emily has been so kind to invite me to share in her Summer Fun Series. I have a college degree in early childhood and was an pre-school teacher for several years before becoming a stay at home mom. My sons are now grown-up giving me a new title, "Out Sourced Mom."
 Today I will be showing you how to make an easy and affordable picture frame to save those summer memories. 
         Fun Confetti Frame, Summer Run Series, Guest Post, Kids Projects Paper, Scissors, Mod Podge

Dreamy Coastal Laundry Table

Thursday, June 23, 2016

How have my Darlin' friends been? The excitement has been building for a month because I the LOVE coastal style soothing feeling. My mind could not settle on one idea until I found this great table for a good price in a local Facebook group. I needed a folding table that is collapsible near my washer and dryer at the lake house. This gem will fit the space perfectly. My laundry is in my guest room closet. I know it is not an ideal situation but, every house has its challenges and this is one we face in our Dragonfly house.

Lakeside Chair To Red White & Blue

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Welcome to this months edition of The DIY Girls Themed Furniture Make Over Day. Today is a day I wait to see the creative freedom these ladies honor us with sharing their talents. During this time we honor those who have gone before us. Darlin' my blog title comes from believing our live is founded on the ones who have worked, struggled and found joy in their dreams before us. 
Get ready for a salute to the USA. Our theme is Red, White & Blue. I am calling this little chair Lakeside because instead of curbside shopping I found her walking Cricket at the lake. Here is her before picture.

Cane Chair worn and broken gets a new life  with  paint and fabric. Theme this month is Red White & Blue

One Room Challenge Reveal

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The One Room Challenge reveal is finally here. I can not be more excited to share the completed entryway of our lake home. This week is all about showing you the room and telling you a bit about the journey. In the coming weeks tutorials will be on the blog about this room in more detail. Now back to the big reveal.
Entry Way at Dragonfly, One Room Challenge Reveal, Golden Retriever, Barn Wood, Before and After
Welcome to our entry way done is six weeks with miles of travel and a family effort. This new area of our home includes the design I shared on the first post titled The One Room Challenge. Please click on the title to see where this project started just a few short weeks ago.

Craft Lightning Father's Day

Monday, May 9, 2016

To kick off the week my friends invited me to participate in Craft Lightning Father's Day edition. We are going to make a frame in 15 minutes or less for Dad from the kids for his special day.
Thank you to the lovely hostesses for gathering this Craft Lightning Father's Day 15 minute crafts. Your family will have many choices of gifts and project to give or play with the men who are dads in your life. This week several bloggers will share their quick projects each day on the following blogs. Please follow along for a great chance to spark your creativity in making the special guy in your family a gift with the kids. Included is an added plus of plenty of activity printables too.
Here are the items you will need to make your frame listed below.  
 A frame of your choice
 #1 Dad 
Tacky Glue 
Sharpie Marker

One Room Challenge Week 4 Progress

Thursday, April 28, 2016

    Week Four is here with a whirlwind of progress. I am feeling proud of last weekend's work and scared of time to finish in the next few weeks. Living in two places is a wonderful privilege my Prince Charming and I worked hard to make the dream of our lake house come true. Driving back and forth to complete the challenge is tough when we are still settling into our home. Tools are in the opposite house, there is an hour time difference, and we are only working together on the weekends. Whine, Whine, Whine! LOL! I am really enjoying the challenge but, life has obstacles for all of us. 

Vanity Bench Enhanced

Friday, April 22, 2016

 Darlins' this month has been c-r-a-z-y. I am proud to share a sponsored project with The Fab Flippin' Furniture Contest. Pure & Original USA was kind enough to provide the paint for this contest. Thank you to our kind hostesses for this month Carrie from Thirty Eighth Street & Stacy from Anastasia Vintage
 I chose one quart of Classico regular White Island and another of Blue Reef. Pure & Original describes the paint as a matte powdery look made with natural pigments. Just the finish I was looking for on my vanity bench at the Dragonfly Pad.(lake house)
Pure & Original Classico Regular Blue Reef and Island White, Cane Bench
Aren't the colors as just dreamy as the titles. The perfect selection to add this months  theme "Original Elegance" to my vanity bench.

