Wednesday, January 27, 2016

There is No Place Like A Craft Room

Hello, Darlins! Today I am feeling so excited to share my craft room. Being a creative soul there is no place like a craft room to get your craft on. Angie from Country Chic Cottage (Click the link here to see her Craft Room Tour) invited me to join her and several other bloggers to show you where we create. 
One of the first pieces I built is a desk with plenty of storage. The base is made of two +IKEA USA  Kallax units available for $34.99 plus 8 drawers. The top was found at a thrift store for eight dollars. Score! Click here to see this post.
Another project that brought storage and organization to the craft room is the Ikea computer cabinet seen here that was transformed. (To see the before click here.)
 A girl changes her mind occasionally. This beauty has now moved across the room and I must say I am a happy girl. My first post about this space was quite awhile ago. Do you remember, Dancing In The Craft Room? Click here to see the post. My goodness this has been a long process with still more to finish. Dancing in the Craft Room II  shares more of the journey to my happy place. Click here for the link.
 The lamp was two separate purchases from a thrift store. Click the link here. The change in this beauty came from an inspiration of my friend Deanna who is an amazing artist.
Organization is key to keep your craft room ready for moments of inspiration. These items were purchased at +Michaels Stores and thrift stores. The pop of coral bucket is from Ikea.
Recently I painted my Nana's table and set up my sewing machine with ribbon storage I still need to fill. This table made me an emotional mess as I was painting her now called Nana. Click here for the link. This precious table made a long trip from Brooklyn with my Nana and her three children. My Mom was seven on the day Pearl Harbor was attacked. My mom recalled how long it took to arrive in Chicago because the train stopped to pick up the soldiers to report for duty. I created the denim letters too. Click here to see how.
You can never have enough storage. I am still working on the supplies I have not found a good home for yet. My craft room sits in the middle of our basement. Today by changing the location of the craft cabinet I think I like the new arrangement. On my lists of improvements is emptying the space next to my work area to add more storage along with large work space for painting furniture.
 Do you have a craft room? Is there a favorite item in your craft room I am missing? Please share your ideas in the comments. 

~ Let Your Creative Spirit Dance  ~

Until Next Time Happy Creating,         

    Karen Marie

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Craft Lightning Valentine's Sands of Time

 Hello my Darlins', Today we are going to learn the steps to make you your own personalized cards at home for Valentine's Day. It is time for a Craft Lightning Post with my friends.
Plus 40 more creative bloggers sharing crafts that will take you less than 15 minutes to make. There is more we are all providing a Free Printable for you.
  Let's get down to business on how to make your free Valentine's Day Card. Click here to and save to your computer as a Jpeg. File to start your card.

DIY Furniture Girls Shades of White

January is a wonderful time to start new projects. This one has been on my list for a while but, when DIY Furniture Girls chose the theme, "Shades of White", for this month I knew exactly what I would do. 
This is my first furniture makeover with these talented ladies. Thank you for including me. Darlins' hold on for a crazy amount of creativity this year because there is an amazing amount to learn from this awesome group.

This is my Grandma's kitchen table. Since we have had our son she became Nana in our family. This table has a porcelain top which is spring loaded to pull out the two extensions. I can remember playing in the kitchen with toys or the Nesco roaster cooking the Thanksgiving turkey.

Friday, December 18, 2015

The Christmas Link-UP Recipes

My Darlin' Elves we have a problem. I joined this group to create a recipe for Christmas.  I made a promise to myself that I will never put a recipe on my D&LP unless to share one about aging wood or something building, staining or project related. Hmmm! How to keep my promise and add a recipe. This is a bit like the wonderful blog +TheKimSix Fix faced with her recent toilet paper roll project recently. Never say never right, Kim.
  I figured it out. Yep! You can use this simple recipe to share a cup of tea with your friends or you can stain a fabric from white to ivory.