Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest

 This month I am entering a fab contest. These lovely talented lovely ladies have put their heads together and formed this wonderful Furniture Flipping Contest.
This month inspiration is Mothers.
 My Mom and Grandma have a love for roses, but each one is allergic to the scent of the beautiful flower.  My Dad has been growing roses in the garden for years so they can enjoy the beauty without the scent. I have been working on my craft room layering love and meaningful inspiration all around me in my creative space. I chose to paint my desktop with roses in honor of them both. The roses remind me of their tremendous influence on my creativity. Now when I work on my craft room they will be right there with me, inspiring me each day.
These are the supplies I used for this project. CeCe Caldwell's Paint products that I purchased are amazing. Thank you to Cutting Edge Stencils for providing me the Roses Allover stencil along with wonderful stenciling supplies to complete this tribute to my Mom and Grandma. Although Cutting Edge Stencils supplied me with their product my opinion is my own and in no way influenced. With all that legal stuff out of the way, I can tell you they have terrific customer service, the products I used were top of the line and as you will see the results speak for themselves.
 I started with a mash-up desk I created with two +IKEA USA four cube Kallax and Lekman storage drawers. I found a 60" X 30" Desk at a thrift store for $8.00. I donated the metal legs back to the thrift store to sell as metal scrap. Scoring a great find and donating to a good cause is what I call, "A Great Day". 
 The desktop is made of press board and coated with a wood grain which does not match my style. I will show you the steps I took to take this drab desktop to fab with CeCe Caldwell's Paints . I am not bragging (well maybe a little) but, this is one of my favorite changes I have made in my craft room.
First I washed the surface & added two coats of Vintage White Chalk Paint.
 If you followed my Instagram you know now this picture was waiting for paint to dry. This roller was perfect to stencil the top with Nantucket Sea Spray paint. Isn't she pretty?
Clear Wax gives the desk a beautiful finish while giving depth to the paint. Photography credit goes to Prince Charming. We were both amazed when the wax changed the paint so quickly.
Sierra Mist Silver Wax hand rubbed on every single rose petal. Can you see the shimmer? It is very delicate, but every girl should have a little sparkle in her day.

Finished! The Fab Flippin Furniture Contest with a beautiful desktop to work on which will remind me of the two fantastic mothers in my life. Inspired by my Mom & Grandma's love of roses.
I now have a great place to work on my crafts. I am very pleased that I took this challenge to change this drab desktop into a Fab piece of furniture.

If you are interested in participating in the Fab Flipping Furniture Contest, please contact Anastasia at or Evey at info@eveyscreations

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Denim Art for the Craft Room

 I have been transitioning our basement into a craft room for quite some time now. As you know Dragonfly & Lily Pads is a rather long name for my blog. Some have told me it is not great branding but, I love it and have decided to make it work. I have a special reason for the name I've included the link to the post here Dragonfly Pad.
 When I am writing the blog I use the initials D&LP for my notes and even a bit in the text. The moment I saw these white denim letters a project plan was hatched to add branding and decor to my craft room. Look at the start of the Craft Room. Yikes! Yes, this is real life in transition and the first space I have ever had of my own in my life.
White Denim D, &, L, P from Michael's, Turquoise Spray Ink, Computer
                I bought +Heidi Swapp turquoise ink spray and a stencil. 
rStencil from Heidi Swapp for Denim Art for the Craft Room
               The First step my son helped me with holding stencil.
D, & L, P, White Denim, Sprayed with Turquoise Ink through Stencil mask.
 I taped off the stenciled, painted glue and sprinkled silver glitter in a flower pattern to add some depth.
Stencil Mask taped off for painting glue and glitter decor added to letter D
 This turquoise acrylic paint happened to match the ink on the letters. I had in my stash at the lake house. "Happy Dance" Of course I painted away the white edge plus added a line of silver metallic Sharpie Marker to the face of the letters edge.

D, &, L, P, Adding Acrylic Turquoise pint to edge, Sharpie Marker Silver Metallic used to edge front of letters.
 After my hatched project has traveled to Michigan and back. I took this picture on my Grandmothers sewing machine in my living room.
Dragonfly & Lily Pads, Initials completed project, Antique Books, Sewing machine, living room.
 I can't wait to get the craft room finished up this week. I promise I will be lighting it up down there taking pictures to share very soon. What projects do you have planned for this week? How many of you are running off to +Michaels Stores to put your spin on some delightful denim decor for your home?
 You know the drill here are my links, please take advantage of them so I can keep in touch with you. Please  follow the Links below and share what you have been inspired to create. As always I love to read your comments so don't forget to write!

