Style Sunday Series 3

Sunday, October 2, 2016

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It is time for Style Sunday Series again. Three months have past since we started this fun adventure together. Darlin's it is already October. Have you started decorating for fall or wearing your new looks for fall? Is the weather blazing or as in our neighborhood pouring rain and chilly? Lets get on with the fashion for the day.
 As I mentioned it was raining leaving our scenery a bit limited. Cricket, our golden retriever must have felt all gals need to show their curves. My Prince Charming and I tried to distract her but she thought she was the star of the day. I am wearing Carson, 3/4 Tunic Dress in Dark Brown from Glamour Farms Boutique.

Carson 3/4 sleeve dark brown from Glamour Farms Boutique, Cricket out Golden Retriever showing her curves too, Styled with long Light Gray blue Scarf and charm with stone attached.

The Tank Shaper is holding in my curvy tummy leaving me smooth and confident as I head out to my husbands high school reunion.  Ladies this is the most comfortable shaper I have ever worn. Have you ever worn a shaper that made you feel like you were going to burst? Not the this one! I have worn the Tank Shaper all day feeling comfortable but in control of the blessings I acquired as life rolls along. Grab a few in different colors and let the scoop or v-neck top peek out of your outfit for and added layer of color. A shaper which is part of your outfit not just and extra layer. Eek! I think this idea is Fabulous!!!

Lave Vest Styled over brown 3/4 dress/tunic worn with blue jeans and suede fringe boots.

This sweet lace vest is part of my closet which coordinated perfectly with my Carson dress/Tunic. I am wearing my Curvy Stephanie medium wash jeans with my fringe suede booties. The Carson is made of stretch material, doesn't wrinkle, and holds its shape beautifully. 

The Carson Tunic/dress in dark brown sold at Glamour Farms Boutique with lace vest softening the look for fall.
You can see the length of the Carson Dress/Tunic in Dark Brown better here. This comfortable versatile piece is a staple for any women's closet since it can be worn from casual, 9 to 5, and dressed up with jewelry and shoes for a night out on the town. Oh my gosh I almost forgot to add one of my favorite things. It has pockets girls located on either side of your hips are slit pockets in the seams. 

Glamour Farms Boutique is waiting to help you build your closet with this staple piece. This family of smart business minded Midwest ladies want you to look and feel your best. Feeling confident, pretty and a little bit of sassy is how I like to feel. What is your favorite look? I know you can find it at Glamour Farms Boutiques?

Here is the best news yet! Use this personal code to me D&LP911 on any regular priced item over $20.00 and receive $10.00 off your order between 10/3/2016 and 11/6/2016. Plus if your purchase totals over $75.00 your order ships free. 

I have some good news for me too. I am an affiliate of Glamour Farms Boutique. What does that mean to you? The Style Sunday Series started because I love to feel pretty and want to share that side of me with you. Just because a woman love to build, use power tools and most of the day is a hot mess doesn't mean I don't like to be pretty and feeling great the rest of the time. When you use my code on any purchase between I will receive a small percentage of the sale with no cost to you.Please note that I only add affiliates with products I use myself. 
   Lets live our best live while creating the style that makes us feel our best.
Have Fun Shopping Ladies.

Send me pictures on facebook in your new outfits. Instagram a favorite pair of fall boots. Or tweet this post to your friends. Lets share our fun shopping times in the comments or any of the social media below. hashtag #happyshopping

~ Let Your Creative Spirit Dance  ~

Until Next Time Happy Creating,   

                                                     Karen Marie

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Linda Nelson said...

Very lovely. The maroon color is perfect against your skin tone. I'm a fan of tunic tops and dresses. Enjoy the reunion!

Art Is Beauty said...

You embodied sass in this outfit. I love it

Unknown said...

Looking good with your new style! ck

Susie @ The Chelsea Project Blog said...

So so cute!! I learn so much about these beautiful clothes from your posts. Tell Cricket she looks good, too!! Xo Susie from The Chelsea Project

Karen Marie said...

Linda ,
Thank you so much for your lovely comment. The dress/tunic is a deep brown but I could see how it read a deep maroon to you.
Come back soon I love to hear from you.
Have a wonderful day,
Karen Marie

Karen Marie said...

That is just the look you get with wearing Glamour Farms Boutiques pieces. Of course my sass is shining through too!
Have a lovely day.
Hugs & Kisses,
Karen Marie

Karen Marie said...

Cathy & Mary,
Thanks for noticing my sassy look form Glamour Farms.
Karen Marie

Karen Marie said...

You are so sweet to comment such lovely words.
Thank you Love,
Karen Marie