Pretty Painted Mirror

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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Image Map ~              ~           `~          ~            ~            ~            ~          ~ What is a girl to do when she is visiting friends, and everybody else in the house is working? My BFF lives in Minnesota and I was at her home. She is like a sister to me. We have been friends since her Freshman year in High School. A short time ago...LOL
The mirror waiting to be the fairest on the wall. 
Bronze faux finish, picture frame, Mirror frame, before picture
Mirror Before
DecoArt, American Decor Chalky Finish Paint and Sealer Brown Wax, Gray
By now you have guessed. See the phone in the picture. Yep!
 I started with the bathroom mirror with BFF on the phone.
Painted Mirror, first coat, paint brush, Chalky Finish Paint, Light Gray
One Coat

DecoArt Chalky Painted Finish, Stage two of Pretty Painted Mirror
 Here is where I was really excited because, the process was going so fast. My Prince Charming had to work 2 more hours. I took out my blow dryer, started it to dry the paint faster. I could wax the Mirror, and have it hanging back on the wall before I went home. I could see the finish line. A great surprise for my hard working BFF. As Luck would have it, I was about 5 minutes into blow drying the project when my PC arrived from work early. That hardly ever happens at home :( 
  I turned off the blow dryer cleaned the brushes with water. Which was simply wonderful for clean-up. Hung the Painted Mirror on the wall, since it was dry and packed the car to drive home. Bummer!
 We drive by my friends work on the way home to Illinois. We always stop to say an extra goodbye. These are hard, because we live a little more than 6 hours apart. My BFF was fine that the mirror wasn't finished, but I would have loved to check another box off her list. We talked about a round brush to finish the painted mirror with wax which are expensive. We put our minds together, deciding on an old soft t-shirt would do the trick for one piece
DecoArt Americana Chalky Paint Finish, Wax, Pretty, Painted, Mirror
Completed by my BFF. She did a wonderful job and now they have a Pretty Painted Mirror. It is great how the wax brings out the detail in the molding of the mirror. 
After of Pretty Painted Mirror, Chalky Paint, Brown Wax, Finished.
   The pretty painted mirror project saved my friend the expense of buying a new mirror. We both learned a new technique, and she now has the Fairest Mirror of All on her Wall! (very corny)

 What project have you done with your BFF recently? I respond to every comment personally because, I appreciate you reading along. 
Do not forget to enter the Give Away! Good Luck to All of You!
Until next time
~ Let Your Creative Spirit Dance ~
Karen Marie

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Chasing Joy said...

Well you are a great friend. The mirror came out nice.

Karen Marie said...

Arlett author of Chasing Joy,
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. You are sweet to leave kind words.
Karen Marie

Maureen said...

Mirror is awesome. First time I have seen the wax used, I like it.

Karen Marie said...

Thank you for visiting today. I am glad you liked the mirror.
Have a creative day,
Karen Marie

Kristy gd said...

Karen - I love the mirror! That detail is amazing, and I can't believe how well it all shows through. On a side note - it's so cool that you're BFF lives in MN! I do too! Does she hate the cold winters as much as I do?

Karen Marie said...

Thank you! I am glad you liked the project. It is amazing what a little paint and wax can gussy up a mirror. Yes My BFF is over the cold weather. MN is a place I spend a quite a bit of time and the beauty is amazing but, a little more warmth would make it better.
Karen marie

Karen Marie said...

Thank you for visiting and leaving a note. I love Linking up to a great party.
Karen Marie