Friday, July 17, 2015

Colorful Chair Up Date

     The craft room has been shaping up nicely even though it has been going to slow for me. I found a fabulous chair for $15.00 at an estate sale that just needed a little love to be perfect. The wonderful women who started the Fab Furniture Flippin Contest created another opportunity to splash some color in my craft space.
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        This month has been sponsored by Unicorn Spit and the theme is color.
 This is what this sweet 70's chair looked like before her new paint job. I prepped it by wiping it off with water then drying the wood. The first coat brighted up the chair nicely. Then I wet the fabric with a water spritzer to paint the golden velvet fabric. 

I have never attempted painting upohlstry before but decided now was a good time to try. Once I had a good base of Ten Miles in the Snow by Prairie Colors I added Weather Picket Fence as trim.
   I rubbed the chair with a paper bag to age the edges. A coat of wax buffed smooth alowed me to move onto the sewing a new cover for the cushion.
    I bought outdoor fabric for durability in a complimentary color to coordinate with the room. The cording added a finishing touch to the chair. The pillow is from Pier 1.
  Thank you to the wonderful sponsor Unicorn Spit who has an amazing product. I love that she created this product with the spirit of kindness, making painting easier for the handicapped. I have a project coming up soon featuring her paint. Check back on the blog soon. 
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Friday, June 19, 2015

Chest of Drawers Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest

     This month I am participating in the Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest. The sponsor is The Old Fashion Milk Paint Company based in Massachusetts making naturally safe historic paint since 1974. Thank you, OFMP for offering a discount to participants in the contest. All of the comments and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. The Theme is Shabby Chic Storage this month. My eyes lit up with joy as the piece I chose is a chest of drawers that was in my family for years. It was white with pink handles while my sister and I shared a room.
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The representative was wonderful explaining to me how to create the effect I wanted and what products to buy to produce the finish I desired. I called The Old Fashion Milk Company to ask two questions. My first question was how much paint do I need to paint the dresser? The answer is 12 oz. of the dry OFMP, and because the piece was already finished a bonding additive is needed for the first coat. When you make the paint you add water according to the included instructions. I found them easy to follow, but I was nervous to mix the paint. 
Pfff ...Easy Peasy!
 My brother painted this wood tone while he was using the chest of drawers. There were several layers of paint revealing the past of this hand me down furniture.

Monday, June 8, 2015

How to Stencil an IceTub for Beverages

    I am so excited for my high school girlfriend and her family. They have made a "Big purchase" recently. They bought a house in the woods on a lake in Wisconsin. Growing up my girlfriend her family vacationed at the lake nearby their new home. She met her delightful hubby there while hanging out with the kids at the lake for Summer break. Their love story reminds me of the movie Dirty Dancing in a dreamy sort of way. <3
 I was digging deep for a great gift idea for celebrating the special time in her families life.This present needs to be as incredible as my friends who I consider chosen family. I purchased an acrylic ice tub in a rectangular shape from Home Goods. I have an added surprise for her hubby, but that will have to wait.
 My plan to create a template of their last name in LB Timely font to personalize the ice tub and the tray.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Plain Pots Turned To Pretty Planters

I am working on sprucing up my lake front this year after the dreaded Ash Bore took hold of our two Ash trees and now week have a naked waterfront. Not to embarrass the neighbors I decided to add some color to our seawall. Jeanette from +Snazzy Little Things - Vintage DIY & Decor Blog has been running a 30-day challenge. Terracotta Pots is the challenge for this month. Since the lake weather can be pretty harsh I opted for Terracotta AKA (Plastic Pots). 
Plain Pot, Patio Paint, Blue, Lavender, Hot Pink, Paint Brush, Pavers
Plastic pots do not look as lovely, but the will hold up better in our environment. Drop and Plop flowers from +The Home Depot 
I did purchase one more item or actually two decorative trellises for height from +Lowe's Home Improvement 
I found the rest of my supplies in my stash. 
FolkArt Patio Paint 3 colors
Paint brush 
Paper towel 
Plastic cup for water
Frozen Dinner tray (paint pallet)