Kindred Spirits

Monday, June 16, 2014

A Handmade Gift Exchange started by my friend Tori
 created a journey of Kindred Spirits.
 Two Karens, same country, different states, 
Married 10 and 30 years, Loving Husbands (different men) LOL. Two children all boys, SAHM one starting the other finished, 
both creative, and talented in the many ways.
Handmade Gift Exchange
 Tori was following our Facebook Group called the Silhouette Challenge. All of this handmade work swirling through the words of our members. Each post a person, pictures of a new project, with loads of encouragement below. Others asking for an opinion, which looks better?  Where do you get the best vinyl? Tricks to keep your machine running smoothly, and money savings tips too.
Tori Set up an event Handmade Gift Exchange asking people to participate, then she split us into pairs sent us our present partners, gave us ideas how to get to know each other, and of course a deadline for when the packages to ship.

As you can see from above, is how I met my kindred spirit Karen. We have not met in person but, we have corresponded like modern day pen pals. 

What I learned from Karen inspired me to make a gift to honor her family. This would be my first vinyl project.
I decided a picture frame with the family name, marriage year and embellishments in vinyl.
 I added 9 square gray photo mat to the 12" X 12" Frame.
 I used to Fonts Styles Madrian Demo for the B.
Monotype Corsiva in the rest.
I used colors I saw in Karen's pictures on Facebook.
I made a card to acknowledge the many happy occasions Karen's family have reasons to celebrate. 
My printer would not cooperate but it is the thought that counts. 
No pictures needed of that plus it was private.

Here is the lovely gift Karen crafted for me.
 It could not have been more perfect.

We just Celebrated our 30th Wedding Anniversary.
I love barnwood, burlap, monograms, a Dragonfly, is an important symbol to me. If you haven't read this previous post click on the word to find out more.

      I started this journey expecting to make a special gift and receive a gift from a stranger. The most interesting part of the exchange is I found a Kindred Spirit, which I now call my friend.
 I know in the future we will meet in person. 
Until then I am grateful for my modern day pen pal. 

Until next time........
              ~Let Your Creative Spirit Dance~

Karen Marie
Please continue viewing the many other talented 
people who joined in....................


Mama Sonshine said...

What a wonderfully sweet post. I am glad you were paired with such an awesome partner!

Helen Gullett said...

Love the great idea of using the frame!

Anonymous said...

Two Karens! It was meant to be! I love the frame! What a great idea! And yes, I love exclamation points!

Karen Marie said...

Thank you for your comment. this project sure was fun.
Karen Marie

Karen Marie said...

Thank you my partner made it easy to think of something for her because, she is such a sweetheart.
Karen Marie

Karen Marie said...

You nailed me on the exclamation points. Yep! I love them to express my excitement. Thank you for sending me such a nice comment. I am glad you liked the Frame!
Karen Marie

Unknown said...

I love how blogging and our Silhouette Challenge group has put me in contact with so many kindred spirits who have become true friends...and it's neat to see that happening now as a result of the handmade gift exchange. Your gifts seemed to be so perfect for each other! Thanks for the inspiration!

Unknown said...

Wow! What a neat story!! I'm so happy that you were partnered with such a wonderful partner. I love that those who participated have found new friends:) That makes me happy! Your gifts turned out amazing.

Stephanie said...

Cute! I love working with vinyl!

Karen Marie said...

Thank you for your kind words. The SC group has inspired me to grow in friendship and creativity,

Karen Marie said...

Look what you did with that little spark of an idea. This SC group has inspired me to reach beyond my comfort zone, I can tell you have done the same.
Thanks for the Spark,
Karen Maire

Karen Marie said...

I am so glad you stopped by and were thoughtful enough to leave a comment. I am very grateful for your encouragement.
Karen Marie

Salvage Sister & Mister said...

KAREN, THAT IS GORGEOUS! Love the burlap!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I want one :) GREAT JOB

Karen Marie said...

Thank you! I made the frame with the vinyl and Karen B. made the Burlap for me. But I am sure she would not mind, if I tweaked the idea and came up with something special for you. :)

Weekend Craft said...

Thanks for linking up last week at Creative Spark Link Party! Make sure to stop by this week to link up again!