White Picket Fence

      May you be Touched with the Magic of Christmas                                                                                                           

The little red stocking tucked in there can you see ?  That came home from First Grade with me. If you look really hard a bit of yellow paper is peeking out of the top. I used a pencil and wrote a note; 
           I Love you. Merry Christmas!
My Mom must have saved that treasure for me. I must say I am puzzled because, where is her note from me? 
            I Love you. Merry Christmas!

  This is our white tree a tribute to Christ. 

Some of our decorations are on injured reserve because this little lady took a trip over the curb.

 So with broken elbow, one arm, a charming husband our guest will surely give us a break. When in pain you must have a sense of humor.

This tree skirt took only zigzag seams, a round Lace tablecloth, and a remnant of taffeta to make just what my Christmas tree needed.
 I bought the tablecloth on a after Christmas Clearance Sale, and
 a remnant of blush taffeta. If you haven't noticed yet, I am an estimator, so I do not know how much fabric I needed on this one.  At first I had over thought how to make it but, it turned out to be easy. I used the tablecloth as a pattern to cut the taffeta, making sure they were both right side up. You may want to pin the fabric together so it does not slip. Take a good pair of scissors cutting the taffeta around the tablecloth to the same size. After I cut the shape, I folded the fabric in half, then into quarters to find the center. Holding the fabric I pinned through two layers on the fold and laid out the fabric in a circle again. Be sure to only cut only the two pieces of fabric pinned together to make the slit in the back.  I knew I had plenty of extra fabric to puddle under the tree so I did not need to worry about closures. After everything was pinned I used a tighter zigzag stitch on my sewing machine sewing around the entire outside and the slit. Make sure your thread matches the tablecloth so your finish is best on the top side.
 I was done in less than an hour.

Now I have a Beautiful place to display my nativity under my tree.

Merry Christmas!
Do you have any special traditions?
How do you Celebrate Christmas ?
How many celebrations do you go too?
Please leave your thoughts because I love to see what you think or if you have any suggestions.

You might even have an idea how
I can stay on my feet?

The house has been a flurry of activity since Thanksgiving. There has been family from out of town, visits to museums, birthday celebrations, and finally decorating for Christmas. I have viewed many of the Holiday House Tours, which are absolutely gorgeous. I thought it would be fun to do a little tour of my favorite Christmas decorations in our home I hope you all enjoy the homemade,  memento filled, Christmas sparkle of our home.
I made this Tree Skirt for our First Christmas, 29 years ago
 The ornaments on this tree represent, experiences, milestones, hobbies and favorite things for our family. This tree resides in our sun room which is one of my favorite rooms in our house.

 This little angel has been with us for 29 year too. She sits on top of our tree made from scraps of lace, muslin from the backing of the tree skirt, Gold stitching says our family name and year we were married. Under her skirt is a piece of card board shaped into a cone, it was a Welcome Home sign to greet us, when we arrived home form our honeymoon. I made dolls for my nieces, and that is the fabric for the face and arms. Her face is embroidered, and her hair is left over yarn from an Afghan my Mom made for a shower gift, stitched by hand to her head. Her wings are doubled fabric stitched with zigzag trim. She hasn't age a bit for all the years she has spent topping our Christmas tree.

The Garland looks like a Cross Stitch of Buttons and Thread

Hallmark Corporation may want to send a
thank you card for the advertising. (Ho Ho Ho)

  An original window from our home rest on top of the mantel year round, along with candles. For Christmas we have added some sparkle, nature, stockings and a sprinkle of blue. Three of the items are made by artisians. First +Deanna Guzzi owner of The Artistick Studio, Inc. made the nature inspired metal pots with stamping, burlap, pine cones and sphere of moss. Next +Diane Gutenek made the Forget Me Knots metal print art, with added embellishments of ribbon, and white flowers from antique hats.

This basket of Greens, red Berries, which includes battery power lights with timer switch can hang outside or be used indoors. In my sunroom it is working hard to cover a power cord, printer and hide a speaker. It was bought in Mt.Vernon, IL at a local craft fair in the fall.

These are Panda Bears stand guard in the hallway to escort you to the rest of the house.

 We are still working on decorating, look for another post as soon as we finish the rest of the rooms. I hope decorating for this special time of year is filled with warm memories, of loved ones here, and in spirit.
 I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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