Sweet Love Bridal Shower

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Decoration made by grooms mother
Decoration made by Grooms Mother
Sweet Love Bridal Shower 
     This shower was the first of the three I attended recently. I did not make the shower decor but, did take all the photographs. I thought you would enjoy the beautiful touches of simple elegance, added to this special event, by my sister-in-law and a few of her dear friends. 
   The Wreath of Flowers and ribbon banners were made by the mother and father of the groom, curling each petal of the flowers, with scissors.


   The guest were requested to add a wish for the bride, a secret to a successful marriage, and that special something the bride brings to our life. Then attach the card to the dress form.
Wedding shower,Scrabble, Pearls, Blush, Polka Dot
  The Scrabble sign and dress forms tulle skirt, were made by the grooms dear friend. 
* If anyone has a dress form for sale email me. I am definitely interested in discussing the possibility of me purchasing it from you.  I have always loved them, but my new craft room is the perfect spot.*

Cupcakes, Cake stand, Crystals, gold
  An array Finger sandwiches with bread shaped like teapots & hearts. Toppings for sandwiches consisted of vegetables, fruit or meat spreads that were delicious. The darling beverage station, with mason jars tags dangling, the initials of the bride and groom. Chocolate Martinis were sipped as the bride opened her gifts. The sweet concoctions could not be resisted, with glistening frosting on the chocolate cupcakes, and wedding cake stacked cookies topped off with ivory sugar roses.
 No attention to detail was left undone, as this Grooms Mom wanted a perfect shower for the bride. 
  Vintage Decor splashed about the room took you to a time of joy.

  Last but not least with a day fit for a princess, the bridal shower favors reflected this moment in time. Tiaras for the flower girls and nail polish to match the wedding for all the guests. topped off a Beautiful Day.
     The Groom is my nephew who was young at my wedding. He tore up the dance floor with his cousins on our day. I wish Them many years of happiness as they start their new beginning as one love. I will be dancing at your wedding celebrating with you both
    Until Next time...............

~Let Your Creative Spirit Dance~
  Karen Marie


Salvage Sister & Mister said...

What great decorations and photographs!!! Some really great ideas. Looks so pretty!

Karen Marie said...

Deborah Sommerlot,
Thanks so much I just saw your comment today. It was a beautiful shower!
Happy Creating,
Karen Marie