Dual Pallet Sign

Monday, March 28, 2016

     Welcome back Darlins' it has been a busy weekend. Today you are going to love, love, love this post. It is very inexpensive, covers two seasons and is darling. If I do say so myself? First, you resource(Dumpster Dive) or are given a pallet. I am a lucky lady because I have a friend who will give me pallets. Yippee! Remove the board from your pallet. You could make several dual pallet signs out of one pallet. I used a 5 Foot 2X4 for a stake or post for my sign. The cuts are included later for you to pin this project to your Pinterest board.
Pallet boards cut two 12" lengths and four 24" lengths for the dual pallet sign project

Farmhouse Guest Room Nightstand

Thursday, March 24, 2016

   It is an exciting day on D&LP today. Today is Themed Makeover Day! I can hear the cheers rising from around the world. Darlins' I have joined a group of ladies who make over furniture. This month is Farmhouse, lucky me I purchased two nightstands earlier in the year with good bones for this style of project. 
I have been moving tables around The Dragonfly house to serve as a nightstand in our guest room. Right now there is a beach table I made holding the router for our internet that was a nightstand during the winter months. 
Farmhouse Style Before and After Nightstand, Shades of blue, Start to Fnish\

Easter Egg Tradition

Friday, March 18, 2016

An Easter with two lovely ladies willing to share traditional egg dying was a great blessing. Below is a collage of the basic process. The best part of this lesson was they taught this technique to new generations. 
Most of the supplies you need are found in your backyard, sewing basket, sock drawer. and the grocery store.

Craft Lightning Spring Busy Bag For The Birds

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

It is time for a Craft Lightning Busy Bag for the kids and parents. By now winter has us all a little stir crazy. This project I have been creating for many years because it is fun to see signs of spring. When I see the first robin in my neighborhood I break into my happy dance. Let's make a busy bag for the birds to help them build their nests. 
 Not only am I a kid at heart but, I have a degree in early childhood education.       Glued to My Crafts   The Country Chic Cottage   30 Minute Crafts 
Thank you for inspiring the inner kid in me!

Spring Ahead Lantern

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Hello, darlings get ready for a burst of spring. Are yo looking forward to "Spring Ahead" daylight savings time? For weeks, Hometalks DIY My Spring Home & Garden Blog Hop bloggers have been preparing the best of their spring home and garden projects to share with you.
Green Lantern from Goodwill, Late Sun shadows from sliders at the lake house.
 I refreshed a lantern I purchased at a steal. There are long shadows when it is late in the day in any home but, at the lake, my zen frog reassures me I need to take the time to enjoy the view. The green was brushed with a combination of half & half white and antique white paint.