Vanity Bench Enhanced

Friday, April 22, 2016

 Darlins' this month has been c-r-a-z-y. I am proud to share a sponsored project with The Fab Flippin' Furniture Contest. Pure & Original USA was kind enough to provide the paint for this contest. Thank you to our kind hostesses for this month Carrie from Thirty Eighth Street & Stacy from Anastasia Vintage
 I chose one quart of Classico regular White Island and another of Blue Reef. Pure & Original describes the paint as a matte powdery look made with natural pigments. Just the finish I was looking for on my vanity bench at the Dragonfly Pad.(lake house)
Pure & Original Classico Regular Blue Reef and Island White, Cane Bench
Aren't the colors as just dreamy as the titles. The perfect selection to add this months  theme "Original Elegance" to my vanity bench.

Cane Bench Before, Ivory, Chippy, Bedroom, Antique Market Find, Vanity
I bought this beauty at an antique market. Although she was nice, the sewing cabinet I found and converted into my vanity needed an added boost of elegant color.
Vanity Bench After, Three layers of Pure & Original Classico Regular paint
I sanded the finish to give it some tooth then blended the 2/3 White Island to 1/3 Blue Reef for a base coat. The top now seat of cane was not easy but, worth the effort to get all those little dots filled with the custom color. I dry brushed the White Island on the cane to make it pop. The original lines highlighted by these soft cottage shades create an elegant piece.
Matte Finish, Blue Reef, White Island, Sanding, Bedroom, Beach, Lake house
Next a layer of Blue Reef swept over the rest of the table/stool gave a soothing cool feeling to the piece. It reminds me of a wispy clouded blue summer sky.
Sewing Machine, Heart Bookends, Candle, Vanity, Chandelier, Vanity Bench
To finish the piece I used an extremely light grit sanding pad. She sure looks pretty in my bedroom next to my vanity nightstand. The light fixture reflecting in the mirror is a great find at the same antique market above. The light dancing around the room from the crystals of the tiny chandelier are the perfect shimmer to the begin or end a day at the lake. Everyday a girl should get her sparkle on!
Nana's Vanity organizer, Pink, Green, Seashell, red hearts. fabric bin.
On top of the vanity my grandmothers antique pink makeup organizer. (we call her Nana). I pray every night to grow-up to be like her one day.  A few books in between heart shaped bookends with a candle ensures sweet dreams. This chippy sewing machine cabinet with a shell pull on it makes a terrific vanity/nightstand. Shelly came to me aging beautifully. In another post I will share the secret ingredient I used to clean her up.
Before and After, Vanity Bench, Pure & Original Classico Regular Matte Finish
Island White and Blue Reef  combined to a silky beach worn finish perfect way to help end my days at the lake.
The Fab Furniture Flippin Contest Trademarked Hosts and Team
 Congratulations to Evey  and Stacy on receiving the Trademark to the The Fab Flippin' Furniture Contest. Thank you to the team for your tremendous work.
 After seeing all the fun I had participating in this months contest I bet you would like to join in too.  Contact if interested in participating in future contests.
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~ Let Your Creative Spirit Dance  ~

Until Next Time Happy Creating,   

                                                     Karen Marie

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Michelle James said...

This is a beautiful update! I just love the color! Great job!

Sara said...

Super cute Karen! Lovely color!

Art Is Beauty said...

Karen, it turned out great! What a perfect little bench!

Unknown said...

Oooh I love the blue reef! I chose steel blue. I have a thing for blue. ;)