The View From My Heart

Friday, February 14, 2014

 Beautiful Eyes
Simple, Sparkle, Ripple
Rusted, tattered, Worn
Lens, Angle, Light
 Capture, Story, Memory
Karen Marie Kedzuch

 Snowflakes Dance
Long Winter Shadows, Cast against the Sparkling White Snow
Left Overs for Lunch

Windy Food Fest

Any Port in the Cold

Winters Filtered Sun Shine 

Eeyore's Cloud Painting, Michigan 

This post is dedicated to my husband, who I call Prince Charming in my blog. 
Why? Because, I dreamed of meeting my prince, on a white horse!
Of course, there was no white horse, but a New Light Blue, Toyota Celica, with White Interior?
Happy Valentine's Day Prince Charming!

I hope you like the View! 

I have a question for my faithful readers. 
My husband suggested this blog concept because, he loves my photography. Do you like the photography post for an occasional post? 
Could you please share your answers in the comments? 

As always thank you for taking the time to share part of your day with me.
 I am honored you took your time to see my view.

                                      Creativity is always more fun with friends.

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