Wood Cake Topper With Cricut Knife Blade

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Wood Cake Topper with Cricut Knife Blade

Good morning Darlings it is a fun day today. We are using WOOD as our Craft Lightning material and I am excited to use my new Cricut Knife Blade. The good news is, the blade cuts through 1/16th Basswood like butter. Lets hang out together for 15 minutes while I show you how to make your own cake topper which is as easy as pie

15 Minute Wood Cake Topper for any event. This one is for my sons upcoming nuptials


Cricut Maker
Cricut Deep Cut Blade 
Masking Tape
Strong Hold Cricut Mat
Elmer's Spray Adhesive 
Gorilla Instant Glue
Gold Paint 

You will find the design of the letter which I cut two and doubled up to make it stron

This Initial K design is made to match an upcoming wedding. The font matches the couples invitation. Did I mention the couple is my son and soon to be daughter in law? I am so excited for this new beginning for both of them. Gaining another daughter in less than a year is a dream for this momma of boys. Opps! Back on track now.

Cricut Maker is making quick work of this 1/16th Basswood with several passes.

As you can see here there are a few extra steps to ensure your project comes out perfect when using wood. A great reference for starting on your own wood creation is to go to Cricut Help Knife blade -Basswood. You must use a Strong Bond Cricut Mat with your wood cuts. Taping around the edges provides more stability on the edges while supporting the adhesion to the mat. The cut will take several passes with pauses during the process.

Using Elmer's Spray bond creates an item to be cherished with new love

Since I could only find 1/16th Basswood at Michaels I decided to cut two of the exact same letter. Then used Elmer's Adhesive spray to strengthen the two while bonding them together.
Use masking tape to hold the stick to the back of your Initial as the glue dries.

Taking a small dowel I applied glue to the K and the dowel then held it in place with masking tape while it attached. Gently I started my simple painting process on the front of the K. 

Sharing my wood painting or staining technique which ensures an even finish.

You may think I am rinsing my brush here but I am actually using one of my secrets to getting an even coat of paint or stain on wood. By brushing the wood with water you open the pores. This causes the wood to grab the paint or stain in an even coat rather than splotchy. Now you know what of my coveted secrets. Shhh.

Using the mirror shelf as a backdrop to plants and the cake topper. No time to make cake.

Prince Charming and I made a Target run one night for ordinary stuff. This mirrored shelf was on clearance at the end of an isle. We bought them all to hold the flowers for the wedding shower. They were a huge hit! In fact the florist had to take them out of her display case while we were coming to pick them up because so many people wanted to buy them,  I will be sharing all the DIY wedding decor and more after we get our two love birds hitched.

Golden painted Wooden Cake Topper for wedding cake made with Knife blade and Cricut Maker

I hope you loved the wood cake topper today. I can't wait to see it on a very special day in our family. Feel free Pin to Pinterest.
Piin this image to your Pinterest page to remember how easy the Cricut Knife Blade Cut this Cake Topper

As I mentioned earlier this week is Craft Lightning. Blogging Buddies gather their best ideas to share with you. Please be sure to click on the button below to see more than 40 Wood inspired projects which are quick and easy.

Craft Lightning Wood inspired projects completed in 15 minutes.

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Unknown said...

Great tutorial Karen! The cake topper monogram is so pretty!

Angie Holden said...

I am loving my knife blade too! Thanks for joining!