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Thursday, January 21, 2016

January is a wonderful time to start new projects. This one has been on my list for a while but, when DIY Furniture Girls chose the theme, "Shades of White", for this month I knew exactly what I would do. 
This is my first furniture makeover with these talented ladies. Thank you for including me. Darlins' hold on for a crazy amount of creativity this year because there is an amazing amount to learn from this awesome group.

This is my Grandma's kitchen table. Since we have had our son she became Nana in our family. This table has a porcelain top which is spring loaded to pull out the two extensions. I can remember playing in the kitchen with toys or the Nesco roaster cooking the Thanksgiving turkey.

You can see the spring with the table extended on the front of the table is a drawer. The table was brown wood when she bought it my mom said, then Nana painted green and her last color was brown. 
 New tools from my son A for Christmas came in handy oh this job. Did you receive any new goodies for gifts? Please share in the comments any you would recommend. I love new tools to work smarter not harder.
The table top always had a looseness about it and when I removed the top the  reason why was simple. There were no bolts holding the top in place. 

  You can see Scrapping and sanding to prepare the surface was interesting since the dogs my mom's family had eaten the wooden stretcher bars. You know my style of decorating is through the layers of life. If you guessed that I did not rebuild the damaged but still solid stretchers you would be correct. There is no way I would erase that part of the history of the kitchen table. 

You will love how much I spent on this table? I found the paint in the oops paint for .99 cents. Better yet I still have some leftover. Now please don't send me comments about doing this all wrong. My Nana would have used what she had and I decided to honor her by doing the same. I broke the rules of using just the proper paint. Oh well! Nana is smiling on me from heaven. 
The second coat of paint created a beautiful finish. Did I mention this started with me in tears? This is the first time I ever changed something my Nana gave me. This time was removing her work and created mine. When I told my mom I was painting the table she told me the stories of the times her mom painted the green but, had forgotten the brown paint. That did it distressing is the only way this piece could keep the layers of life, lived at the table.
 A little brown wood.
 Some green.
 I kept the drawer pull Nana chose and left the handle brown to pull out the extension on the front.
Here is Nana wearing a fresh coat of white paint with her layers of life still honoring her work.
The letters on the table top Denim Art for the Craft Room feel free to click on the title and see how simple they were to make.
Nana, I am thrilled to sit with you while sharing my creative talents. You and mom started me off, I will be forever grateful for the time you spent sharing your lessons with me. I only hope to be as determined, graceful and loving as both you and mom while I grow up. 
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Until Next Time Happy Creating,         

    Karen Marie

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Art Is Beauty said...

karen, your Nana's table is perfect!
Love the little bits of memories (color) poking through the white!

Larissa ~ Prodigal Pieces said...

What an awesome transformation, Karen Marie! That dated table is now a sweet piece and will be treasured for years to come. :)

Unknown said...

Great makeover! Love all the distressing!!!

Susie@TheChelseaProject said...

White color over another color is one of my very favorite ways to refinish white furniture. You really rocked this method. Love the color combo and sweet story! Kudos! XOXO

Paula@SweetPea said...

I love that you were able to give your Nana's table a new look. Family pieces are the best!

Unknown said...

Nana looks all freshened up with a nice coat of white paint! Now, you can enjoy her for years to come. :)

Marie-Interior Frugalista said...

I like that you honored your Nana's handy work while giving this table a makeover. The green with the white is very pretty and the distressing is spot on.

Christy James said...

I know it was tough to take a paint brush to this table, but I'm sure she would approve! :)

Bre Bertolini said...

Great makeover! Love the distressing and the pops of green :)

Unknown said...

Welcome to the group! Nana is smiling down at the wonderful job you did on the table. It's a family treasure for the next generation now.

Salvaged living said...

Beautiful story and I am no paint snob...use what works best for you!!!! I know your Grandma would love this. I do too!

Kathy Owen, Petticoat Junktion said...

I bet Nana would love the makeover. I would probably be a little teary eyed too. I love these tables with the porcelain tops. The white paint really brightened it up!

Lucy said...

I never knew my grandmothers or grandfathers for that matter... they were in Europe when we moved to Canada... I would have loved to have a piece of anything that belonged to them. What a wonderful piece with a wonderful story. Of course I love that you let all of the other layers show through! ;o)

Artsy Chicks Rule said...

Love the peeks of green!! :)

Amy | Canary Street Crafts said...

What a sweet tribute to your Nana! I love that you let some of her green paint peek through you new white paint. I bet she would be so happy that you're still using and loving her table.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet table with a sweeter story! It's wonderful that you can keep it functional and even pass it on later! It's great! If you are interested in joining up to one more link party each week I host Making Broken Beautiful. It runs every Thursday thru Sunday and is a furniture and decor party. I'd love it if you would come inspire! I hope you have a great weekend!

Melanie, said...

I know it can be hard to change something up that has such special meaning to you . . . But I think you did this table a great honor! I love how the green pokes out beneath the white. Thanks for linking up to #FridaysFurnitureFix!

Susie @ The Chelsea Project Blog said...

You know I looooove this table. Thanks so much for linking up to Friday's Furniture Fix. Susie

Susie@TheChelseaProject said...

You know I loooove this table. Sweet Nana would ne proud. Thanks for linking to Friday's Furniture Fix. Susie