One Room Challenge Week 4 Progress

Thursday, April 28, 2016

    Week Four is here with a whirlwind of progress. I am feeling proud of last weekend's work and scared of time to finish in the next few weeks. Living in two places is a wonderful privilege my Prince Charming and I worked hard to make the dream of our lake house come true. Driving back and forth to complete the challenge is tough when we are still settling into our home. Tools are in the opposite house, there is an hour time difference, and we are only working together on the weekends. Whine, Whine, Whine! LOL! I am really enjoying the challenge but, life has obstacles for all of us. 

Vanity Bench Enhanced

Friday, April 22, 2016

 Darlins' this month has been c-r-a-z-y. I am proud to share a sponsored project with The Fab Flippin' Furniture Contest. Pure & Original USA was kind enough to provide the paint for this contest. Thank you to our kind hostesses for this month Carrie from Thirty Eighth Street & Stacy from Anastasia Vintage
 I chose one quart of Classico regular White Island and another of Blue Reef. Pure & Original describes the paint as a matte powdery look made with natural pigments. Just the finish I was looking for on my vanity bench at the Dragonfly Pad.(lake house)
Pure & Original Classico Regular Blue Reef and Island White, Cane Bench
Aren't the colors as just dreamy as the titles. The perfect selection to add this months  theme "Original Elegance" to my vanity bench.

The One Room Challenge Changes Week Three

Thursday, April 21, 2016

 Darlins' I could use your help on this challenge. Does anyone have some spare time? Of course, I am just kidding but, they do call this a challenge for a reason.
Since we last talked I have been busy planning, re-thinking, traveling and photographing. Yes, I went there! The reality of why we need to finish the entry and fast.
Before Entry, One Room Challenge, Week Three, A Mess, Green, Brown, Organization Needed

Saving With Groupon Coupons

Monday, April 18, 2016

 Spring brings new shopping trips to celebrate the end of winter. This post is sponsored although all content and opinions are D&LP.  Last night I arrived home from a trip out west. When I left my neighborhood last week it was still slowly waking from winter. Today I stepped out the door with the trees bursting with blooms, tiny pink buds let me know this sleepy world woke up.

The One Room Challenge

Thursday, April 7, 2016

    Hello, Darlins'. It is time for a big challenge! This challenge has been going on for five years & 10 seasons created by the blog Calling it Home. Linda is such a smart business woman that she trademarked the name and events. To learn more about the One Room Challenge plus see all the participants progress( Click Here) on Wednesday and Thursday each week.
  It is my first time participating in the ORC. What is it all about? The tough part  is getting it all done on time, photographing the progress while, writing posts each week to share with you. On Thursdays, the guest participants link to the ORC. The great part is sitting back relaxing with a Diet Coke and reading the progress happening during the next six weeks. Plus you will see current designs trends along with more than a 100 rooms in one place to find your dream style.
 The first week is designing the room I am going work on for the next six weeks. I have an entry way in Michigan which needs some serious attention. When we moved in a few years ago I was amazed by the size of the entry but, it has no storage or function in the room. At our lake home, everything needs to work double time for both form and function. I have had a plan in my head for a while but this opportunity has given me the push to move forward.