Thrifty Pillow In Minutes

Monday, February 22, 2016

     Good Morning Darlings! Today let's learn how to make a thrifty pillow in minutes. While in Michigan working on the Water and Energy Room Refresh click link here to see the magic that happened. She saw a Goodwill on the way to the store. Did you know it is programmed in the GPS! Goodwill is in there!
 Prince Charming was patience stopping at yet another place she thought she would find a finishing touch for the project.(not yet started) He checked out sporting equipment catching up to her. When he arrived she asked him to reach up to that top shelf. It was worth the extra stop. A brand new neck roll pillow for one dollar.
Back to the pillow. The items you will need are in the picture below.
Green Scarf made into Pillow with rubber bands and ties.
  A neck roll pillow form, scarf, 2 rubber bands, rope, ribbon, or something to tie, and scissors.
Roll Neck Pillow with Green Fringe Scarf to make Thrift Store Pillow
This scarf was screaming fringe. Since it was long enough it was folded just half off center to let the fringe be the star show.
On a Roll, Wrapped scarf around a neck roll pillow as a pillow cover.
Keeping the pillow form as centered as possible will help with your next step. Gather the fabric tightly then wrap the rubber band around it to hold it tight. 
Close up of Rubber band holding Green Scarf wrapped around neck roll pillow
The rubber band will need to be wrapped around each end. It did take a little bit of fidgeting to get the each of the scarf ends even.
Rope knot holds Nautical pillow cover closed for simple minutes to make pillow
When the rope is cut it is best to use a piece of tape to keep it from fraying. The best way to make sure you have the right length of rope to tie off the ends. Is to do a test cut and tie because the amount will change with the type of fabric you choose for your pillow. Then take the first one you are happy with and cut a duplicate using the first one as a measurement. 
Minutes to make this Thrift store Pillow with a scarf and pillow form
Finishing the project in the most glamorous of places. The floor of course. How many of you work on the same surface with your projects? 
Tie your rope in this case on the back side of your pillow into a knot pulling the rope tight. Then do the same thing to the other end carefully making sure you keep the scarf even on both ends. Tie the knot in the front completing the pillow. 
Crisp Blue and White Striped Sheets with a splash of color Pillow made in minutes.
The scarf was found at a Goodwill in Illinois on half price day. Another great find bringing this pillow to a total of two dollars which is certainly thrifty. 
Antique boat inspires nautical room refresh. Pillow made in minutes with thrift store finds.
This pillow can change with the seasons, or be washed quickly. I would recommend taking it apart to launder since it is not permanently affixed.
It took approximately ten minutes with fussing to add a splash of color to the full-size bed in the boys room.

~ Let Your Creative Spirit Dance  ~

Until Next Time Happy Creating,   

                                                     Karen Marie

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