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Monday, January 13, 2014

Welcome to the First Silhouette Challenge of 2014

    This month we were asked to add a project which involved getting organized.  This is the first event I am participating in since I am a new member of this group. I am honored to share this page with others who share a passion for learning, growing, sharing ideas, all while using my favorite item in my craft room The Silhouette Cameo. Heck I liked it so much I bought two. 
   Today I am sharing a new project I have never done before with you. I am just starting to design my craft room at my White Picket Fence Home. This is my first time using the my printer, with the registration marks, then cut with the Cameo. I have to say I am amazed at how this machine works.
   Alright it is time for directions to success!!!!!

The first item on our list today is measure your length and width of the size of the labels you need. In my case the Recollection File Drawer is 2" wide and 1" high. Then I made one rectangle to these measurements. I hit fill page but felt that was to close for comfort, so I decided to leave a space between each label by duplicating and pasting to my desired  page. This way even if I was off on the printing it would still leave room to cut around the labels.
  I chose colors that coordinated so each type of supplies is easy to spot by color as well as words. here is the process in pictures.
This is how my page looked with rectangles and words typed in place. See below the screen has with the cut lines around the words Butterfly Clips. Since we do not want to cut these lines I have demonstrated the images to click on to remove theses cut line form the pattern. 
 Highlight the word Trims, then click The Scissor Symbol, next click No Cut  

Make sure you have the  registration  marks on and send to printer

This picture shows what the registration marks
look like on the printed page.
This is how the paper will look when it comes out of the printer                                                                    
Set your paper to 8 1/2" X 11" place on your mat as pictured above

        Follow the directions on the screen.
This is a picture of the Cameo processing the cuts.

 Set the blade to the right setting for the material you are cutting.
This is the way the labels look weeded.

This is the promise of a new Craft room and the Start of a many friendships through Silhouette Challenge.

Thank you for joining me during this tutorial. I hope this helps you move towards trying a new project yourself. Please share your comments and thoughts with me because, I Love to here from my readers and blogger buddies.

 On behalf of The Silhouette Challenge Team Welcome to 2014!
 Each Month we will be presenting a wealth of ideas and information to help you use your Silhouette Cameo or Portrait. 
Join Me in learning from 35 of my team members who posted to this Months Event!

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Kristy gd said...

Thanks for the step by step! I love the idea of creating custom labels for craft drawers, and the print and cut feature is a great tool to get really creative with it. Thanks so much for sharing!

architectureofamom said...

I'm working on digging out my craft room/office so this is the perfect inspiration! Thanks!

Little Blue's Room said...

Great labels. I have post-it notes on my containers in my craft area right now. Hopefully I can get started on my labels in the next two weeks or so.

Unknown said...

Love your labels! I too love the print & cut feature.

oscaralley said...

Great Labels! The print and cut feature is one of my favorite things to do.

Pam - GetSilvered said...

I love the print and Cut too! These labels are really great!

Did I read that right - you have two Cameos? Twice the fun!

Karen Marie said...

Kristi, Thank you for your kind words.

Karen Marie said...

Rachel Joyce, Thank you for sharing your comments. Believe me I am super excited to be setting up and designing my own craft room. I hope you will stop by again to see it along the way and when I am finished! I would love to see your room when you dig it out.

Karen Marie said...

Oh my gosh I am a post-it-note nut. At a place of employment they asked me to stop using them so much. It was a design firm with all the projects having so many components I do not know what I would have done with out them. A bin system would have worked too but that was only for samples. Good luck with your project I would love to see it.

Karen Marie said...

Glenna Anderson I am so glad you liked the labels. It was my first time using the print and cut. It worked like a dream.

Karen Marie said...

Oscaralley, Thank you so much, I love the print and cut feature now that I tried it. It was my first attempt and it was easy to accomplish.

GetSilvered said...

Great labels Karen and did I read that right? two Cameos? :)

Karen Marie said...

You certainly did, read that right. I found a steal of a deal last Christmas on Free shipping, priced lower than half price for most shops, and extra features in the package. So I purchased two thinking a friend may want it but she did not. I first thought I would donate it to an auction I run for a charity. Then after recently purchasing a lake home i decided to keep it to have one in each location. It is extremely easy to travel with because I bought the rolling travel bag in pink. That one goes on road trips with me and the one at the lake I keep in a craft area I have looking out the window at the water. I am Blessed!

Janice @ NearlyHandmade said...

I keep seeing all of these amazing bloggers with craft ROOMS! So jealous of your space and the organization your implementing to keep your room so neat and nice! Maybe one day... :)

Karen Marie said...

Janice at +NearlyHandmade, Clever idea for your Freezer Organization Chart. I just want tp say do not be too jealous. We have lived in our home for 27 years and I have never had my own space here, but I do feel like a lucky gal to be starting a place of my own to settle in and create.

D said...

You've given me the cottage to try the print and cut feature! Thank you! Thanks fort your kind words on my blog too. I will also be following you on your blog.

Emily said...

Thanks for walking me through the print and cut application. I've never tried it before!

Karen Marie Kedzuch Dragonfly & Lily Pads said...

I just noticed your comment today. Thanks for your sweet words. It really was easy but this last project gave me a run for my money.
Happy Creating,
Karen Marie

Karen Marie Kedzuch Dragonfly & Lily Pads said...

Give it a whirl because it can't hurt you. It may give you joy.
Happy Creating,
Karen Marie