A DIY Stenciled Inspiration Board

Monday, November 10, 2014

    We look for inspiration everyday, in many places. I have read about achieving your goals, by placing them on a board, and looking at it daily. A place to organize your thoughts, where, what & how will you get to your next goal. The far off future goals too. Now you can see where the idea for the DIY stenciled inspiration board came for this post. In my Fall Mod Podge Pumpkin post I mentioned buying two carts of goodies at +Michaels Stores. I bought several framed cork boards that were on a great clearance sale.
To be honest I struggled with what would be the best approach to make this board inspiring. Then in a series of unrelated life circumstances, I was in Pompano Beach, FL. looking for document boxes with Prince Charming.The Office Depot was having a clearance sale because, they were moving. I found what I needed at the store 30% off and Gelio Gel pens for 50% off. Hmm. This would work on the cork board but, now what should I stencil?
DIY Inspiration Board, Silhouette Flourish, #44437 Design,
I chose the inspirational phrase by Kolette Hall and +Silhouette America Flourish design.

Fall Mod Podge Pumpkins

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

   A recent Fall trip to our lake home was not providing the desirable effect. Cold, wind, and rain were dampening my mood. Do you remember my Mod Podge Miracle post?
 My Prince Charming had to drive to the store. Normally I would skip the grocery store to stay lakeside but, not today. He offered to go to our local +Michaels Stores with me, then I could find a creative outlet to brighten my gloomy day. Now a trip to a craft store with my guy, may not be every girls cup of tea but, I was happy to get to spend time with my busy man.
  I spotted an affordable, easy Fall craft project, on sale in the first aisle. This display of sale items led to Fall Mod Podge Pumpkins. We bought two items on our shopping trip paper pumpkins, and cocktail napkins for this craft. We all know I could never walk out of a craft store with two items. Two carts were full! Those items are for future posts. Hey! It was a Clearance Sale.  I already had the paint brush, and Mod Podge from previous projects. 
Paper Pumpkins, Paint brush, Fall Leaves Paper Napkins, Fall Decor Fall DecorationMod Podge, Paint Brush, Progress, Mod Podge drying on the Fall Pumpkins