Monday, December 15, 2014

Blogger Silhouette Tutorial Ornament

    The Blogger Christmas Series was created to bring you a wealth of ideas to celebrate the season with many bloggers. She has rounded up several different blogs from around the country for the last few weeks. Thank you +Christine Graves for coordinating, as well as orchestrating these beautiful packages wrapped up for all of us to share with our readers
  A few weeks ago I made an ornament for an Elf Blogger Gift Exchange with my Silhouette Cameo. In order to keep this crazy Christmas frenzy to short bursts I decided post the tutorial portion of how to personalize an ornament with the  +Silhouette America separately. In this case I created a design to look like my friends blog logo. +Skinny GF Chef  Ali Williams cooks gluten free for her family and shares her recipes and tips on her blog. As I have only met her on Face book so far we exchanged information, learned about each other, and are building a nice friendship.
Vinyl screen shot of Silhouette Cameo Tutorial, Ruler to check size of vinyl project
To begin this project I purchased vinyl, used a font similar to Ali's logo for her blog, and of course my trusty +Silhouette Cameo.The picture above shows you how I check my measurements to be sure they are accurate when fitting a piece securely to another base. In this case the vinyl will be added to the ornament.
Cut settings for vinyl Silhouette Cameo Screen Shot. Personalized ornament project
These are the recommended cut settings I used to cut out the adhesive vinyl from Silhouette.
Vinyl cut and weeded for ornamnet personlized tutorial.
     I trimmed the piece of vinyl to create a smaller area, weeded and preparing to use Glad Stretch and Seal as a transfer sheet to move logo onto the ornament. Take the transfer sheet and gently lay it on top of the lettering. Once you have it laying flat with no wrinkles press ans smooth the piece until  it has adhered to the vinyl. Take your time with fine lines and many details this can cause your work to shift our become misplaced easily. Now that you have burnished it with a smooth edge slowly lift up in a small area to make sure it attached to the transfer material. As you continue to lift I ran the flat spatula tool from under the lettering to assure i was getting all the layers removed at the same time.
The finished pesonlized ornament with the Silhouette Cameo vinyl tutorial
I simply laid the layers of lettering and transfer material center on my ornament and carefully picked up the transfer at the corner slowly removing the logo until I came to the end. I chose to go at an angle because I wanted to use the color lettering that she used in her logo. I feel that it brought more to the complete design this time. I am pleased with the finish gift and I hope Ali loves it too.                      
  ~Let Your Creative Spirit Dance~
Until next time,
Karen Marie Kedzuch

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