Monday, January 9, 2017

Classic Valentine Made New

     I am taking a charming classic Valentine to a new level today by simply switching the materials. I remember making these hearts as a kid in school. I made a trip tp the local craft store with a blank slate in my mind. After wandering the aisles for quite some time found Christmas wired ribbon at a Seventyfive percent off sale. Then the cardstock paper was Fifty percent off too. I bought the both and set out my supplies to make the classic valentine into a new updated version of the woven hearts. 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Woodland Glamour Christmas

 Our house this year is a woodland glamour Christmas fantasy land. Since I am sharing our lake house on this tour it seemed perfect to go a different direction than our home in Illinois. I had so much fun stretching my decorating style. The house is filled with teal, turquoise soft greens and white, Stars are blended in with Curly Willow branches made into trees, Faux fur and blankets with pillows galore to snuggle in for a long winters night. The Kitchen and dining area have touches of red with snowmen greeting you at the door. I will stop my chatter and invite you into my home. You many leave your shoes on or put them under the bench transformed from a bed.

Enjoy our Woodland Glamour Christmas Tour this is our entry  please join us in our home.

Come along as we visit the dining and living rooms first. You will see the beauty of the sun as it sets. I call it chasing the light in the winter although as you can see the shadows create some pretty photographs. I have been know to buck the system of blog lighting and erasing all the shadows. To me the dance of the light is part of lifes beauty.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Rustic-Glam Christmas 15 Minute Craft Lightning

     Hello darlings! The temperature is 70 degrees in early November. This is not normal weather in the midwest for this time of year. The bright sunshine highlighted the last of the fall colors while the warm breeze softly touched my skin making me feel refreshed from the weekend. Back to work. Sorry I was savoring the moment.
 It is time for Christmas 15 minute craft lightning  the round which will last all week. Please follow along to find over 40 craft tutorials during the week.
Thanks to The Country Chic Cottage   30 Minute Crafts    Tried and True Blog  for hosting Christmas 15 Minute Craft Lightning. It is not easy to wrangle more than 40 bloggers at the same time.

 Today you will learn how to add a touch of rustic-glam to this holiday season in 15 minutes.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Style Sunday Series Four

     Welcome back to  another Style Sunday Series. This is the fourth month Glamour Farms Boutique and I have collaborated on Style Sunday Series. Today I am introducing you to the Carson 3/4 sleeve Waterfall Tunic/Dress in Teal. This comfortable flexible outfit is flattering no matter your size. I am wearing it with a pair of leggings, boots and necklace from my closet.

Carson, Tunic Dress, Teal, Brown, White, Watercolor, Tie Dye, Three Quarter Sleeve, Leggings, Belt as necklace