Ikea Rast Bar Cart

Monday, October 26, 2015

I have had the chance to participate in a challenge to create something different out of an Ikea Rast Dresser. This post is sponsored any and all opinions are my own. I did receive all of the materials I purchased from the sponsors for this post.  A few of the items mentioned are either scrap pile or separate purchases I had made previously. Both of these types of items I call my stash. Now that this business is out of the way lets get on with the creating.
  First I started out with the #OneBoardChallenge from +Sawdust and Embryos. I bought a board for seven dollars and built a tray. Which serves as the removable top of the bar cart.
2015 D&LP Bar Cart Kreg Jig Removable Tray #OneBoardChallenge
 As you can see from this photo my Prince Charming was a hero and helped me with this build. I love using the Kreg Jig to make strong joints.
2015 D&LP Bar Cart Kreg Jig Removable Tray Sturdy joints #OneBoardChallenge
I am securing eight-foot board into the removable serving tray. Every inch of the board is in this tray. The handles are made out of the two last pieces of the board.

Swap It "Light" Its Hot

Friday, October 9, 2015

Hello, Darlins'! 
 Miss Charlotte author of Ciburbanity asked me if I was interested in participating in the Swap It Like Its Hot group of bloggers she gathered. I was ready and willing with a quick yes. This is a fun game of chance and thinking outside of the box (Literally) with a group of creative bloggers. I sent a box of treasures purchased from a local thrift store to my dear friend Michelle Beaton author of Weekend Crafts. If this worked perfectly you have already been to visit Weekend Craft  to visit Michelle. If you missed the post click on the name of her blog above 
I received a package from another good friend Evey. She sent me what is pictured below. Evey is a busy lady, but you can always find her at Evey's Creations. I think she is going to be surprised how outside the box thinking, a few stash supplies and $2.24 dollars created this group of decor items. Please click on Evey's blog name in this paragraph or at the bottom of this post to follow along the "Swap It Like Its Hot," trail of packages.
The pile of goodies includes a nineteen cent circle of wood I forgot to mention earlier. Did you see the smoke rising from my town? There was a lot of thinking going on to get to this point. The picture below gives you the start of a plan for the tile plaques. I only broke one of the tiles taking them out of the frame. The other two are safely in my stash for future projects.

Furniture Refresh Family Style

Thursday, October 8, 2015

  Hi, my Darlin's has this been a busy season for me. I bet you have been busy too. This is the First Furniture Refresh during the month of October we have been given a theme (Inspired).  This little table has sat by my door waiting for a new look. I call this table Family Style because it came from my husbands family and it needed to be dressed and styled since the day I brought her home. 
  She belongs to the Cihlar part of the family which is Prince Charmings Mothers relatives. My Darlin's that have followed me have seen her before in a few posts. 
  Her before picture leaves a bit to be desired. Hidden among all the scratches, water marks, and damaged finish is a hand carved table from PC's Grandparents or Great Grandparents. Since she has survived the family this long I decided to give her a simple look with DecoArt Chalky Paint in two colors and finishes.

This Popcorn Has Gone to the Dogs

Monday, October 5, 2015

          Welcome to the 2015 Popcorn Party 
     My dear friend from Laura Kelly Designs asked me to participate in this years popcorn party. Of course doing a fun project with the happy-go-lucky Laura is a resounding YES! 
  Since my kids are adults I decided to make my treat for my constant side-kick Cricket. I call her my little girl, she is my 4-year-old Golden Retriever. Even my husband Prince Charming walks in from work and proclaims, "Hi! Little Girl!" No, he is not talking to me. LOL! My Popcorn treat has gone to the dogs AKA "Little Girl" or "Cricket"
This Pup Corn Has Gone To The Dogs, Popcorn, Halloween, Trick or Treat, Handmade Stick
  Laura Kelly Designs organized a group of fabulous sponsors and mailed out a darling kit of supplies. Yes, this is a sponsored post as usual all of the opinions are my own and are not swayed by the sponsors in any way. Did I mention there are many more bloggers and a Give Away included in this post? Please read the whole post and leave a treat for me in the comment section so I can thank you kindly.