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Monday, July 14, 2014

  This "Favorite"Silhouette Challenge is one I have been waiting to share with you. I had this project waiting in the wings.  A family emergency kept me from completing my design for an earlier challenge this year.
Supplies, Scrapbook paper, Cordless Glue Gun, Wire Cutters, Sisal,  Twigs, Styrofoam, Floral Wire, Burlap
   List of Supplies, 

Scrapbook Paper, Styrofoam, Hot Glue Gun & Glue, Sisal, Brown floral Wire, Sticks, Wire Cutters, Floral pot, and Burlap decorative ribbon, and flowers.
Oh my goodness 
silhouette Cameo, Paper cutter machineI almost forgot 
the most important
 Of course my 
3D Rose Silhouette Cut out file, Wood Rose made of Paper.

3 D

Coredinations, Whitewash, Texture of wood rose made of paper
I bought this paper on sale Coredinations Whitewash Collection came in many colors. I felt that this color complimented my design. I wanted to give my project the texture of the wood rose, without the expense.
Paper Rose,  Scrapbook Paper, White & Tan, Pick  Weed
When you wind the rose you start with the straight piece, which will form the center. You need to wrap it tight. I used my pick for weeding. I recommend using something at least the same shape as the pick, because it worked the best of the implements I tried.
At the bottom of the rose place a good penny size of glue and hold rolled paper rose together. Hold for a few seconds for glue to cool and set rose.
Clay Pots, Burlap, Paper Rose, Silhouette Cameo, Topiary
Next came the Styrofoam foundation which I trimmed with craft scissors to match the circumference of my container. Mine fit quite tight so I just wedged it in each pot.
Then I cut Panacea rolled sisal to the same size as the Styrofoam covering.
 Fold it in half and cut an X in the center. 
Before I secured the sisal, I cored out a starter hole in the Styrofoam. Press the sticks  in to hold the vine ball of the topiary. They should fit standing straight with no wiggle room. 
Gently place the  sisal circle through the X in the center down the support sticks and glue to Styrofoam.
Take floral wire cut wrap a piece around each support and cut with wire cutters. Do this twice for each bunch of sticks. Wrap wire in a place that is pleasing to your eye, where it will support the vine ball. Twist wire around the stick on the opposite side to support the vine ball. Slide vine Ball in place make sure to dry fit, and then glue to the wire.
Three Topiary, Wood, Paper Roses, Burlap, Twigs, Tray, Handmade
Dry fit the roses you have made. 
I used 5 on my small pots and 11 on the larger pot. 
Place a stripe of hot glue from the center to the edge of pot and place your roses snugly together.
You can now call your project complete or add a few details.
I snipped some of the extra sticks to fill in the tiny gaps between the roses, gluing them in place.        
 Wrapped twine around the supports of the small topiary
 Then glued Burlap ribbon & flowers to each pot for a polished finish.
Topiary, Afghan, Candle, Beach, Baby Wicker Bassinet, Burlap, Paper Rose, Twigs
Topiary, Paper Roses, Burlap, Twigs, Afghan, Beach, Candles, Table

This is 
how I 
use this

Mantel, Topiary, Silhouette Cameo, Paper Roses, Dragonfly, Burlap.Twigs
This is my Mantle in our lake home. 
On the  blog I call it the Dragonfly Pad.

Would you like to use this decoration in your home? 
Recently I reached 10, 000 page views. 
To celebrate I am doing my first giveaway. 

 Easy to enter by leaving a comment where you might use a smaller topiary  in your home.
On July 2o, 2014 I will choose a winner from the entries.
 I will announce the winner on the blog July 21, 2014. 
I will use your comment email to contact you personally. 
The winner will receive a small topiary mailed to their home.
Best of luck to all who enter!

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Until Next Time.......

Let Your Creative Spirit Dance

Karen Marie

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Unknown said...

Wow those are so pretty!

Randi@SowderingAbout said...

OH these are sooooo cute! You did a great job!

Unknown said...

Very nice. I would put a small one on my living room bookcase. That is were most of my pretty things go! Good job.

Unknown said...

Karen, those are so amazing!

Karen Marie said...

Thank you Kerri. I had fun making them.

Karen Marie said...
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Karen Marie said...

Thank you! I am very happy with the result.
Karen Marie

Karen Marie said...

So sweet! Thank you and good luck.
XO, Karen Marie

Karen Marie said...

Mama Soshine,
Thank you! I am proud of how they turned out.
Karen Marie

Karen Marie said...

Thank you! I am so glad you like them.
Karen Marie

Amy Ellis said...

I would put one of your topiaries near my window sill in the kitchen, they are really cute, Karen. It's amazing how nicely a Silhouette can cut out all those patterns. It's on my must have list, so hopefully one of these days. Love your project ~ Amy

making it in the mountains said...

These are SO lovely Karen! Pinning for later!

Karen Marie said...

Thank you for your lovely compliment. I appreciate you taking time to visit and comment on my work. Good Luck to you!
Karen Marie

Karen Marie said...

Thank for such a lovely note. I am proud of how this design turned out. It is so nice of you to take your time to visit little ole' me.
Karen Marie

Emily @ Two Purple Couches said...

These are so pretty Karen!!

Karen Marie said...

Thank you so much I am happy with how they came out.
Karen Marie

Sarah said...

These are so pretty Karen, you did a great job. One of these would look just perfect in my guest room, and I think my guests would enjoy it too.

Karen Marie said...

Thank you for visiting, Your comment is so sweet. I am proud of this result.
Karen Marie

Unknown said...

Very nice work!

Karen Marie said...

Thank you Cathy I am happy with the finished product.
Karen Marie

Weekend Craft said...

So gorgeous! I could see these as wedding centerpieces! Thanks for linking up at the Creative Spark Link Party! I hope you will stop by again today to link up! http://bit.ly/1kbGQ7W

stephanie, sandpaper and glue said...

these came out beautiful! :) great job

Karen Marie said...

Thank you for visiting my post today. I love comments because I honestly did not think of the Wedding centerpiece idea. I have just attended two family weddings. Thanks for your support and lending your ideas to my design.

Karen Marie said...

So sweet of you to take time to visit and comment graciously on my topiary.
Thank you for your kind words.
Karen Marie

Unknown said...

I'm loving your faux topiaries Karen! The sisal, vine ball, paper, and burlap compliment each other so well!

Thanks for linking up with the Creative Spark a few weeks ago! Sorry it took me so long to get to commenting. *shamed face*

Karen Marie said...

to me there is never a "shame face" in the blogger world. Thank you very much for taking the time to compliment my project. As a;ways I love to see what you are upto and will be following you too.
Blog Buds,
Karen Marie