Craft Lightning Spring Busy Bag For The Birds

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

It is time for a Craft Lightning Busy Bag for the kids and parents. By now winter has us all a little stir crazy. This project I have been creating for many years because it is fun to see signs of spring. When I see the first robin in my neighborhood I break into my happy dance. Let's make a busy bag for the birds to help them build their nests. 
 Not only am I a kid at heart but, I have a degree in early childhood education.       Glued to My Crafts   The Country Chic Cottage   30 Minute Crafts 
Thank you for inspiring the inner kid in me!
 Below are all the supplies. Yep! It is time to get messy. As you can see I have many scraps of ribbon, twine, rope, fabric, and a bag that contained moss rocks.
In the past, I have used onion bags and this time I bought the largest tulle at the fabric store which would work fine too.
 Since this is a rather messy project you might want to spread a sheet on the floor so you can shake it outside when you are done. If the weather is nice do the project outside with the kids, get some fresh air and the birds will clean up any mess. :)
 It is a good idea to cut small sections of your scraps thinking about a bird's nest as you cut the pieces. Then begin shredding as the picture gives you a visual
 Next make sure your netting has a closed bottom. This one does because it was the bottom of the bag then you will use twine, ribbon or even the embroidery thread to gather the bag. I did not use a needle the holes were big enough to push the twine through. For smaller kids I would use the biggest holes and stiffest thread for their little hands. I have done this with 3 and 4-year-olds.
 Gather some of your scraps to set aside like the picture above. The birds will pull the scraps out to make their nests so make it loose rather than packed tight. 
 My crafty hands have been busy and I did say it is messy.  This is a bag I made for the birds that I cut from the material. I am showing you how I gathered it without a needle.  Pull the string tight to form the bottom and tie a knot.
 Once you have gathered most of the top you stuff all your scraps for the birds to build their nest. Again pull the twine tight to form a ball with your scraps inside and choose how you want to attach it to a tree branch. Tie the ribbon or twine to the ball for the birds and the other end to a tree outside.
 Some kids might need some taller help tying it to the tree. Prince Charming tied them to the tree for me because I couldn't reach.
 He also took these wonderful pictures when we had 50 miles an hour wind. He has really outdone himself on his photography today. 
 Watching the birds come and go in the spring is fun. Now the kids will be able to see how they helped the birds build their nests when they catch a glimpse of the scraps from their Busy Bag for the Birds. 

Thank you for joining me in this Craft Lightning Spring Busy Bag event. Please visit the many other participants by visiting the links to the hosts above. Happy Spring Everyone! I would love to here or see the projects you made. You could add them to Dragonfly & Lily Pads Facebook page where I will see them and personally comment. I love interacting with you! 

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                                                     Karen Marie

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Angie Holden said...

The kids will love this! Thanks for joining!

Carolina said...

I'm sure the birds love it - and that kids love watching the items in the netting get used!

Marie-Interior Frugalista said...

What a great idea! Pinning this to share and refer back to so I can make one for our backyard.
Marie, The Interior Frugalista