Welcome to Our Christmas House Tour

Friday, December 12, 2014

     Welcome to our home for the Christmas tour. I have been invited by my lovely friend +Michele Alger to participate with a group of others who are also sharing their homes, all dressed up for the holiday season. Thank you Michele for inviting me to the party along with my readers. I hope you all enjoy the hard work each of us has put into to preparing our homes for this magical time of year.
First up this year is my mantel in my family room which includes a new feature I built at the Her-it Yourself Work shop at my local +The Home Depot the Joy Marquee inspired by +Ana White. I will have two posts about this event coming this week.
Our sun room mantel dressed to honor of the Reason for the Season.
A standard in this room is our slender Christmas tree filled with +Hallmark+Disney, and memento related Ornaments. The Angel was made by me in 1984 for our first Christmas tree out of scraps from the tree skirt under our tree. You betcha I made that too. I can not believe I have already been married to Prince Charming for 30 years. <3  Funny how that seems like a short time, until I am writing that  we have used the same tree skirt for 30 Christmas Seasons.  
I have two more special spots at my house to share with you today. This is the top of my husbands piano. I have gathered pictures of the boys visiting Santa over the years along with a Christmas tree I made before I was married for my Mom. The Paper tree is made of sheet music. The clay tree in the frame is a gift from a dear friend.
I have a special story about the two Musical Santa's in this picture. The Santa on the top of the piano I gave my parents years ago as a gift. I always had fond memories of the Santa bank in the front bottom and it reminded me of him. I bought one for me and one for my parents so we would always have the same one in each of our homes. 
This special Santa bank is the same age as me 55 years old. Shhhh! No Laughing!!! He was a promotional gift from a bank. All the kids in the family love him because his eyes light up, he shakes his packages, and his bell as his head turns. We all wanted Santa to be ours one day. Well as luck would have it I found him on EBay.  I wasn't even looking for him. I snatched him up as quick as my little fingers could type.  The only people who know I had him was my sister in law (we call each other Outlaws) and Prince Charming. 
On Christmas Eve last year when my family came over for dinner, after church I had him proudly displayed on the piano. My siblings one by one were curious and asked my parents of they gave me the prized Santa. Then I told them about my EBay story, and that Mom and Dad's was safely at home. Waiting for some change to light up his eyes, sparkle and shake his bell. Merry Christmas to my Brothers and Sister.
The last one is all Prince Charming's work. Every year from the front to the back, our house is lit as brightly as the airport.

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~ Let Your Creative Spirit Dance ~
Until Next Time,
Karen Marie

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Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Your home is so adorable, and, festive. Love that slender tree.

Theresa Beauteeful Living said...

I love how festive your home looks for the holidays. The height of your tree makes such a statement!

Jill Flory said...

I love your JOY sign and that tall skinny tree! And the story of the santa bank. And the outside lights. and all of it!

Michele Alger said...

I'm so glad you shared your home with us. You are so amazing!!! I love everything!! ;)

Christine Graves said...

Wonderful holiday touches and I am loving that book page holiday tree, plus your christmas tree!

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Your home is lovely. Love how your tree looks and the mantel is pretty. The outside shot is fabulous! I am coming over from the BOBB group on Facebook.

If you need any assistance with your blog, feel free to contact me.
I design blogs.

Merry Christmas.

L. Grace Lauer said...

What a beautiful, vintage look. I love the Joy mantel piece, the Santa Bank and the tree. So beautiful.

Karen Marie Kedzuch said...

Juanita Sheffield,
Thank you & Merry Christmas!
Happy Creating,
Karen Marie

Karen Marie Kedzuch said...

Thank you for your kind words. The tree is the best because I can fit many ornaments in a small space.
Happy Creating,
Karen Marie

Karen Marie Kedzuch said...

I am so glad we found that tree. Of course truth be told I am laying on the floor to get that shot. A bloggers Life. :)
Happy Creating,
Karen Marie

Karen Marie Kedzuch said...

Jill Flory, I will be posting how to make the Joy sign compliments of Home Depot. this week. As for Santa and the Lights they just make me happy and my prince charming does all the lights outside himself. I will share your kind words with him.
Happy Creating,
Karen Marie

Karen Marie Kedzuch said...

Michele Alger,
You are so sweet to visit and add such kind words to my day my friend. Thank you for organizing this lovely tour.
Happy Creating,
Karen Marie

Karen Marie Kedzuch said...

Christine Graves,
Thank you the book Tree is a music book I bought from the Randolph Street Market. I would love to get a blogger group together to go in the Summer in Chicago.
Happy Creating my dear,
Karen Marie

Karen Marie Kedzuch said...

Linda @Life and Linda,
Thank you for coming by to visit and your lovely offer. I let you know about the design help.
Merry Christmas & Happy Creating,
Karen Marie

Karen Marie Kedzuch said...

L Grace Lauer,
I am a eclectic gal. The Joy sign I just made, Santa is Antique and the tree is collected overtime. Thank you for you kind words.
Happy Creating,
Karen Marie