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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Kim Six Fix has invited me to participate in The Tour Through Blogland. Which is fitting since we have met through blogland, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and of course our blogs. She mentions in her post, we are alike in our blogs. We love DIY, constantly learning what, where, and how to use different tools to build or remodel. Then there is our softer side, which is decor, sewing, painting and crafting. One big difference is I am not a Scientist. I have a degree in Early Childhood but, both Kim and I became SAHM. One of my favorite segments on her blog is her Mantels. Look at Kim's talent in these photos then click this link to check out The Kim Six Fix.
Before & After of Kim's Bathroom
Kim's Back to School Mantel
Thank you Kim for the lovely introduction. You are a talented blogger, always willing to support others, and teach amazing tips to new bloggers.  :)
Who am I?

    I am a lucky lady to have met my Prince Charming & married him for over 30 years.  He has worked with the same company for 33 and is currently training to be a Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma. Our first home took a year and a half of looking  for a home we could afford. Finally we found a home built in the early 1940's, which we bought located in town where my family lives. PC's family is from the town next door.  Awe!  I was expecting our first child. During the next few weeks life took some major turns. At twenty weeks  into my pregnancy I was in labor. The sellers house was not ready in time for closing, and the poor sellers husband passed away. This caused us to move  twice before we had our little boy.
 Thank God our son A was born healthy only 5 days early. He is now 28 and has earned a Degree in Architecture & Mechanical Engineering. He even figured out the plans for our addition while he was in high school. By the time he was a year old we had already tackled the kitchen. We tore a wall down between the kitchen and dining room added some new cabinetry, updated electric, plumbing, lighting fixtures,  flooring, painting, stripping the woodwork and staining all the moldings. 

 Our second son was born a few years later with plenty of opportunity to help remodel too. He is N, now 25 has a Degree in Business Management & Marketing. He is attending Grad. school working as a Sports Information Asst. seeking a Masters Degree in Communications. When we remodeled the attic bedroom both boys helped with demo. Sheet paneling was attached to boards nailed across the studs. We thought the paneling would be easy but, that is the SURPRISE of remodeling. While I painted the walls, they played drawing on the subfloor. If my memory serves me right, we have a basketball court under the carpet. LOL

Opps I almost forgot our furry family girl. Cricket is a 3 year old Golden Retriever who rarely leaves my side. She is my little girl. She was meant to be with us, she is born on the same day we lost our first golden. Golden Treasure passed away from old age at 14. We also had Fonzie a Hamster and Fish.  
 I was President or on the PTO Board for every year my boys were in school.  I helped teachers in  the classroom, to help with reading, grading papers or putting up a bulletin board. I Coached Little League Baseball, and a program called Buddies.(A program teaching team building, conflict resolution and empathy). Taught CCD for ten years. I coordinated everything from carnivals, clothing resales, dances and even spoke in front of several hundred people as the parent of a son at N's Middle School Graduation. I had a fear of public speaking, surprised my whole family that day.
 I also subbed for office staff at the District school when the boys were older. I worked part time in a Designers firm estimating drapery. Oh the fabrics!!!!
 My youngest son went to Saint Joseph's College N played baseball there while attending school. I volunteer to raise funds for the Athletes to supplement costs which are not covered by the budget of the college. This year I   hope the Auction will top the $50,000 mark. While my youngest son has long since graduated we have become a part of the SJC family. I have learned to put my helium hand down, and enjoy the events that help others by giving back in one or two places now. 

Here is our First House we made into our Forever Home 
Remodeled many times during the last 28 years.

 As the boys grew more remodels took place, kitchen was redone again. I could not figure out how it became too small. I think I have it right this time and the boys are grown men now? The basement twice and we had a good old fashion garage raising with neighbors and three generations of family. Since most of my picture during this time are print I do not have any to share of this work. I will have to find some for Throwback Thursday!
 Two years ago we purchased  a lake house, less about two hours away. This took a two year process, three states, long drives, beautiful scenery, and several tubes of Pringles. This house sits with a beautiful view of the lake. If you follow me in Facebook, Instagram, TwitterDragonfly & Lily Pads, or Hometalk you should have seen some  pictures of the view. If not click on the links above to catch up. 

