Monday, November 7, 2016

Rustic-Glam Christmas 15 Minute Craft Lightning

     Hello darlings! The temperature is 70 degrees in early November. This is not normal weather in the midwest for this time of year. The bright sunshine highlighted the last of the fall colors while the warm breeze softly touched my skin making me feel refreshed from the weekend. Back to work. Sorry I was savoring the moment.
 It is time for Christmas 15 minute craft lightning  the round which will last all week. Please follow along to find over 40 craft tutorials during the week.
Thanks to The Country Chic Cottage   30 Minute Crafts    Tried and True Blog  for hosting Christmas 15 Minute Craft Lightning. It is not easy to wrangle more than 40 bloggers at the same time.

 Today you will learn how to add a touch of rustic-glam to this holiday season in 15 minutes.

Use the wire cutters to snip the hanger to make the shape you like. I chose a circle. Bend the wire with the wire cutters carefully so you won't kink the wire. 

Wrap duct tape around the two ends of the wire to create the circle this will be covered up by twine.

 Begin to tie slip knot around the wire circle until you have tightly covered the wire.

 You are almost to the end.

Pull all the knots tight, make a 12" loop of twine  fold in half tie a knot. At the top the wreath loop through the the circle and pull through the twine. Trim the edges if you want a more finished look or leave it uneven if that's your style.

I added a bow for Rustic-Glam. The easiest way is to create your bow and tie it on with the twine. 

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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Style Sunday Series Four

     Welcome back to  another Style Sunday Series. This is the fourth month Glamour Farms Boutique and I have collaborated on Style Sunday Series. Today I am introducing you to the Carson 3/4 sleeve Waterfall Tunic/Dress in Teal. This comfortable flexible outfit is flattering no matter your size. I am wearing it with a pair of leggings, boots and necklace from my closet.

Carson, Tunic Dress, Teal, Brown, White, Watercolor, Tie Dye, Three Quarter Sleeve, Leggings, Belt as necklace

Carson Dress Tunic, Glamour Farms Boutique, Light Brown Leggings, Dark Brown Ruffle Tie front T-shirt jacket,
I thought this cute little ruffled brown t-shirt sweater works perfect with the tie dye fabric. 

Jean Jacket over Carson Three Quarter Carson Waterfall Teal Dress sold at Glamour Farms Boutique
Prince Charming(my husband and photographer) likes this look the best. I love the fact that I am comfortable and stylish wearing my Carson Tunic/Dress in Waterfall Teal. The Style Sunday Series started because I love to feel pretty and want to share that side of me with you. Just because a I love to build, use power tools and most of the day is a sawdust mess, doesn't mean I don't like to be pretty, and feeling great the rest of the time. Since I am an affiliate Glamour Farms Boutique offers you a $10.00 discount on any regular prices$20.00 purchase. When you use this code D&LP397 on any purchase between 10/31/2016 and 12/04/2016/ I will receive a small percentage of the sale with no cost to you. Please note: I only become an affiliates with products which aline with my standards. 
   Lets live our best life while creating a style that makes us feel our best.
Have Fun Shopping Ladies.

Send me pictures on facebook in your new outfits. Instagram a favorite pair of fall boots. Or tweet this post to your friends. Lets share our fun shopping times in the comments or any of the social media below. hashtag #happyshopping

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Glitzy Farmhouse Style Table Makeover

Hello Darlins' it is time for another DIY Furniture Girls Makeover Day. This is one of my favorite days of the month. Fifteen amazing ladies taking furniture that was headed for the trash pile and turn them around making them stars for a home. This months theme is Glitz & Glamour. My nine dollar Goodwill before table needed plenty of filthy dirt scrubbed off to prepare for this Glitz and Glamour makeover.
Glitzy Farmhouse Style Table Before and After, Makeover, White, Gold, Milk Paint, Plaid Paints, Wax, Metallic Silver Frost Wax
After a few shades of white milk & custom milk paint and gold metallic paint this glamour girl got her beauty sleep. When I woke up I sanded the gold extremely lightly with a sanding sponge, wiped off the dust. 
Farmhouse Before and After Makeover, DIY Themed Furniture Girls Makeover Day, Theme Glitz and Glamour

Made in India hinged legs paired with antique oval mirror painted in shades of white Milk paint from Plaid.
The mirror was a wall mirror at some point but the shades of brown matched exactly to the hinged legs from India. I decided not to fix the screw holes to keep telling the story of two pieces finding their way into a pair.
Antique oval mirror with aged label, silver streaks in the mirror, white, gold, wax, roses, K doorknob, antique china tea plate from Nana

Layers of finish in Makeover, white milk paint, blended custom milk paint, metallic gold, with clear and silver frost wax

six hinge legs from india combined with mirror to create table. gilded with god and two wax finishes.
 The  details of this combined piece is what drew me to this piece. I love the time worn streaks in the mirror, the details in the legs, and the mirror still has the faded label on the back.
Pale cream roses, K doorknob, Mason Jar filled with shades of glass.white and gold trimmed tray accessories on Before and After Glitzy Farmhouse Table Makeover

A Pinterest Friendly Image for you.

This soft elegant lady earn her way into my heart as a glitzy farmhouse style table. We all need a little sparkle in our life, even if it is just a flash of a smile from another person. :)

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Spider Spun Candy Halloween Treat

  When Halloween Rolls around I always look forward to working with World Market, Laura Kelly Designs plus several other sponsor participants. This year I am very excited about my popcorn box contribution. Last year I made a treat for our sweet Cricket which you can see here.
  This year the spiders are helping me make the treat for our ghosts and goblins. I thought they would be happy to help spin some sugar to make cotton candy. 

Setting the stage for Spider Spun Candy in World Market Popcorn Box. Spider, Web Decoration, Pencils, Vangs, Fingers

I used several of the items purchased from the small payment paid to receive an envelope of supplies from our sponsors. Of course a project is never complete with out a few added items from the craft store. The cotton candy in this picture is "Spider Web Decorations." 

Spider Spun Candy Decor, Cotton Candy Spun by Spiders, Halloween, Pumpkins, Calderon, Apple Basket

Don't you love the  die cut pumpkin from Laura Kelly Designs? It has perforated lines to help round out the pumpkin. The paper and felt were also included in my stash envelope long with that darling spider at the top of the pumpkin. The curled paper stem, eyes and mouth of the Jack O'Lantern is all the same paper too.

White Pumpkin, Vampire Fangs, Udderly Smooth, Fall, Halloween, Cotton Candy

The Spider Spun Candy aka Cotton Candy is made with a glow in the dark kettle and water globe stuffed with glow in the dark plastic table cloth. Another water globe is also holding more spider spun candy which I added fun fangs to the opening. Did you notice the vampire I names him Fang? Wash your hands before you eat, applying Suddenly Smooth to take the bite out of dry hands. 

Pinterest image for your convienence. 

Pinterest Image Spider Spun Candy Halloween Treat, Orange Spider web decor, Sparkle black Felt, Wooden Crate, Fang Vampire made from Udderly Smooth.
Thank you to all of the wonderful companies who provided product towards this event. With out each of you this would not be possible.
World Market
Kunin Group
Udderly Smooth
Tombow USA
Bakers Party Shop

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