Summer lake home Tour

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

  Welcome to our summer lake home tour. This newly built entryway is a place I am particularly proud of since this was my first One Room Challenge project. I will include all of the blog links to this build and design at the bottom of this posts. This design was created by me, the build was a family affair, my guys even consulted with me on the textiles.  This project even included a Mother's Day surprise which blew me away.


Style Sunday Series

Sunday, August 14, 2016

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Darlins' I am excited to share my new outfit with you from Glamour Farms Boutique. I attend conferences and classes to bring you the best blog experience here on D&LP. The conference I attended two weeks ago included a fashion company from right here in the Midwest. Happy Dance!!!!!
I Loved the clothes of a few of the ladies at the event the last two years. This year I was going to ask wear they bought their outfits. Hooray! Glamour Farms Boutique is where they buy their clothes. Even better is the range of sizes fit the tiny to curvy lady in a comfortable flattering style for all of us. I don't think there is enough dancing room in this post. Dancing on the Ceiling!!!!!
You may wonder why I decided to add clothing to this DIY based blog? We all wear clothes! I can bet many of you also want to feel beautiful in what you wear everyday just like me. How could I not share the most comfortable flattering clothing with you when I have finally found them? Darlins' I can not leave you out of this exciting find. 
Style Sunday Series will start with a once a month post on Sunday to share my new outfits. If you love the SSS then we will keep it going? I hope you will love it as much as I do! I Love DIY and I am a girl who likes to feel beautiful inside and out.
Now that we have all of the details out of the way on with the show. 
Late summer look with Shaper, Pretty Corral and Turquoise top, Jeans, and dark wash jeans

Shopping for Floor Cleaners at Groupon Goods

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

This is a sponsored post all opinions are mine.This post help support the blog.

Recently I was contacted by Groupon Goods to review shopping for floor cleaners. I found the site to be filled with items I buy normally at great prices. I found the site easy to navigate while I searched for the floor cleaning products. I am impressed with at least 113 choices to find the perfect product to save money and time cleaning my floors.
 I have the most adorable dog who loves to fish in the lake. She brings in sand, seaweed and grass from drying off in the yard. This is Cricket Fishing! She is certainly a hot mess. The bamboo flooring, area rugs, tile and carpeting in our home need to be quickly cleaned.  I want to have fun in the sun too.