4th of July Round-Up

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

 I am honored to be a part of this 4th of July Round-Up 
with so many other talented artists.
 I designed and crafted my banner to decorate my fireplace on 4th of July.
My father served in the Army, Air Force and National Guard.
  I have family members who have served, or are serving the USA as of right now. Service  is a part of my family heritage. I am a proud American girl, who is grateful to each person and their families that has served our country, for our freedom.

  I dedicate my , "Made in America Banner"  as a tribute
 to all who have stood strong, beside the Good Old USA!
Celebrate the Birth of our Country Proud and Free!

Thank you for inviting me to your 4th of July Round-up.
I'm excited to have joined up, with some wonderful bloggers to present to you the perfect patriotic projects. Get those creative juices flowing just in time to celebrate our day of Independence!

Kindred Spirits

Monday, June 16, 2014

A Handmade Gift Exchange started by my friend Tori
 created a journey of Kindred Spirits.
 Two Karens, same country, different states, 
Married 10 and 30 years, Loving Husbands (different men) LOL. Two children all boys, SAHM one starting the other finished, 
both creative, and talented in the many ways.
Handmade Gift Exchange
 Tori was following our Facebook Group called the Silhouette Challenge. All of this handmade work swirling through the words of our members. Each post a person, pictures of a new project, with loads of encouragement below. Others asking for an opinion, which looks better?  Where do you get the best vinyl? Tricks to keep your machine running smoothly, and money savings tips too.
Tori Set up an event Handmade Gift Exchange asking people to participate, then she split us into pairs sent us our present partners, gave us ideas how to get to know each other, and of course a deadline for when the packages to ship.

As you can see from above, is how I met my kindred spirit Karen. We have not met in person but, we have corresponded like modern day pen pals. 

Patriotic Made in America Banner

Monday, June 9, 2014

     I am excited to be part of the Silhouette Challenge this month. This challenge theme is patriotic for each project. I am made in America, my family serves our country now, and  many generations before. I like this challenge because the Cameo is made by +Silhouette America too. 
   I used several Silhouette cut patterns, some with slight changes to make it my own,  for the American Banner
Red, Bunting, Folds, Silhouette

Showers of Love for Baby Dove

Friday, June 6, 2014

      Last year we celebrated with the lovely pair of Doves as they married. Fast Forward one year and we are Showering Baby Boy Dove, who is on his way. My BFF, her Daughter-in- Law, Mamma Doves  sister,  I were off to the races with finding ways to decorate, games, and gifts. Pinterest was a great resource but, I did not find the items. That is the only reason I did not attach the appropriate credit. I helped with the +Silhouette America Cameo making some of the decorations. This was one of the most coordinated, detailed baby showers I have been involved in to this date. 

Presents, Books, Born to be Wild, Toys, Baby Boy, Baby Shower

Sweet Love Bridal Shower

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Decoration made by grooms mother
Decoration made by Grooms Mother
Sweet Love Bridal Shower 
     This shower was the first of the three I attended recently. I did not make the shower decor but, did take all the photographs. I thought you would enjoy the beautiful touches of simple elegance, added to this special event, by my sister-in-law and a few of her dear friends. 
   The Wreath of Flowers and ribbon banners were made by the mother and father of the groom, curling each petal of the flowers, with scissors.