The picture above shows the house the This home was started as a cabin in the 1800's. When we moved in it was completely renovated but not lived in for 15 years. We change the artesian well to a modern one, and the septic system was cracked and leaking right next to the water source. YUK! We also built a new sea wall, patio, sidewalk, as well as landscape. This year those two Ash trees you saw out the window died. Next up tree removal, a few door change to windows, a second bath and a back splash in the kitchen.
Above is the day we became owners of the home.

         Above is our lake home this summer
  We have an ongoing joke in my family about me collecting chairs. I was given or found most of them, but when we bought this house, I did not need to buy one chair to furnish the house. 
 In fact even the +John M Smythe sofa was free. I am in the process of slip covering it. My creative process went crazy. I am reeling it in and making some changes. This picture is in honor of Kim!

 My lake home mantel this Summer with  Topiary Project Link
This is one of my favorite spots in the lake house.
My love to sew, crafts, scrapbook, refinish or reupholster furniture, gave me tools build my new dream. Dragonfly & Lily Pads
1. What am I currently working on?

I am creating a craft room with this rug as inspiration from +Tuesday Morning 
                                                              Craft Room Rug

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

   I create what comes to mind. I would call myself eclectic in my decorating style, and blogging.  I will try just about any project. I love DIY from Demo, to delicate lace. I am in it to learn, all I can do it myself, or ask for help when I need an extra hand.

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

   Combining my love for creating with my passion for sharing makes a seamless place of joy. I am excited to create, photograph and write about my experiences for you. I hope that my blog inspires you to try to step out of your comfort zone and find your place of Joy! 

4. How does your writing/creative process work?
    The day I hit publish on this blog it was a pure leap of faith. I was ready for a new journey. This writing and creative process has been a challenge, exhilarating, and soul searching. My goal for the future is to continue to strive toward growing, learning and improving my place of joy. In order to keep you , entertained, creating and inspired to find your place of joy.

Now to introduce a Salvage Sister & Mister  Deborah is the Sister and Her Husband is the Mister. He is a man of few words but many talents. Deborah writes for the most part or almost all of the blog. Their goal in life is to make the most of what they have. Join them on Facebook too. 
  One of my favorite posts is on the Reuse page. 
Look what she has whipped up here from a banana stand.
 Deborah and I have not met in person yet but are trying to plan a trip to a blog conference this year. Another post she has been working on teaches us a life goes on when we make mistakes. They are opportunities to learn. Here is a DIY project they are working on now.  DIY Hallway Update
Please welcome my dear friend and her blog to your home. You will not be disappointed that you took the time to meet this lovely lady and her family.

Next up is Hi! It's Jilly  Jill is married to her Mr. McThrifty. She is a SAHM of triplets. Has just added running 3 days a week to her routine. My goodness I think it is amazing she has a routine, with 3 people wanting Moms attention. I bet she is exhausted when her head hits the pillow. 
Find Jill here on Facebook. This year Jill & Mr. McThrifty decided family to homeschool (click link to read more).
Jill has taught me something new today. Now this is Big!
Now look at this yummy recipe she has whipped up for this special occasion. 
Please Join me in welcoming Hi! It's Jilly to the The Tour Through Blogland.

  Wow! I made it and so have you, which requires a round of applause!!!!!!!

Thank you reading about Deborah, Jill and me on The Tour Through Blogland!

~ Let your Creative Spirit Dance ~

Karen Marie


Salvage Sister & Mister said...

Thanks so much for the feature Karen!!! Loved hearing more about your family and home (s). If I get back to my Chicago roots will have to meet in person

Karen Marie said...

You are welcome anytime. I will meet you one day in the future.
Blog Buddies,
Karen Marie