The One Room Challenge Changes Week Three

Thursday, April 21, 2016

 Darlins' I could use your help on this challenge. Does anyone have some spare time? Of course, I am just kidding but, they do call this a challenge for a reason.
Since we last talked I have been busy planning, re-thinking, traveling and photographing. Yes, I went there! The reality of why we need to finish the entry and fast.
Before Entry, One Room Challenge, Week Three, A Mess, Green, Brown, Organization Needed

Saving With Groupon Coupons

Monday, April 18, 2016

 Spring brings new shopping trips to celebrate the end of winter. This post is sponsored although all content and opinions are D&LP.  Last night I arrived home from a trip out west. When I left my neighborhood last week it was still slowly waking from winter. Today I stepped out the door with the trees bursting with blooms, tiny pink buds let me know this sleepy world woke up.

The One Room Challenge

Thursday, April 7, 2016

    Hello, Darlins'. It is time for a big challenge! This challenge has been going on for five years & 10 seasons created by the blog Calling it Home. Linda is such a smart business woman that she trademarked the name and events. To learn more about the One Room Challenge plus see all the participants progress( Click Here) on Wednesday and Thursday each week.
  It is my first time participating in the ORC. What is it all about? The tough part  is getting it all done on time, photographing the progress while, writing posts each week to share with you. On Thursdays, the guest participants link to the ORC. The great part is sitting back relaxing with a Diet Coke and reading the progress happening during the next six weeks. Plus you will see current designs trends along with more than a 100 rooms in one place to find your dream style.
 The first week is designing the room I am going work on for the next six weeks. I have an entry way in Michigan which needs some serious attention. When we moved in a few years ago I was amazed by the size of the entry but, it has no storage or function in the room. At our lake home, everything needs to work double time for both form and function. I have had a plan in my head for a while but this opportunity has given me the push to move forward. 

Dual Pallet Sign

Monday, March 28, 2016

     Welcome back Darlins' it has been a busy weekend. Today you are going to love, love, love this post. It is very inexpensive, covers two seasons and is darling. If I do say so myself? First, you resource(Dumpster Dive) or are given a pallet. I am a lucky lady because I have a friend who will give me pallets. Yippee! Remove the board from your pallet. You could make several dual pallet signs out of one pallet. I used a 5 Foot 2X4 for a stake or post for my sign. The cuts are included later for you to pin this project to your Pinterest board.
Pallet boards cut two 12" lengths and four 24" lengths for the dual pallet sign project

Farmhouse Guest Room Nightstand

Thursday, March 24, 2016

   It is an exciting day on D&LP today. Today is Themed Makeover Day! I can hear the cheers rising from around the world. Darlins' I have joined a group of ladies who make over furniture. This month is Farmhouse, lucky me I purchased two nightstands earlier in the year with good bones for this style of project. 
I have been moving tables around The Dragonfly house to serve as a nightstand in our guest room. Right now there is a beach table I made holding the router for our internet that was a nightstand during the winter months. 
Farmhouse Style Before and After Nightstand, Shades of blue, Start to Fnish\

Easter Egg Tradition

Friday, March 18, 2016

An Easter with two lovely ladies willing to share traditional egg dying was a great blessing. Below is a collage of the basic process. The best part of this lesson was they taught this technique to new generations. 
Most of the supplies you need are found in your backyard, sewing basket, sock drawer. and the grocery store.

Craft Lightning Spring Busy Bag For The Birds

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

It is time for a Craft Lightning Busy Bag for the kids and parents. By now winter has us all a little stir crazy. This project I have been creating for many years because it is fun to see signs of spring. When I see the first robin in my neighborhood I break into my happy dance. Let's make a busy bag for the birds to help them build their nests. 
 Not only am I a kid at heart but, I have a degree in early childhood education.       Glued to My Crafts   The Country Chic Cottage   30 Minute Crafts 
Thank you for inspiring the inner kid in me!

