Dancing in the Craft room

Thursday, May 1, 2014

    This is a great time in my life. I am finally creating a craft room for me to celebrate my talents, in one place in our house. No more sewing on the kitchen table, a craft project balancing on our queen size bed, or cutting large projects on the living room floor. I am stealing a spot in the center of our basement just for me. My creative spirit has been dancing in my dreams for years. During the following weeks I will create the first room of my own. I will finally step into my room, start a project having all my equipment, material and notions in the spot I designed for me.
   I have been shopping, saving, storing, and designing a craft room in my mind for years. It is so exciting to realize my dreams using furniture collected over time that I will sew, paint, glue, scrapbook, my way to my happy place in our home.
  What are my plans? I have a computer cabinet from +IKEA USA , that will be re-worked into a station for my silhouette cameo, glue gun, along with storage. +DecoArt has been kind enough to provide +Americana Chalky Paint, a key stencil and sealer supplies. I plan on sharing several progress posts with you in the following weeks.

 Do you remember this cabinet when it was the rage of computer storage?

Here is the cabinet opened with, 
+Recollections storage products purchased on sale at +Michael's Craft Store.

This is my color inspiration. I found this rug for an excellent price at +Tuesday Morning
Of course my shoes match the rug because, I am such a stylish gal.

 Until next time...
              ~ Let Your Creative Spirit Dance ~ 
  Karen Marie


Dawn @ Words Of Deliciousness said...

How exciting to finally have your own space for your crafts. That is great!!

Ivy, Phyllis and Me! said...

Good Morning Karen, How wonderful to have your own craft room.... you will be able to have everything to hand and as you say, you will be cutting and sewing all in one place. No more hunting around for the glue gun as everything will be where you need it.
I look forward to seeing how you paint your Ikea cabinet.
Enjoy your day.
Best Wishes

Karen Marie said...

Thank you! I am glad you liked the post. Please follow along with me as I build my craft room. Then it is keep it clean and create!
Karen Marie Kedzuch

Karen Marie said...

Good evening to you. I am glad you liked my post today. I can not wait to finish painting and writing my next post. I hope you like it when it is all done as I will be sharing it soon. I hope you will follow along with me as I finish the craft room. Then it is time to create with easy clean up after projects with everything having a place.
Have a great day, Karen Marie

The Cookie Puzzle said...

I am excited to follow you on your journey to your new craft room I am in LOVE with your rug....the colors are simply amazing, so fun and colorful. I think I just might have one of those computer cabinets in storage too....doesn't everyone?

Karen Marie said...

I just stopped by your blog to learn your name. It is 4 am so I will check back tomorrow and read it because your bio and lead to your blog interested me. I can't wait to get the next part of my craft room off the ground. Thanks for your kind words. I will visit you later today.
Karen Marie

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

Hi Karen! I saw this on Pinterest and couldn't believe my eyes ... because I have that same IKEA computer cabinet and also turned mine into a crafting cabinet!! :) I've never seen another one of these cabinets anywhere, until now. LOVE the rug!!

Karen Marie said...

I received your note today, Thank you for taking time to comment on my post. Of course you have the same cabinet. I Believe when I met you this fall I felt our kindred spirits. You reached out to me to assure I was attending the Midwest meeting. I thought that was so sweet, because when I arrived I saw a face I had seen already to welcome me. The Rug makes me happy too. I am finishing up the cabinet with DecoArt products. the reveal should be very soon. I can not wait for you to see it. What did you do to your cabinet?
You are the sweetest,
Karen Marie