DIY Winter Glam Decor

Monday, November 20, 2017

Winter Glam Decor Tutorial 

Today using antique Mod Podge with newspaper we are going to learn how to make a snow man top hat with a glamorous twist. This project is fairly easy but takes some time drying time. I split up the project between one football game (the Bears lost) and let it dry over night then started after breakfast. 
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DIY Glam Winter Decor Close up of Snowman Hat covered in Paper Mache with a touch of gold ribbon and silver pom poms

DIY Holiday Candle Wrap

Saturday, November 11, 2017

DIY Holiday Candle Wrap

  Learn how to create this simple addition to your holiday decor in a minutes by adding a wrap to your candles for the holidays. These temporary wraps can be used for many different decor options. I designed these stars with my Cricut Explore Air 2. This darling decor project can be used for your home or any of your friends and family as candles always make wonderful gifts. 

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Supplies for Candle Wrap

Glitter Paper 12 X12Measuring Tape
Candle (use candles with no flames)
 Removable Adhesive
Optional Cricut Machine or Scissors and Ruler (to make template)
Exact-o knife

Tutorial DIY Holiday Candle Wrap

Measure around the candle to determine the size wrap you need for your candle. Mine was 9.58' adding enough to slightly overlap completing the design. Then chose the height that is pleasing to your eye.  

 There are several holidays where stars are an appropriate decoration. Do you love interchanging decor items around the house? I ๐Ÿ’“to swap decor from rooms to different houses. 

Weld the stars together by dragging your cursor across a horizontal line of stars with the tips of the the stars overlapping. When the stars are framed by a blue box hit the weld button with your cursor. Whala! 
Follow the steps on your computer screen to complete your cuts making sure to chose the Glitter Card stock. Place your material on your cricut mat carefully matching the edge to the lines on the mat. Place the mat on the Cricut then press the arrow to guide the mat in to the machine. Now that your ready wait for the start button to flash as well as your computer screen will prompt you.  

If you look closely you can see the stars are cut out and ready to be reverse weeded. Reverse weeded means you take the waste off first.

Be gentle as you remove the stars from the cutting mat. The DIY holiday candle wrap is delicate between the stars. Gently wrap the band of stars around the candle securing with removable adhesive.

 My small vignette of diy holiday candle wraps now grace my coffee table in the sun room. I am not ready to decorate for Christmas yet since I will be hosting six family members for a fun Thanksgiving visit. I am grateful my sister and brother in law host our Thanksgiving meals for the family.

I hope you love this quick project as much as I enjoyed creating this tutorial. If you ๐Ÿ’“it Pin It!

Question of the day- What is your favorite Christmas decoration? 

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Woodland Glam Holiday Decor

Sunday, November 5, 2017

15 Minute Holiday Decor

It is time again to share just 15 minutes to brighten your holiday decor with three simple items. This quick three piece decoration will create a sweet corner with tiny lights dancing through glass and pine cones

Craft Lightning Holiday Decor made in 15 minutes or less, Lights, container, Pine cones