Felt St. Paddy's Day Pin

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Felt St. Paddy's Day Pin

My Cousin from Ireland sent me pictures along with a video about St. Paddy's Day. She lives in the town my great-grandfather was born in before emigrating to New York during his adult life. St. Patrick's Day is a National Holiday in Ireland. It is a day the whole town goes to church, has a parade and of course has a pint or two. I am grateful she shared traditions held in our family half way across the world.  Featured on the lapel of jacket and coats is a boutonniere of shamrock. 

Felt St. Paddy's Day Pin made with Cricut Maker, Pinned on jacket

AlamyStock Photo is a shot of traditional Shamrocks worn on lapels on St. Paddy's Day

This Stock photo by Alamy is my inspiration for this project out of felt.
Four shades of Green felt made into St. Patrick's Day Pin or Decor

Choose a few shade of green to create your felt St. Paddy's Day pin. I have provided the link directly to the project so you can easily make this St. Paddy's Day pin too.

Four shades of green, four shapes of shamrocks cut on Cricut Maker
Look at the Shamrocks all cut out in just a few minutes. Head over to my YouTube tutorial to follow the to set up the Cricut Maker and complete any project.
Glue Gun, Sticks, Safety Pin, sorted shapes on colors to create Lapel or decor.

Slide the pin through the holes after using a hot glue gun to attach the two darkest shamrocks which will become your base.
Learn how to make a Felt St. Paddy's Day Pin, Create and Challenge Cricut Felt Day.

Then begin layering the different shape and color shamrocks until you like the design. 

Wearing of the Green for St. Patrick's Day will be no problem with this quick pin.

As you see above this jacket is already for St. Paddy's Day with the wearing of the green.

Felt St. Paddy's Day Pin attached to a wreath makes a sweet piece of decor.

A gift from  my husband years ago this panda sits in our oldest son's rocking chair. He is holding a wreath decorated for the Irish holiday. The pin looks great on this darling wreath in his lap. Do you remember my Thrifty to Nifty post using this wreath?

This felt St. Paddy's Day pin means there is no way St. Patrick's Day should go by without a speck of green. May the Luck of the Irish be with you. :-)

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Pinterest Image Strip of Felt St. Paddy's Day Pin. Cricut Maker

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