Energy and Water Inspired Room Refresh

Thursday, February 11, 2016

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   Darlin's this post has been inspired by the colors of Nautica at Home Paint. They provided me with a fabulous print of a picture I took this summer and a +Menards gift certificate to cover paint, rollers, tape, and tarps. Here are the colors Prince Charming and I chose for our son's room at our lake home. Nautica makes it so easy their designers choose colors they picked from the picture to create a color palette for us. We considered them while making our final selections. 
These are the paint swatches from Nautica At Home Paint of the colors we chose for our Energy and Water inspired room Refresh. Stone Washed is a white with a base of gray and beige, Vessel gray which was perfect for the hit of 1959 boat. Dinghy is the blue color chosen  for the style of the stripe on the boat. The Caspian Green captured the nature around us in our inspiration picture.
Stone Washed was our final choice for the main walls in an eggshell finish. The remainder of our paint colors Vessel, Dinghy, and Caspian Green are in Semi-gloss style finish to reflect light. 
Boy's room at the lake house is needing a lift. Daybed, Nautical Nod Dresser,  One small window
 This plain Jane is how the room looked before. Notice the Daybed Knobs!
What do you do with a dark Loft and Three Strip lights? Brighten it up!
 This corner and loft are so dark the picture of the 1959 Featherlite boat inspired me to step out of the darkness. Wait until you see the after picture of this space.
Antique Full bed found at Restore for $15.00. Desk hand made in Kansas City, Missouri, Boy's Room at the lake
 The bed found at the local Restore. The handmade desk is all the way from Kansas City, Missouri. That is a long story.
Day bed and painting from the area in dark corner of the boy;s room at the lake.
This painting was sold to me by the woman who received from her family as a wedding gift for ten dollars. The Daybed needs some flower removal.
Now we have the reasons for changing some of these layers. It is time to show you how in less than two days Prince Charming and I painted this room with Stone Wash Nautica Eggshell Paint.
Energy and Water Room Refresh, Daybed corner is bright and full of new decor thanks to antique shops, Goodwill, and Menards
 I bought a couple items from +Menards that I think will surprise you. The two tan pillows in this picture along with a deck chair cushion on the back of the daybed were all at the South Haven, MI Store. Do you see the Caspian Green in this picture used twice? I sanded the flowered knobs, taped them with frog painters tape and peeled off the tape. If I knew it would be that easy I would have done it a long time ago. The second place in on the box in the corner of the picture bought at a Goodwill.
Nautical Nod dresser fits right in all brightened up by a few items I picked up for free. Use what you have in new spaces. Print free from Images, Puppy plate a gift, cup has a history on the lake, Basket is an ice bucket but, but together they are decor.
 To see the transformation this dresser made click on this link Here.
Refreshed decor from a puppy plate the looks like my Cricket and a cup given to me by a neighbor on the lake with the incredible patina. The cup was used for drinking out of the water pump in the yard.
 Two of my favorite items in this room cost nothing. The cup came from a neighbor on who has lived on the lake for three generations. They used it to drink out of at the water pump. The plate my sister in law bought be at a garage sale as a surprise. The puppy looks just like my Cricket.
Pointing to the Lake a great sign for under $5.00 at Menards. The Green pillow with Fringe has a $1 scarf wrapped around a 2 buck pillow. Stone Washed is the Nautica At Home Paint color.
 The paint went on smoothly and the coverage was great. I will absolutely use this paint again. This room is now a place I am proud to have added the layers of our life into Nautica at Home Paint inspired room. The Lake sign on this wall was found for under $5.00 at +Menards too.
Fish Bait Light changed out for a strip of lighting make the room brighter as the light bounces off the Semi-Gloss finish of Nautica At Home Paint Vessel and Dinghy.
The light dancing from the Edison bulb which is centered in the bait basket has electrical cords wrapped in the heavy rope. We purchased this from a vendor at +Randolph Street Market Chicago 
The loft of the Boy's room at the lake is much brighter with a new light and three paint colors from Nautica At Home Paint. Vessel is Gray, Dinghy is Blue and Caspian Green is on the deck. All these paints are in a Semi-Gloss finish to reflect the light.
Nautica Semi-Gloss Vessel, Dinghy, and Caspian Green created a reflective surface which certainly brightened the darkest space. This part of the room has quite a bit of energy inspired by the picture below.  The walls are the colors of the boat. The floor of the loft is inspired by the colors of nature in the picture. The old Fog Horn on the desk and the wool plaid blanket at the foot of the bed add more layers to the room. Prince Charming purchased them as a present for me on my birthday at +Randolph Street Market Chicago
The Room Refresh is finished with its Energy and Water inspired room. Print of a picture of our 1959 Boat was the inspiration from Shutterfly.
Nautica At Home Paint truly inspired this room for our son's, from the maiden voyage of our 1959 boat in a lake filled with the energy of many people who have spent time at the lake over the years. The picture started and finished the room off perfectly. Nautica At Home Paint has amazing colors. I chose to make the stripes of the boat in the loft. The paint went on smoothly and the stripes came out crisp and clean with the use of Frog tape.

  You know what is even better a sponsored post? 
You having a chance to win $100.00 Menards Gift Card from Nautica At Home.

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    Karen Marie

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Kim said...

What fun colors! I love the pulls on that dresser....very original. Pinned! :)

Karen Marie said...

Thank you so much for pinning my design. I had fun with the Dresser pulls and my nautical themed room.
Happy Creating,
Karen Marie