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Summer Onesie Made with Cricut

Summer Onesie Made with Cricut

It is the Craft & Create Monthly Challenge today. The team has chosen Summer as our theme. The buds of Spring are just beginning to peak out in our neighborhood. How is the weather where you live? This time of year makes me think of diamonds, dusty mitts, and the cheer of the fans. 
The first thought which came to mind was to honor the most American pastime of Summer. Take Me Out To The Ball Game in my own way came to life. 

Take Me Out To The Ball Game Onesie made with Cricut Maker. Cricut SportsFlex Deep Blue, A white Gerber Onesie and a Deep Red Flock Iron on.

The colors were chosen creating a dual purpose design. This sweet little Onesie serves as a fun 4th of July outfit too. 

After working out the size and colors in Cricut Design Space The Font is A Little Sunshine and the baseball is included in this link to my Design Space Page.

Always mirror your image before cutting your design. To make the most of my iron on product I cut a blue SportsFlex Iron on and a Flocked red design. Then I can make two shirts by just switching the font and baseballs.

Before heating your Onesie I always test my plan making sure it is lined up and fits nicely.

Next up the HeatPress from Cricut is warmed to the heat level while the timer is set. When it beeps it is time to press your design on to the Onesie. On this design the iron material was two different types. After adhering the SportsFlex Iron on the flocking took a little bit longer to bond. When I made the design I planned it so one corner could be heated without touch the other product. To be safe I did remove the backing of the Take Me Out To The _____ Game as a warm peel, but afterward I laid the backing back over the wording as a barrier to protect the work. Then I heated the flocked iron once it adhered I let that cool slightly and gently test lifted a corner. When I was positive I had a great bond my outfit is complete.

In minutes you will have made a darling t-shirt for your little ones first baseball game or patriotic holiday. Please tag your pictures of the design you make with #BaseballBaby. I would love to see what you have been creating recently.

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  1. Adorable shirt & perfect for summer. I think I will make these for my kids for when we go to the ball game.

  2. Adorable! I love that you used flocked for the baseball. Nothing says summer like baseball!!!

  3. Love both babies and baseball! This would make a super cute gift for a summer baby.

  4. Oh my goodness! This is so cute! We are huge baseball fans...I might have to do this on a t-shirt for my boys!


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