Woodland Glam Holiday Decor

Sunday, November 5, 2017

15 Minute Holiday Decor

It is time again to share just 15 minutes to brighten your holiday decor with three simple items. This quick three piece decoration will create a sweet corner with tiny lights dancing through glass and pine cones

Craft Lightning Holiday Decor made in 15 minutes or less, Lights, container, Pine cones


1. Glass container of your choice
2. 100 count warm string lights 
3. A package of pine cones 

Secret Trick to keep light on/off buttons at the top of your glass jar.

Secret Trick 

Slide the battery pack into the lining of the light packaging. This is a great way to hide the batteries while keeping the on/off switch near the top of the jar.

Woodland Glam Holiday Decor shining bright, pine cones, 100 rice lights, glass jar

Layer lights and pine cones until you reach the top of the glass jar. Then place a few more pine cones on top. When you want to turn off your decor for the night move the top few pine cones to the side and press the on/off button.
This will make a beautiful holiday gift for a teacher, family, friends, and hostess gifts.

Pine cones, Warm 100 count lights, Glass Jar with metal and rope styling

We have spent the evening with our coffee table a glow. Even Prince Charming is loving our new decor. I hope you love it too. This will make a beautiful holiday gift for a teacher, family, friends, and hostess gifts. I have created a perfect image to add to your Pinterest Holiday Board for a quick reminder in the hectic holiday season. 

D&LP Pinterest Image of Woodland Glam Holiday Decor, 15 Minutes


Thank you for spending part of your day with me Darlin. Here is a free printable game to play with your family during the holidays. Simply print ahead of time, have your guest fill out the questions, turn upside down on the table and mix. As you read card other players will guess who you are talking about in your family.

Free Printable Family Tree Game, Copy for personal use only.

Question of the day- Where will you use your 15 minute decor project? 

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Katie from Sew Woodsy said...

So pretty! I can't wait to make one for my home!

Karen Marie said...

Thank you Katie. Please send a picture to me of your project on Facebook or tag me on instagram.

Angie Holden said...

So simple and so cute!

Mad in Crafts said...

Love the mix of rustic and glam!

Carolina said...

Oh! I have some lights and pinecones... I should make this! <3

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Very pretty and easy project! Thanks for sharing!
Hopping over from the Blogging Fifty group! Happy Thanksgiving!

French Ethereal said...

Hi Karen Marie! This is sooo pretty!!! Years ago I used plug-in 15 light Christmas strands and made mason jars with potpourri inside the same way. Great craft ideas for the home never go out of fashion!!! <3 Happily pinned to Tailwind {my Pinterest bogs down with 3G... ugh!} and will go out just after Thanksgiving for you. Hope this is alright? <3 Happy to be on the Christmas Creatives link party with you this holiday season.

Barb :)

Http://whatmeeganmakes.com said...

Just loving how simple and beautiful this is. Thanks for the inspiration, my friend.

Unknown said...

Karen, this is such a pretty and easy project! I think I even have some battery lights around here from last year that I haven't used yet. So pretty. Like the game too.