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Sunday, November 8, 2015

 I am participating in the holiday spirit thanks to Erlene author of My Pinterestventures is Hosting the 2015 Ornament Exchange.  Do you know Erlene? Make sure you visit the link above to meet the magical Elf. She somehow managed to wrangle a large group of blogger to create tutorials for you,  then send off ornaments to a new friend. She has created a job that is similar to Santa delivering all the Christmas joy overnight. Only she has subjected herself to this for several days. I hope you enjoy the good cheer, creative ideas and meeting new bloggers in the process.

My new friend is Stephanie. She is a Mom, Nurse, Adjunct Professor teaching college students and the author Casa Watkins. She has chosen the colors of Gold and Green to decorate her Christmas Tree this year. I hope this ornament will remind her of the heart of gold she has during the Christmas season.

Ornament Exchange, Gold, Plastic Ball Ornament, Gold glittered stems. Supplies
Of course first you need to know the supplies I used for the ornament I made.
I wanted to honor the colors Stephanie wanted for her home. I also realize she likes to change her colors on her Christmas tree. My thought was that I could fill the ornament with the colors of this year and later she could change the ornament to her color choices in the future. 
Step one of the ornament tutorial is filling the plastic ball opening with gold glitter stems.
I filled the ball ornament with different shades of gold stems. The two shades are a champagne and bright gold. I also varied the sizes of the filler so it would create more visual impact. Or in other words, "BLING."
Gold Glitter Leaf, Filled Round Plastic Ornament, Champagne Gold Glitter Leaf Stems.
 So often in our busy life we are rushing through moments of our life. Take the time to give the gifts you are making special finishing touches. It will make you and the person who receives the ornament feel great to know you made an extra effort. I glued gold 5 leaves from the stems and then added two leaves I hole punched to the ribbon for hanging the ornament.
Ornament Exchange Tutorial finished project, Clear Plastic Ornament filled with Champagne and gold Glitter stems.
Here is what the ornament looks like ready for shipping to Stephanie's Christmas tree. I think it definitely will sparkle like her heart of gold does from her sweet spirit.
Ornament Exchange Tutorial, Summary of the Steps of the project, Supplies, Filler, Trim, and complete.
Here is a quick summary of the tutorial. It is really as easy as steps 1- 4 and pack to mail. Happy Holidays from all Eighty of the bloggers who Erlene rounded up, which is a huge undertaking. Thank you, our mystical elf Erlene for adding to the celebration of the holidays. 
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Erlene said...

Clever idea to hole punch leaves and add them to the hanging loop. I'm sure your exchange partner will love it.

Decor To Adore said...

Hello I am a fellow ornament exchange participant popping by. Your ornament is so clever and cute!
Have a wonderful day.

The Chilly Dog said...

Love the bling! very pretty ornament.

Unknown said...

Very nice ornament love the touch of gold.-Mama's Journey

Karen Marie said...

You have made the most wonderful ornament exchange. Thank you is truly not enough for all your hard work.
Happy Creating,
Karen Marie

Karen Marie said...

+Amy Patterson,
Thank you.
Happy Creating,
Karn Marie

Karen Marie said...

The Chilly Dog,
a little bling in your day is necessary. LOL Thank you!
Happy Creating,
Karen Marie

Karen Marie said...

Decor to Adore,
Thank you for your sweet comment. The ornament exchange has been fun. I will be to visit at your blog asap.
Happy Creating,
Karen Marie