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Saturday, March 1, 2014

      I bet there many of you out in Blog World, who have faced the same decisions I have been make recently. 
  What decisions you asked?
 Well here is a part of the list:
1. website hosts dedicated, shared, and free servers 
2. $$$$ cost is is right for me or you? 
3. Raise your SEO and Page traffic.
4. WordPress vs Blogger?
  I am filled with information overload after searching, reading, and questioning. Now I  feel like I am tossing the pros and cons like a juggling act. Many of you are right now in the same boat, with your mind steering the boat in circles, well I took a little break and Jumped off the Boat!
  Since I am still debating these thoughts I needed to accomplish something.
 We all know, that a creative spirit has got to dance, clear the cobwebs, to be able be inspired, to transform, and create.
 Hey, I think I just worked on simplifying my Header!

    What did I do? 
I created new art work for my blog. 
  I have been working on creating one continuous logo for my types of social media and blog. I have been chatting with someone who I value their opinion. She knows who she is for now we will keep it that way. Her suggestion is simplify your design and header. 

The first idea was layering paper, an image from the +Karen Watson Graphics Fairy(Lily Pads), and my own image the Dragonfly.

When I  worked on this I used my computer to wash in some color to appear like a water color.
I added in words I feel describe my blog and dressed up the Logo a bit.   
Did you notice the color of the year?

Can you see the subtle change?

Happy Day

I Have something to Celebrate with all of you who have shared this blog journey. We Have hit over 5000 page views ahead of my goal. This would not be possible, with out each reader, who has given me their vote of confidence by reading 
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! 

Now is the part where I need your feed back. This entire blog is about the people

 who read it, try new things, and create.

Please leave a comment below answering any or all of these questions?
1. Which is do you like the best?

2. Do you like the message?

3. What would you change?

4. Does the Title Stand out enough?

5. Any other thoughts!

  Constructive comments will not hurt my feelings. Being honest with your thoughts will help me better to serve you. 

A great BIG THANK YOU to +Karen Watson Please go by and check out her awesome blog, graphics and talent. It is not to be missed!
The Black and white Graphic of the Lily Pads is from her site.

I can not wait to see your responses, Please take the time to share your input. I assure you it is truly appreciated.

~Let Your Creative Spirit Dance

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Gale said...

Lovely...and love the Graphics Fairy. I use her stuff now and then.

Karen Marie said...

Thank you Gale for the compliment and coming to visit. I hope you will stop by again soon. Next week is another Silhouette Challenge Post with several bloggers. Last time there was more than 30.