The One Room Challenge Changes Week Three

Thursday, April 21, 2016

 Darlins' I could use your help on this challenge. Does anyone have some spare time? Of course, I am just kidding but, they do call this a challenge for a reason.
Since we last talked I have been busy planning, re-thinking, traveling and photographing. Yes, I went there! The reality of why we need to finish the entry and fast.
Before Entry, One Room Challenge, Week Three, A Mess, Green, Brown, Organization Needed

 What has changed in the plan and why? First of all, I needed to measure, source materials, and purchase them. Have you heard the joke about the squirrel running around in your mind? This challenge is the perfect situation for the distraction of the creative mind when you need to stay on task. Do you know what I am talking about? Please raise your hand to let me know I am not alone.
Dog bowls, Water Bottles, Jackets, Entry way, Storage, Change Light,
In this little snapshot, we have the mess of water bottles, recycle, jackets and Cricket's necessities. She is an adorable golden retriever who is my little girl. This little girl has a travel bag, toys and is spoiled rotten. Look closely and you will see one item already cut from the plan. My surprise feature was yardsticks from places we have been. They will make an appearance in another part of our home. Don't worry this squirrel already has an idea. 
Twin Maple Bed, Water Cooler, College Fridge, Bench, Nautical art
 I showed you this wall two weeks ago. The water cooler will be moving while staying in the room but, the college fridge is gone, the twin bed is becoming a bench for this wall and the Lake Time art will be hung higher on the same wall.
I am off to the lake to start building the storage wall today. I am excited to show you the next phase of the entry room ORC.
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                                                     Karen Marie

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Unknown said...

I cannot believe there's only two weeks left. You are a rock star. I cannot wait to see the bed turned bench!