Dodecagon Votive Candle

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Dodecagon Votive Candle Holder 

Good morning friends! The Create With Cricut Challenge Group chose cereal boxes for the mystery material to use with our Cricuts this month. 

Dodecagon Votive Candle Holder Made with Cricut Maker and Cereal Box.

It is hard to believe this trendy dodecagon is made out of a cereal box for less than a dollar. Have you seen these stylish shapes in the stores? They are very expensive. Let's follow through the steps I took so you can make your own.

Cereal box with Cricut light blue 12X12 Mats in Dragonfly & Lily Pads Craft Room

Recycle Your Cereal Box

Save a few cereal boxes the two I had on hand were a large one and small. The large one is the size you will need using the front and the back to complete one twelve sided dodecagon. Say that ten times! :)

Dodecagon Votive Candle Designed by Karen Marie Kedzuch with Cricut Maker

Simple Cricut Process

Cut both the front and the back of the cereal box and line them up on your Cricut blue mat. I have included the link to Dodecagon Votive Candle Project in my Cricut Design Space. Please feel free to use the design for your personal use. This design was a little complicated which took time but once I completed the template it was simple. Just insert your mats as normal and cut. I did choose to use more in the cut pressure as well as the cereal box setting for cutting too. Yep! there is a setting for cereal box cutting on the Cricut Maker. Make sure you have both your score tool and blade cut in place before cutting.

Dodecagon Votive Candle holder in the process of Making

The sound of paper dolls popping out of the cardboard reminds me of being a little girl while I easily removed the excess cardboard from the dodecagon. I have almost got the spelling down. This title is tough.

Folding all the scored lines creating tabs for gluing together dodecagon

Fold with Straight Edge

Using my Cricut scraper as a straight edge to fold the scored tabs was the best way I found to quickly shape the tabs and two halves of the dodecagon. 

Hot gluing each tab of the Cereal box while creating Dodecagon Votive Candle Holder

Hot Glue the Tabs 

The hot glue gave me some working time to tuck and arrange the two halves together while lining up the dodecagon.

Painting with acrylic teal using dry brush technique

Painting the Votive Candle Holder

The best way to keep the cereal box from losing its shape with to much moisture is to dry brush a few coats. Some other ideas for future projects of similar material I though painting with light coats of spray paint on both sides then using double sided tape to assemble the candle holder.

While making this dodecagon candle votive holder the inside was not painted to celebrate the thrifty, recycled cereal box. This votive candle holder costs less than a dollar including the two candles from the Dollar Store. Please stop by to visit my "First" Craft Room Tour you will see why I chose teal as my paint color.

Love It đŸ’—Pinterest Image just for you.
Cereal Box made into Dodecagon Votive Candle holder for Battery Operated Candle

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