Monday, September 8, 2014

Sweet Baby Love Quilt Big Reveal

     When I submitted the Sweet Baby Love Quilt post to the Silhouette Challenge back in February it was a huge hit. The post was featured on Nap Time Creations Weekend Feature. Thank you for such a lovely acknowledgement. This was my first Feature as I had only started blogging in October. This month when Decor was named as the silhouette challenge, I knew it was time for the Quilt Big
Animals, Giraffe, Elephant, hug, Gray,  White,Yellow
Do you recall seeing this picture on the Sweet Baby Love Quilt post? To re-cap the first step in making this project click on the the title above. I used the +Silhouette America Cameo to cut out the shapes. I carefully blanket stitched around each animal shape with a small stitch length to finish the edges.
Yellow Polka Dot, Gray Soft Flannel, Light weight Batting, Quilt, Fabric,
 The Room is styled with Pottery Barn Baby Harper bedding, which inspired the theme, and colors of the baby showers from the family. While testing the placement of pieces on the fabric, the puzzle was harder than I thought. The biggest problem was to not overlap similar colors, causing  the the cut designs disappear. My first thought was all four fabrics square shaped meeting at the center. I had cut the shape of the giraffe and elephant in the two prints already. The pieces blended right into the quilt top. Not the effect I was trying to achieve! Finally I came up with the centered split of the two remaining prints, yellow polka dot and gray chevron as the top of the quilt. Right sides together, straight stitched seam down the center, created the top of the quilt. I carefully pinned the two appliques centering it in place with the neck of the giraffe and trunk of the elephant intertwined. This was tricky to get each shape down without moving the other one out of place.
Detail giraffe tail, Detail elephant, Yellow, Polka Dot, Trellis, Gray, Swirl, Chevron, Gray Thread, Blanket stitch, Quilt, Applique
I straight stitched with gray thread to attach the appliques to the top of the quilt. After attaching the two shapes, I added topstitching details to the animals. I feel like the detailing added to this piece. I placed right side together of the backing (gray soft flannel), the complete top, and laid the thin batting as a third layer. Carefully stitching together all three layers making sure to catch all of them is important. If you miss a layer you will have open seams in your quilt, or your batting might move. Start sewing the layers around the quilt together on three sides. The final side stitch 1/4 in from each corner leaving the center open to turn the quilt right side out. Trim the batting close to the seam allowance. Trim the fabric seam allowance, remembering to leave the seam allowance for the opening, and clip corners to take the bulk out of the edge. After turning the quilt right sides out, make sure to push the corners to square. Press the entire piece folding the seam allowance and pressing a fold of the open seam. Then top stitch the edge with gray thread, which will close the remaining opening. Start the second row of top stitching all around the entire quilt. I chose thin batting because, it is a warm climate where they live but, nights can be chilly.  
Antique Baby Basket Net, Quilt, Yellow, White, Gray, Polka dot, Trellis, Chevron, Swirl, Giraffe, Elephant, It;s a girl
 I am pleased to announce that the recipient of this Quilt is a happy healthy baby....Girl. She is thriving, and of course Great Auntie Karen Marie is over the moon in love with our new girl in the family.  I love being an Auntie to many nieces & nephews. When I say many, I mean more than enough to field 4 baseball teams. Each one brings me such joy in life.
Envelope Pillow, Storage Basket, Blue, Heart, Swirl, Gray, Coral, White, Yellow, Bow, Trellis, Fabric,  Travel Pillow
 When I made the pillow, I knew we were blessed with a little girl. I had already hand cut the swirl, stitching the edge when I did the other appliques. I chose this coral fabric, cut the shape of the heart by hand, and blanket stitched the edge with the gray thread to outline the shape. Played with the two shapes until I liked the design. I used the material the elephant and giraffe are made of to balance the fabric. I cut a rectangular shape coral fabric in half right sides together. Stitched a straight stitch down the open edge, turned it right side out and stitched it again. I tied it into a bow, and hand sewed it to the storage bin I purchased at +Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores as a bow for the elephant. The coral fabric adds just the right amount of whimsy to this gift.
Travel pillow, Heart, Envelope pillow case, Blue Storage basket, Fabric, Stuffed Giraffe, Applique, Yellow, White, Gray, Coral, Quilt, Gift basket
 The pillow is reversible with the back done in the gray print. I did this by cutting the Gray fabric 1 2/3 of the pillow. The yellow print is cut to three quarters of the front. I hem one end of each rectangle with a straight stitch. Then place the fabric right sides together pinning the yellow and gray unfinished edge together first. Fold the longer gray portion back over the gray wrong side together. Stitch using the straight stitch again on all three sides of unfinished edges. Turn the pillow right side out and with three straight stitches you have made an envelope pillow.
Marcy the giraffe from +Pier 1 Imports  finished this gift basket to snuggle with at night. Wow! That was a lot of information for one day. Here is the Sweet Baby Love Quilt link one more time.
Antique  baby Basket net, Quilt, Travel Pillow, Fabric, Gray, White, Yellow, Coral, Polka dot, Chevron, Trellis, Swirl, Gray thread, Top stitch, Blanket Stitch, Flower, Button, Gray and White wavy, avy
This post is dedicated to my great niece. 
I wish all her dreams come true, as she snuggles under her quilt. This fabric has been touched by family and friends, at the baby showers. I have been given the honor of designing and stitching all that love together in the quilt.

 Sleep tight Love Bug
Sweet Dreams & Good Night
Hug & Kisses 
From your Family  
Rest well Tonight
When you Awake 
The sun shining Bright
Hoping you feel Loved 
Everyday of your Life.
Karen Marie Kedzuch

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Karen Marie

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