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Saturday, December 2, 2017

My Favorite Christmas Movie Printable

We all have a favorite Christmas movie and mine is an oldie but goody. It is a black and white film which has been colorized. Involves a family on hard times, with an angel named Clarence. Did you guess, It's A Wonderful Life? You are right.  What is your favorite movie during this time of cheer? Let me show you how easy it is to make a Printable for your house with Pic Monkey. 

Free Printable from It's A Wonderful Life. Plus tutorial to make your own printables.

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First step in the printable process is to choose your background
Choose Design in Pic Monkey to start your project. There will be colors, textures and so much more to pick from while creating your printable. You can even develop your own design. Above I added two corners turned each one then centered them to my page. I wanted to make soft angel wings for the background. These are only a suggestion in the background so I faded the wings to let the words have more prominence. 

Printable designed by KMKedzuch from the movie It's A Wonderful Life. Every Time A Bell Rings An Angel Gets Their Wings.
The font was found in Winterland. I varied the sizes and fonts until I felt the quote was pleasing to my eyes. After I decided on the font and color I centered the words on the page.

Softly framed with credit to the movie It's A Wonderful Life your Free Printable can be copied on your computer and sized on Pic Monkey to an 8X10. This Printable it only for personal use and should not be sold.

This final step in the creative process was adding depth to the quote with a drop down shadow, giving the appropriate credit to the movie and designing a border.  Now all that's left is saving the printable to your photos before pressing print in the size you would like in your home. 
As I was working on this post I found out something new about my favorite movie. This is the most missed line in the film. I hope you will watch the movie to find out why. Remember my question way back at the beginning of this post. Leave a message in the comments so we can all watch each others favorite Christmas movie.

Christmas Movie Free Printable for personal use only

Question of the day- What is your favorite Christmas Movie? 

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Lynne said...

Beautiful printable! It's a Wonderful Life is one of my favorites too!

Tania Pelletier said...

That is such a great classic movie!


Unknown said...

Picmonkey is awesome and you give a great tutorial! I'd love to answer your question about the quote, but I have no idea!

Michelle James said...

I LOVE It's A Wonderful Life and I love this saying. One of the very best from the movie. Thanks for sharing the printable. It is gorgeous!

Emily said...

What a beautiful printable!

Debrashoppeno5 said...

This is a classic Christmas movie and a classic saying. It is a nice way to decorate for the holiday.