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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

     Holidays Sales may be winding down but this sale rocked the scales with some huge savings. I am currently creating my First Creative Space!!!!! Can you tell I am excited? I bought a rug about 2 years ago on sale, to start the space, but some little bumps in the road, and challenges changed my path. Well I am back on track, saving,creating and filled with the joy of anticipation, to see how I develop My Space. Luckily since I broke my Elbow, my trusty Prince Charming is helping me assemble, lift, arrange my space too. All the while he is looking more handsome than ever, holding down the fort, and helping take care of me. He is truly the one who can bring home the bacon, and fry it up in a pan, never letting me me forget he is my Man. Tee-Hee. OH Lord I am dating myself!
   On a -13 degree day my son needed to go back to College. The short version of this story is on the way home he insisted he wanted to get +WeatherTech liners for my new car. I thought we should go home but, went along because he was right. Yes Ladies I said he was right! This post is turning out to make him look AWESOME! His timing could not have been better, we were already near the Outlet, and it happened to be two miles from the school we dropped our son off at to work, and ride home with the Basketball Teams of his College. We walked in and were the only costumers in the store. That took about twenty minutes for us to decide how the product they have would work best for us, he want outside to put them in the car. I was not going out in that frigid weather, nor did I want to hurt my elbow. We waited a few minutes for Prince Charming to warm up at the complimentary food and beverage counter. Yummy!
   Now we are on the road again, and as we are driving, I am in awe of the beauty of the snow painting each limb, snapping pictures with my cellphone. Why did I not bring my good camera? Well to be honest I forgot but, the extreme cold would not be good for it anyway. My cellphone fits in my pocket and was warm.

 Next Stop home one
 would think, but wait +Michaels Crafts is already right next us us on the corner, and they are having a Huge Sale. Well my Prince, said let's go and I have to admit I hesitated. Yes I have my head held down in Craft Shame.
  About an hour later after filling two carts I am in Craft Heaven.
1/2 price frames + an extra 15% off .........Check
1/2 Storage from +Recollections...............Check
80% off Christmas.................Singing Fa La La  Stock up for next year.................Check
1/2 Bulk Paper......Score for the Auction I am running in a couple weeks................Check

   Alright I know you want to see what I bought but one more thing happened.Our son working at another store calls my husband. My car won't start I need a jump. So when we arrived home he picked up the jumper cables. Left my car loaded and went to store to help our son. Our son arrived home safely my husband went to a wake picked up dinner and then unloaded the car. I think I am going to nominate him for Sainthood. I have to go take pictures now.
So here are the pictures of my Sale Loot!!!!!

Here is a little Sneak Peek!  You did not think I would show you it ALL?

 Yes he even already put them all together for me. Pinch me I am feeling Tingles.


I have so much to share with you in the coming weeks. I have been working on some new projects,  while stretching my blogging wings toward some new adventures.              
                Until Next time Stay warm and share your Creativity!

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