Dreamy Coastal Laundry Table

Thursday, June 23, 2016

How have my Darlin' friends been? The excitement has been building for a month because I the LOVE coastal style soothing feeling. My mind could not settle on one idea until I found this great table for a good price in a local Facebook group. I needed a folding table that is collapsible near my washer and dryer at the lake house. This gem will fit the space perfectly. My laundry is in my guest room closet. I know it is not an ideal situation but, every house has its challenges and this is one we face in our Dragonfly house.
The before and after of Gem are quite striking. A damaged top on an average end table was not what I imagined as a folding table in the laundry area. However, as with the other DIY Furniture Day Themed posts my mind is stretched to bring out the most creative pieces. My friends in the group should be thanked for sharing their creativity while supporting mine.

 Just the right details and accessories complete the look for the dreamy laundry table.
  Laundry may actually be as soothing as watching the sunset over the water casting colors like a painting since Gem is staying at our house. Yippee! The supplies will be off the floor and there will be space to fold clothes. Believe me I am surprised this excites me so much.

+DecoArt Painter  Americana Chalky Paint is the base color with a wash of a light sea blue.

Lettering the table with a mask of the word Laundry softly declares the tables purpose.

 A few essentials laundry supplies in pretty containers makes Gem shine like the glistening lake water in the early morning hours.
 Rooms that you enjoy make chores easier. Please share laundry room storage, decor and designs that make your function for you in the comments. Your ideas will help me or another Darlin' get our never ending pile of smelly laundry done faster with less dread.

I invite you to visit the DIY Furniture Girls posts. Don't stop at one the workmanship is not to be missed. While your there show them a little love by commenting on the project the created too.

 Please join me on the Social Media below. I love connecting with the very people I am talking to on D&LP.  I call you Darlin' because my Grandma called me that. When she said it I felt like the only person in the room. I want you to know that is how I feel about each one of you. You are not my reader but, you are my Darlin'. A very special person we spend our time together.

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~ Let Your Creative Spirit Dance  ~

Until Next Time Happy Creating,   

                                                     Karen Marie

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Lucy said...

Your table turned out so pretty especially the word laundry in white.
Love the font that you used! Did you hand paint it?

Art Is Beauty said...

It turned out great Karen!
It still doesn't make me want to do laundry though! LOL!
Its never ending here!
Like the saying goes..."from the amount of laundry I do, I am assuming there are people living here that I have NEVER met" :)

Paula@SweetPea said...

This table is perfect for folding laundry at the lake. Hopefully you won't have to do too much laundry while you are there relaxing!

I like your color choice and the added accent of the word Laundry on the side.

Amy | Canary Street said...

Very pretty, Karen! I like how you added Laundry to the front.

Kathy Owen, Petticoat Junktion said...

The stencil was the perfect touch to make the little table shine!