One Room Challenge Week 4 Progress

Thursday, April 28, 2016

    Week Four is here with a whirlwind of progress. I am feeling proud of last weekend's work and scared of time to finish in the next few weeks. Living in two places is a wonderful privilege my Prince Charming and I worked hard to make the dream of our lake house come true. Driving back and forth to complete the challenge is tough when we are still settling into our home. Tools are in the opposite house, there is an hour time difference, and we are only working together on the weekends. Whine, Whine, Whine! LOL! I am really enjoying the challenge but, life has obstacles for all of us. 

 The progress roll is here and I have to say this weekend rocked! The walls are patched and the electrical outlet is flipped from the room behind to the entryway. Allow me a proud wife moment, please. Prince Charming Thank you for changing the outlet this will allow the ugly water cooler from greeting you at the front door.
 Next on the checklist is painting the wall behind the entryway storage unit. Do you wear makeup while you paint? This is a brave picture my PC thought you would like to see.
 The color is Clear Pond from Behr Marquee. While the paint dries PC cut the wood to size and stained the wood for the storage unit. During that time, he mowed the grass. Real life chores still need to be done during the ORC.
With two weeks to go, let's check the 
 Project List.
 Lighting fixture purchased
 Lighting fixture installed
 Barn wood, Ship Lat, and Frame lumber purchased
Cuts made for all shelves
 Sanded and stained shelves to match Barn wood with Ship Lat
 Purchased drawer slides, recycle containers
Build storage unit
Install recycle bins
Build Twin Maple Bed into bench
Repair finish in maple bench
Move "Lake Time" art raised above the bench
Hang black iron folding coat hooks
Make cushions for benches
Search houses for accessories and buy missing pieces
Style and Photograph
 Need to Buy: 
 Power strip
 Fabric and foam for 2 cushions
 Purchase dog bowls for Cricket 
 Drop Cloth backup project
 Rug pad  
 Finish this weekend to complete the One Week Challenge is a big goal. I am going to give a huge push and I will see you back next Thursday. You have given me so much encouragement which I appreciate more than you know. Feel free to comment, share and visit the other participants too. They could use some love right now too for a friendly love while we finish this 6-week challenge.
  I know you want to see the trends with creative dazzle from the featured designers too. Just Click here.
  I am proud to be a One Room Challenge Guest Participant. Thank you, Linda, from Calling It Home for creating an amazing event.

 Please join me on the Social Media below. I love connecting with the very people I am talking to on D&LP. You are special to me which is why I call you darlin'. My Grandma always called me that and it made me feel like I was the only person in the room. I want you to know that is how I feel about each one of you. You are not my reader but, you are my Darlin'. A very special person I write to inspire to try DIY and talk too.

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~ Let Your Creative Spirit Dance  ~

Until Next Time Happy Creating,   

                                                     Karen Marie

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Unknown said...

It's looking good! Love the blue color, can't wait to see it all finished!

Christine @ Rustic-Refined said...

Loving the new color!

Anonymous said...

Karen Marie, the new color is so pretty! Keep up the momentum! We're almost there! =) Rosanna