Spring Ahead Lantern

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Hello, darlings get ready for a burst of spring. Are yo looking forward to "Spring Ahead" daylight savings time? For weeks, Hometalks DIY My Spring Home & Garden Blog Hop bloggers have been preparing the best of their spring home and garden projects to share with you.
Green Lantern from Goodwill, Late Sun shadows from sliders at the lake house.
 I refreshed a lantern I purchased at a steal. There are long shadows when it is late in the day in any home but, at the lake, my zen frog reassures me I need to take the time to enjoy the view. The green was brushed with a combination of half & half white and antique white paint.

Serving Up A Mint Meltaway NightStand

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Today is themed furniture makeover day. Darlings the inspiration is chocolate and on the menu is a Fannie Mae mint meltaways. There will be craving over this months DIY Furniture Girls posts. These makeovers are so sweet they will make your teeth hurt.
These hard working women put their heart and muscle into the makeovers. Please visit their blogs at the links below and even better leave some comment love for each one of us. Now on with the show.
Off course, the best way to match the colors just right is to have a vision board? Tasting testing is a hard job but, someone has to do it. As you can see the inspiration was delicious.

Thrifty Pillow In Minutes

Monday, February 22, 2016

     Good Morning Darlings! Today let's learn how to make a thrifty pillow in minutes. While in Michigan working on the Water and Energy Room Refresh click link here to see the magic that happened. She saw a Goodwill on the way to the store. Did you know it is programmed in the GPS! Goodwill is in there!
 Prince Charming was patience stopping at yet another place she thought she would find a finishing touch for the project.(not yet started) He checked out sporting equipment catching up to her. When he arrived she asked him to reach up to that top shelf. It was worth the extra stop. A brand new neck roll pillow for one dollar.
Back to the pillow. The items you will need are in the picture below.
Green Scarf made into Pillow with rubber bands and ties.
  A neck roll pillow form, scarf, 2 rubber bands, rope, ribbon, or something to tie, and scissors.
Roll Neck Pillow with Green Fringe Scarf to make Thrift Store Pillow
This scarf was screaming fringe. Since it was long enough it was folded just half off center to let the fringe be the star show.
On a Roll, Wrapped scarf around a neck roll pillow as a pillow cover.
Keeping the pillow form as centered as possible will help with your next step. Gather the fabric tightly then wrap the rubber band around it to hold it tight. 
Close up of Rubber band holding Green Scarf wrapped around neck roll pillow
The rubber band will need to be wrapped around each end. It did take a little bit of fidgeting to get the each of the scarf ends even.
Rope knot holds Nautical pillow cover closed for simple minutes to make pillow
When the rope is cut it is best to use a piece of tape to keep it from fraying. The best way to make sure you have the right length of rope to tie off the ends. Is to do a test cut and tie because the amount will change with the type of fabric you choose for your pillow. Then take the first one you are happy with and cut a duplicate using the first one as a measurement. 
Minutes to make this Thrift store Pillow with a scarf and pillow form
Finishing the project in the most glamorous of places. The floor of course. How many of you work on the same surface with your projects? 
Tie your rope in this case on the back side of your pillow into a knot pulling the rope tight. Then do the same thing to the other end carefully making sure you keep the scarf even on both ends. Tie the knot in the front completing the pillow. 
Crisp Blue and White Striped Sheets with a splash of color Pillow made in minutes.
The scarf was found at a Goodwill in Illinois on half price day. Another great find bringing this pillow to a total of two dollars which is certainly thrifty. 
Antique boat inspires nautical room refresh. Pillow made in minutes with thrift store finds.
This pillow can change with the seasons, or be washed quickly. I would recommend taking it apart to launder since it is not permanently affixed.
It took approximately ten minutes with fussing to add a splash of color to the full-size bed in the boys room.

~ Let Your Creative Spirit Dance  ~

Until Next Time Happy Creating,   

                                                     Karen Marie

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