Breakfast with Santa

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Breakfast with Santa

The 12 Day of Christmas is more than almost over. Today is day 10 which prompts us to work on our table setting. We serve buffet style for our holiday parties. We do however set a place for Santa to rest on his world tour in one night. It is Breakfast with Santa that we are serving up today.

Breakfast with Santa is a meal with cookies, Halo oranges, Hershey's Kisses and Eggnog.

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Santa stops by for a quick snack on his way to the next home so his setting is small but thoughtful. Our vintage Santa's cookies set was bought at Marshall Fields when we brought our sons to see Santa there. Eggnog is a treat at our house we like to share with the big man. Using the candy cane as a stir stick adds a bit of peppermint flavor. 

A Special Santa plate and mug share the perfect message to St. Nick. Thanks Santa with Love

The sugar cookies are refrigerated dough which we slice to create shapes easily. 

A tray of homemade Pillsbury Refrigerator dough cookies served with Halo oranges prefect for reindeer food.

Halo oranges will provide a burst of vitamin C during Santa's long journey.

Eggnog stirred with a candy cane adds a peppermint flavor to Santa's drink to wash down his sugar cookies.

Leaving a few Kisses because everyday needs a taste of chocolate. Breakfast with Santa is unusual but, Christmas is an extremely special birthday. 

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 Question of the day- Do you think reindeer eat Halos? 

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Emily said...

So cute! We do breakfast with Santa at our church every year.