Summer lake home Tour

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

  Welcome to our summer lake home tour. This newly built entryway is a place I am particularly proud of since this was my first One Room Challenge project. I will include all of the blog links to this build and design at the bottom of this posts. This design was created by me, the build was a family affair, my guys even consulted with me on the textiles.  This project even included a Mother's Day surprise which blew me away.


 Cricket has her pink dinosaur at the ready for a game of keep away. The kitchen is galley style with no windows. I splashed a bit of spring green with the towel and spoon rest. I found this silly print to brighten over the sink of men climbing ladders in swim suits. 

Lets follow with a room of necessity to the bathroom. Utility plus storage are absolutely key since we have only one. Soft shades of blue and green compliment nature bring the outside into our home. Since there is no linen closet I had to become creative to have enough storage while looking neat and finished for 12 visitors. As you can imagine this area of the house is always busy. I use brighter colors for the summer months.

 Carrying the bright colors throughout our home. It truly makes our house feel large to us. I kept the warm wool blanket for the chill of the air conditioner after a day in the sun. The pillows can be changed as the season changes and the comforters are reversible. This is one of my favorite vignettes because of the textures, colors and mix of materials blending together softly sending a message of lazy summer days.
Here is were we lay are heads when Prince Charming and I are home. The afghan was made by my mom and I use it for summer on our bed. The quilt reverses to reveal a second look for cooler weather. The scene below is decorated with heart bookends, an antique mirror with a summer picture of a lake. All blended looks to keep a collected over time design.

The living and Dining room are generous which is wonderful for gathering large groups or a cozy night watching the sunset. I use light beach colors in these two rooms. Shades of blue, green,  with an  occasional peach are popping up here or there. Even if it is poring rain it is a happy place to rest and rejuvenate. Again I use different textures, fabrics and I love the stone fireplace centering our home. Wood and stone candle holders help anchor the decor. 

The porch is interior but even dragonflies have friends. We found this frog the first year we lived here. She is the perfect accent for the lighthearted feeling of our home. Also on the porch we have a baby basket filled with towels near the door for those quick dips in the lake.

One of the places we spend the most time in the summer is our patio. Included is a few pictures of a dining, sitting, and chilling spot.

  Enjoy the rest of your summer and if you are ever in the neighborhood stop and sit a while. I love to read your comments to learn more about you. Send me a Facebook comment about your favorite part of the tour. Ask me where I found your the piece of furniture you like in the comments below. Look for fall home tour in September. Keep you up to date with social media. Thanks for visiting today I will see you again soon.

~ Let Your Creative Spirit Dance  ~

Until Next Time Happy Creating,   

                                                     Karen Marie

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