Thursday, May 26, 2016

Lakeside Chair To Red White & Blue

Welcome to this months edition of The DIY Girls Themed Furniture Make Over Day. Today is a day I wait to see the creative freedom these ladies honor us with sharing their talents. During this time we honor those who have gone before us. Darlin' my blog title comes from believing our live is founded on the ones who have worked, struggled and found joy in their dreams before us. 
Get ready for a salute to the USA. Our theme is Red, White & Blue. I am calling this little chair Lakeside because instead of curbside shopping I found her walking Cricket at the lake. Here is her before picture.

Cane Chair worn and broken gets a new life  with  paint and fabric. Theme this month is Red White & Blue
Lakeside is a bit beat up but salvageable. A new seat where her canning wore out. Covered with ticking fabric in shades of red and white. Her seat back is painted with a white chalky paint.
Lakeside pick up is new to me but, hey she is free, White, Red and s hint of blue in the decor.
This discarded lakeside rescue has been restored to her sparkling glory. There will be many shoes tied, stories read, and meals enjoyed in this seat for years to come. 

Enjoy the first weekend of sunnier by reading new and back episodes 'white , red, and blue
Since it is time to get to the lake and enjoy the first weekend of summer. I styled the chair with a suitcase, straw hat and amber waves of grain. I am loving the USA theme.
Hat Luggage, red & white striped ticking, up-cycled, DecoArt paint.
Doesn't the red & white stripes look so clean and crisp? It is also a perfect piece to decorate with all year round. Don't be surprised if you see Lakeside in future posts.
This afternoon our area had some fierce thunderstorms. The kind where is it dark outside when the sun is still up. I had the new rain booties ready as props before I took the tags off. This is one of my favorite pictures. I am smiling imagining splashing in the puddles on a soft rainy day. 
Since I was writing about summer days, this weekend is a great time to relax and read all of the talent the girls have gathered for you this month.
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Thursday, May 12, 2016

One Room Challenge Reveal

The One Room Challenge reveal is finally here. I can not be more excited to share the completed entryway of our lake home. This week is all about showing you the room and telling you a bit about the journey. In the coming weeks tutorials will be on the blog about this room in more detail. Now back to the big reveal.
Entry Way at Dragonfly, One Room Challenge Reveal, Golden Retriever, Barn Wood, Before and After
Welcome to our entry way done is six weeks with miles of travel and a family effort. This new area of our home includes the design I shared on the first post titled The One Room Challenge. Please click on the title to see where this project started just a few short weeks ago.
To brighten our entry we painted a beautiful shade of aqua behind the entry storage area. The water cooler no longer greets you at the front door. Yippee! The One Room Challenge Week Three will show you a comparison to how the space looked before and after. As with many projects, available   materials and time made a few small changes in the overall plan. 
Cricket has her own space in the entry. Her dog bowls and treats will be easy to reach for humans.
Cricket was kind enough to show us she was hungry just in time. She is so camera shy! The One Challenge Week 4 Progress was another trip to the lake. I know you feel very sorry for me. One of the hardest parts was trying to keep Cricket entertained while she was really wanting to fish in the lake and go for walks. She did not sign-up for the challenge. 
The recycle drawer holds cans, glass and paper. Choosing a handle for the drawer was the last piece of this build. Whew! Each container pulls out to take to the recycle bin. 
This fabric has been sitting in my stash for a couple years. I went to buy more fabric but my heart wasn't in it. I started shopping at home, realizing I had all the fabric I needed. This cushion is two sided with a second fabric which is a neutral for the whole house. Each room has curtains made of this wonderful canvas bought at a huge discount on Christmas Day at Calico Corners.
The Lake Time art was made our first year in our lake home from a clock purchased at +Tuesday Morning. There is a bin for flip flops near the door. This photo shows the cushion flipped on the bench made from the head and foot board of a twin bed. 
The light fixture changed from a notorious builder light. You all know what we call those lights!!! This fixture was purchased a +The Home Depot.The vintage gym locker are from the middle school my sons attended. They were throwing them away. Yes!I snagged everyone of them and Prince Charming is thrilled to be using some for a real purpose. Cricket is back to invite you over any time. Just remember to Wipe Your Paws!
Thank you to Calling It Home and all the the sponsors including House Beautiful for working with the Featured Designers. In Six weeks more than 200 rooms 1200 blog posts and incredible ideas of design. You will find the most creative design ideas and trends by following this event. 
Darlin's this has been a challenge I have enjoyed while facing too many life events to count. Please let me take a moment to thank my family personally for helping in me. As I said on Instagram it has been all hands and paws on deck. To Prince Charming, A & N along with my furry girl. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Please join me on the Social Media below. I love connecting with the very people I am talking to on D&LP. You are special to me which is why I call you Darlin'. My Grandma always called me that and it made me feel like I was the only person in the room. I want you to know that is how I feel about each one of you. You are not my reader but, you are my Darlin'. A very special person I write to inspire to try DIY and talk too.

Why look for the next post? Save time and have D&LP fly right into your inbox.

~ Let Your Creative Spirit Dance  ~

Until Next Time Happy Creating,   

                                                     Karen Marie

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Monday, May 9, 2016

Craft Lightning Father's Day

To kick off the week my friends invited me to participate in Craft Lightning Father's Day edition. We are going to make a frame in 15 minutes or less for Dad from the kids for his special day.
Thank you to the lovely hostesses for gathering this Craft Lightning Father's Day 15 minute crafts. Your family will have many choices of gifts and project to give or play with the men who are dads in your life. This week several bloggers will share their quick projects each day on the following blogs. Please follow along for a great chance to spark your creativity in making the special guy in your family a gift with the kids. Included is an added plus of plenty of activity printables too.
Here are the items you will need to make your frame listed below.  
 A frame of your choice
 #1 Dad 
Tacky Glue 
Sharpie Marker

Thursday, April 28, 2016

One Room Challenge Week 4 Progress

    Week Four is here with a whirlwind of progress. I am feeling proud of last weekend's work and scared of time to finish in the next few weeks. Living in two places is a wonderful privilege my Prince Charming and I worked hard to make the dream of our lake house come true. Driving back and forth to complete the challenge is tough when we are still settling into our home. Tools are in the opposite house, there is an hour time difference, and we are only working together on the weekends. Whine, Whine, Whine! LOL! I am really enjoying the challenge but, life has obstacles for all of us.