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Until Next Time Happy Creating,          Karen Marie

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Shedding Some Light On The Craft Room

 This lamp from Good Will is the perfect height I wanted for my desk in the craft room. Here she is with her blue shade, rocking those dangling beads in an awkward original state.
Now watch how she transforms into a beautiful addition to my craft room.
Before, Lamp,Good Will, Blue Shade, Gold, Black, Tall, Thrift, Beads
Yep! craft room mess and this is progress. You can see the floor.
I purchased a lamp from a wonderful designer friend of mine for my craft space at the lake house. Click here The Tour Through Blogland is Live with Three New Bloggers! to see my inspiration, learn a little about me and a few friends.  I used it as inspiration to put my personal touch on the lamp for the craft room in Illinois.
                    After, Lamp, Chalk paint, White, Green Stripes, Dragonfly,Blue Fringe, Flowers,
 The design of the lamp went through a metamorphosis of sorts starting with the planning process to purchasing and then even completion. The supply list changed several times as I tweaked, painted, glued and pinned different pieces to her. She even ended up with part of a napkin ring on here which changed part of her color scheme and materials. When you look at the pictures you will see crystal I never used and beads from necklaces. The fringe was on clearance I bought for a pillow. I think the pillow leftovers look great on my lamp the crystals would have been all wrong. 
Lamp Base, After, White, Black Silver Sharpie Metallic Marker, Print Flower
White chalk paint left over from a project gave the lamp and shade a clean crisp look. 
I kept the black and added highlights to the details on the lamp base with a Silver Metallic Sharpie Marker. 
After, White, Lamp shade, Dragonfly Napkin Ring made into Shade embellishment 
The dragonfly was a napkin ring I cut of the ring with wire snips and hot glued the dragonfly to cover where the fringe meets, When you look closely I also painted the finial white and silver. The thin green lines on the shade are two shades of Sharpie Markers tying in the green of the dragonfly.
Flowers, Inside Lamp Decor, Silver, Grey, Gray, Print White
 My friend has some sweet tricks up her sleeve and this is one of my favorites. If your sitting down your probably going to see the inside of the shade. I love that ideas to make all angles pretty. So I added a few paper flowers and a felt rose pin from another thrift store. The center of the back flower was gold. Silver marker made it into a match and of course I had to add a little sparkle.
After, Good Will, Lamp, up-cycle, Fringe Dragonfly, Paint, Marker, Flowers, Napkin ring, Dragonfly
 It is all in the details.
 I love the new addition to my craft room.  This s my grandmother's sewing machine in my living room the light in the basement is "terrible".  Another treasure from my grandmother is her antique books. They are a series on how to learn to be a good home maker. I really should read them some day. I have read snippets of some. They are very funny compared to our world today. LOL
 I am extremely grateful to all of you have been checking to see what is new while I have been busy. I have been working on projects, the back end of the blog and preparing for my first blogging conference called Snap. Working on projects you can see what I have been doing. To non-bloggers the back end of a blog means computer work that sends all this magic I create to you. 
 The Snap Conference I will be writing about when I return home. It is for bloggers to learn more exciting possibilities to bring to you on this very site. Follow my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to see some of the action during the conference. I be sharing the fun, work, and education I have obtained to keep improving my skill set to bring you current information useful in your home.
 Who is going to give lamp a re-vamp for a room in your house? 
I would love to see the pictures of what you create for your home. Link below and share what you have been inspired to create. As always you know I love your comments so don't forget to write!

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         Karen Marie

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Cleaning Giveaway

   Spring is in the air we all have cleaning on our minds. I am excited to offer you two Fun ways to spruce up your home today. First up is a Free 8 X 10 Printable I created to add to your home decor. It is original and signed somewhere on this print. I bet you will not find it either because I hid it very well. You are welcome to copy and save as a picture in your computer, press print add a frame.

               Spring To Life Free Printable, Birch Tree, Green Leaves, White, Light Blue, Shades of Green