Thursday, July 21, 2016

Outdoor Themed Furniture Makeover Day

Hello Darlin's today is Themed Furniture Makeover Day and we are showing you our best outdoor projects. Just in time for record breaking heat in out area. It is so hot outside I think I was sweating spray paint while working on this much needed paint-lift. On the positive side the paint dried quickly.
Tired Before Green Outdoor Bar Height Table with worn out Bird house
This trash treasure found a few years ago has served us well for a great party drink station. Now it is past time to give this hard working gal a look deserving of her service to our family. 
After Black Flat and High gloss spray painted table at the White Picket Fence
We were not having a party at our home I call the "White Picket Fence,"for obvious reasons. I was extremely thirsty as the air conditioner hums in the background as I type. I made a refreshing pitcher of half lemonade and Half flavored sparkling water to stage the table. 
Bar height outdoor table  painted with high gloss and flat black spray paint fresh coat. Pelican
This pelican helped me fill in space while adding a touch of color from +Pier 1 Imports. I chose to paint the table black with two finishes. The first coat is flat black and the second was gloss. It turned out to have low and high blends of black finish giving it a nice depth in sheen with the layers.
Fresh Lemonade with ice, teal napkins , frosty, Whitepicket Fence, Black outdoor Table
Doesn't this lemonade look delicious? Who is coming by for some lemonade this week?
DIY Furniture Girls Outdoor Themed Makeover Day, Before and After, White Picket Fence, Old Iron water pump
The second shelf is nice for a container filled with ice and juice boxes. The top for large partied I use Ice tub with our name engraved on the front. For large party's we place that on the top keeping out of the reach and children. 
White Picket Fence, Lemonade with Sparkling Water, Tangerine and Lime, Ice cold Pitcher, Black Bar top outdoor table
While managed to painted the table from green to black, I also stepped on the painted newspaper making it stick to my feet while the over spray attempted to give me a black pedicure. The biggest dilemma was how to remove it fast because I had an event that evening. There was so much scrubbing in the shower to get cleaned up. 
Evergreen, White Picket Fence, Frosty Lemonade, Teal and white Geometric Napkins, White Picket Fence
Come on by for a sip of lemonade with flavored sparking water. I'll have it ice cold for you.
Before and After Pinterest image, Outdoor bar height table,Themed makeover day, White Piket Fence
A great before and after picture gets me every time. I hope you enjoyed today DIY Theme Furniture Girls for the month with the theme of outdoors. Please be sure to visit the other talented bloggers and follow all our social media. I truly appreciate you spending your time with me today.

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~ Let Your Creative Spirit Dance  ~

Until Next Time Happy Creating,   
                                                     Karen Marie

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Craft Lightning Scouts with Nautre

Hello my summer Darlin's! How has your summer been so far? I know 4th of July is over but, summer is far from done. My dear friends have been scouting around for weeks to give you a Craft Lightning Scouting Crafts edition that will keep your scouts, girls or boys busy for the rest of the season.
 Please make sure to visit the lovely and patience hosts for the Craft Lightning Scouting Craft round.
                                  Presenting! Angie from The Country Chic Cottage
                                                    Carolina from 30 Minute Crafts
                                                    & Laura from Laura Kelly designs

 My mom was my Girl Scout Leader along with some other wonderful people. Were you a Brownie, Indian Guide or Princess, a Tiger Cub or an Eagle Scout? I worked my way up to a Senior Cadet in Girl Scouts. My sash, beret, and book are part of my treasures along with the countless memories.
Scouts of any kind seem to blend with nature.
As you are scouting out fun during a meeting or on a trip here is a map to treasure. Search for these items and you will have half your supplies before you know it.
Free Printable Treasure Map to create a nature inspired craft with scouts.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Fun Confetti Frame

It is time for Summer Fun Week #3. Be prepared to get messy with this fun confetti frame to make with the kids. My name is Karen Marie from Dragonfly & Lily Pads and Emily has been so kind to invite me to share in her Summer Fun Series. I have a college degree in early childhood and was an pre-school teacher for several years before becoming a stay at home mom. My sons are now grown-up giving me a new title, "Out Sourced Mom."
 Today I will be showing you how to make an easy and affordable picture frame to save those summer memories. 
         Fun Confetti Frame, Summer Run Series, Guest Post, Kids Projects Paper, Scissors, Mod Podge

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Dreamy Coastal Laundry Table

How have my Darlin' friends been? The excitement has been building for a month because I the LOVE coastal style soothing feeling. My mind could not settle on one idea until I found this great table for a good price in a local Facebook group. I needed a folding table that is collapsible near my washer and dryer at the lake house. This gem will fit the space perfectly. My laundry is in my guest room closet. I know it is not an ideal situation but, every house has its challenges and this is one we face in our Dragonfly house.