15 Minute Red White and Blue Decoration

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

This 15 minute red, white and blue decoration project is easy to due. It can be used to decorate bikes for parades, fences to show your patriotic pride, or decorate a picnic grove for the family picnic. 

Red White and Blue ribbon tied to create a garland for patriotic holidays

 First I started with 5 rolls of ribbon on sale for $2.00 a roll. The rope I purchased was on sale too. I used two out stretched arm lengths which is about 2 yards. 

Cut the white red and blue ribbon and arrange in pattern

I played around with the colors to create my pattern for my garland or swag. 

Tie all the 5 different ribbons on a string to create garland

The red and white striped ribbon was wider than I wanted. I cut it in half using it this way lowered the cost of the project.

Patriotic garland hang any where in your home or outside for decor.

Thanks to the rainy weather which seems to want to move in and live with us I had to take the pictures in less than perfect conditions.

thrift store wreath with american flag and red white and blue ribbon

Even my patriotic thrift store wreath was given a bit of garland to dress up my tribute to the military who are active or veterans. I am forever grateful for their service as well as their family who gives us the opportunity to live in a free country. 

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Pinnable image for 15 minute Red white and blue decorating

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