The Lamp Rescue

Friday, April 18, 2014

     Today I am sharing a DIY Lamp Rescue! Our neighbors had several broken lamps, we tried replacing the bulbs, checking the outlets, and we could not identify the problem. We brought over one of ours for them to use, in the living room. Our Lamp has been visiting their house for months! 
   Unfortunately after the lamp dilemma, he became very ill this past Winter. The lamp became a side step, in the days ahead, since our sweet gentleman next door Broke His Back. YIKES! The next two months were visiting him everyday in the hospital, followed by the nursing home, even on the worst  days of weather. Then his lovely bride, fell breaking three fingers on her left hand. Now we have two elderly loved ones injured, in the rehabilitation center, one very exhausted blogger, and family.
  Finally! Happy days are here again!!! Both our neighbors arrived home, right where they belong, next door. We have shared 28 years as neighbors in our home. He has lived in this home for 67 years. Yesterday was the first night they slept in their own home in months. Can you imagine how excited, strange, and yet comforting, that must feel? Today seemed to be a bit hectic, for all of us, and overwhelming too.
     By now I bet you are asking, What Lamp Rescue?  While all this healing has been going on, those broken lamps sat waiting to be repaired. Prince Charming bought two +Westinghouse Lighting Make-A-Lamp Kits from +Menards. Things have not settled down quite yet, but it is definitely time to get back to normal life. Last night I thought it would be nice to get their lights back in working order. So I wiped down the lamps to clean them, took them apart laying all the pieces in the order. I opened the lamp kits trying to read the directions on the package. I found that the picture they provide on the back was the best guide, each part is clearly labeled.
lamp, lamp parts, lamp repair, electrical fire
Scared and very Thank full a major fire  did not happen!
This is the diagram on the back of the package, along, with an obvious reason why this lamp did not work. Can you see the reason in the picture? The lamp had a fire that melted the switch housing. If you look closely you can see the burnt wires, the switch, and the cardboard in the bottom of this lamp all are burnt.

Westinghouse Make-A-Lamp Kit
This is a picture of what is included in the Make-A-Lamp Kit package from +Westinghouse Lighting.
  I wonder if you notice anything out of place in this photo? Yes! I already started to put the lamp back together, and forgot to take pictures. I included some damaged pieces I already changed, to show what comes in the package, including the cord, which has the plug already attached. 
  I followed the pictures on the package to reassemble the lamp. This lamp was not to difficult and took about 15 minutes to repair. First I threaded the electrical cord through the center pipe. This lamp did not have a piece of felt attached to the bottom. If your lamp does you would remove it and throw it away. We will go back to the felt later.
It took a little bit of effort to push the wire through the pipe. I used a needle nose pliers to grab the wire and pull it about 6 inches above the top of the pipe. Now you thread the harp bottom and socket cap, There is also tiny screw on the bottom side of this component, tightened  screw as well, and tie the underwriters knot, shown on pkg. in the cord. Loosened the terminal screws on the socket with a fillips head screw driver and wrap the wires in a U shape around the two screws. Tighten each one carefully. Place the socket shell over the interior and push together until it is nice and tight. I used a light hammer to tap it in place this time. The last lamp I did all I had to do was push it by hand until it snapped in place. The harp is easy to squeeze together until you slip each side int the harp bottom then slide down each round sleeve to hold the harp.
 I promised to address the felt bottom of the lamp. It protects the lamp form dust trapping inside but also protects the table from getting scratched from the rough edges of the lamp base. Simply pick a light weight felt trace the shape of the bottom of the lamp cut and glue to the base. The glue will depend on the the type of material you glue the felt too. Follow the directions on the glue package to select what will work best for you.

Light, Sparkle, Brass, Antique
I love the way the sun is glistening through the blue cut glass crystals

Brass Lamp, Repair, Blue Crystal
little lady is fixed and ready to go home

Our River Rock lamp, purchased for our lake home, will be  Rescued  from the neighbors house, to brighten our nights, while we relax to the sound of water lapping the shore. 
This lamp will be sent safely home tomorrow, to bring safety during the dark night,  to my darling neighbors. They have another lamp that coordinates with this one. It is already repaired plugged into the kitchen, 

because the hardwired lights have burnt cloth wiring, 
which are shut off while being repaired.
Please check your lamps, nightlights, batteries, outlets, and any electrical appliance for signs of aging, or wear. I think the Fire Risks are clearly demonstrated in this post

 Until next time...
              ~ Let Your Creative Spirit Dance ~ 
  Karen Marie


Crystelle said...

Wow! Your lamp is such a labor of love. gorgeous.... Happy Easter to you and yours…. :)
“hugs” Crystelle
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Karen Marie said...

How sweet of you to send me such warm hugs and compliments. Happy Easter to you and your family as well. Thank you for your kindness.
Karen Marie

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Karen Marie said...

Thank you for your kind words. I feel your hugs and you have no idea what they mean to me.
Hugging and your Man too,
Karen Marie