Classic Valentine Made New

Monday, January 9, 2017

     I am taking a charming classic Valentine to a new level today by simply switching the materials. I remember making these hearts as a kid in school. I made a trip tp the local craft store with a blank slate in my mind. After wandering the aisles for quite some time found Christmas wired ribbon at a Seventyfive percent off sale. Then the cardstock paper was Fifty percent off too. I bought the both and set out my supplies to make the classic valentine into a new updated version of the woven hearts. 

 Carefully measuring both pieces of cardstock I snapped a quick photo so full of pride. Until I started weaving the paper to shape the heart and realized my mistake. I had all the measurements wrong. This is the reason I often go rouge while crafting and do not measure. The correct strips are best if they are one and a half to two inches wide. 

 In less than fifteen minutes you can make several heart Valentine decorations. 

 Cut two ribbons cut at the same length , fold in half and cut two slits slightly longer than the width of the ribbon. these will form your woven heart. Begin weaving the loops of ribbon back and forth until you have created a tiny basket. Push the loops tightly to the bottom of the folds. Cut the ends of the ribbons into rounded edges to form the rest of the heart. Cut a small slit to add the handles of your choice. I chose thin wire pom pom ribbons in red and white left over from another project. Push the wired ribbon through and twist to make handles.

This drafty dude is one of my favorite ways to add decor in the Winter. Snowflakes and snowman  with festive additions last all Winter long. 

Evergreen trees with thin sparkle lights look adorable with hearts for Valentine's Day.
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                                                     Karen Marie


Angie Holden said...

Adorable! Definitely a classic craft!

Wendi@H2OBungalow said...

Karen - What a cute idea for a valentine heart! Love the woven look. I can see that in other materials too. Pinned!