Double Duty Desk made with PureBond

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Double Duty Desk made with PureBond

PureBond sponsored The Fab Furniture Flipping Contest to showcase uses for their project panels called the One Panel Challenge. We were each given $50.00 Gift Certificate to Home Depot to purchase our Purebond choices and supplies.

Double Duty Desk made with PureBond One Panel Challenge

Many of you already know recently my first room in my life has closets filled with craft supplies. One of the biggest problems in this room is surface space to work but also collapse for guests to sleep when visiting.  The solution I came up with was to create an additional fold down surface which I could flip up for projects yet fold down for computer work or room for our guests.
Vintage Desk with light wax finish sanded for prep during One Panel Challenge from The Fab Flippin Furniture Contest Sponsored by PureBond

The prep work began in our backyard by sanding off the top finish of the desk. The top felt very smooth which caused me to suspect a waxed finish. 

Sanding with 120 and 220 sand paper to prepare desk for double duty finish.

 My suspicion was confirmed as you can see the white of the wax as I was sanding. Luckily the finish was thin leaving a beautiful wood surface after using 120 and 220 sanding paper in that order to ready the top for paint.

PureBond Hardwood Plywood Panel provide for One Panel Challenge cut to size and sanding.

The next step was to measure the top and then create the same size cuts to the PureBond Project Panel. Notice how close the top looks to the cut Purebond after the same sanding process. Adding the hardware on the ends prevents me from adding trim to compliment the routed edge on the desk. Sanding the edge to a soft rounded edges and corners gave me the look needed to blend the old and new.

Painting with Rust-Oleum  Ocean Mist spray paint for Double Duty Desk

I had ocean mist spray paint on hand in my stash and the color is a great blend to the color scheme in the craft room.

Everbilt Non-Mortise Hinges and Right and Left Lid Hinges with Safety stop.

The surface needed to be level when opened without a gap located in the center from the hinges. Another consideration was how to hold the top up secured when opened. For this part of the project thinking out of the box was key. There is no room under the desk to place the support in the center top.The lid support hinges work great since they work on the ends of the desk and top.

Everbilt Non Mortise hinges combine new PureBond One Panel Challenge with Vintage Desk

A great hint to screw in the hinges is turn the desk upside down on a level surface and line up the two tops. Then align the hinges and screw in to both the desk and PureBond Hardwood Plywood. This photo shows the age of the desk. I love the way the new PureBond blended seamlessly with the vintage desk.

Double duty desk with top folded down to save space during computer work.

Yes this vintage desk is wearing its character with cracks and age. By adding the PureBond flip up top this piece of furniture has been updated in color as well as a solving my surface problem. Now This vintage desk still adds the character to my craft room since Purebond provided an affordable strong project panel furniture finish plywood to add to this quality finish furniture piece will stand the test of time. 

Top of the new PureBond additional surface space with Double Duty Desk made with PureBond One Panel Challenge

 Above the hinge locks in place until you push it in and down. This is where I  noticed my shopping mistake. I grabbed two right handed hinges but needed a right and left handed hinge for each side of the desk. A quick exchange made by my Prince Charming and I was back on track.

I hope you loved this project. Please share and pin to save for your reference. When you build a PureBond One Panel Project tag me on Instgram

Double Duty Desk made with PureBond #OnePanelChallenge
I am thrilled with the double duty desk made for the PureBond One Panel Challenge. Purebond hardwood plywood allows a fine finish at an affordable price point with outstanding quality.

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The Blue Building, Inc. said...

Karen what a great way to extend the life on your sweet desk! And we can always use some extra work space right? I might have to try this on a few tables or desks around the shop!