How to Buy a New Car

Monday, August 28, 2017

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 Shopping for a new car in our house is a big deal. Recently we bought a new car which was a step by step process in for us. The last time we bought a new car was my 2002 Mini-van which has served us well. I will be sharing our process on how to buy a new car.

 Our needs have changed from the last time we bought a car. We made a list to figure out the needs we have in a car, our budget, and financing. Then we made a wish list of options, colors, and who is driving the car. Lucky Me! I am the primary driver of this new car.  Lets do our homework while getting ready to buy a car suited for you at a good price.

Check  to List Buying a Car

What do you need in a car?

How many doors?
Type of drive (2, 4 or All wheel drive)
Varied seating
How will you use your vehicle?

What is your budget?

Calculate your affordable monthly payment.
What is the value of your trade-in (if applicable)
Investigate your current finance options.
*Note low percent financing is not for all customers*
Financing is based on your Credit Score.
Find out your score.

Before we move on to wish list items here is a reference used to search for my car. I found while searching and comparing cars extremely useful. I will use my wish list but yours will be different of course. This will give you an idea of what to think about for yours.

Photo Snippet from Cars dot com
Snippet from Website

Wish List

The color  (Diamond Pearl) 💖
Interior color had to be light to medium brown. (Our Golden Retriever blends with those colors. 
Leather seats
Heated seats, steering wheel (Hey we live near Chicago)
Air conditioned seats (A big luxury)
AC/Heat controls for everyone
Media Monitors in back seats
Navigation System
Trailer Hitch (You need to be sure to get up grades in your engine to Haul)

Test Drives

This is one of my best tips. My husband is eleven inches taller than me which can cause difficulty for both of us to drive the same car. We head to our local Auto Show to sit in all the cars we think might fit our needs. This narrows down our test drives. You are asking why. Am I right? There are certain cars which my knees hit the dashboard when I reach the gas and brake pedal. Other cars leave no room for anyone, even me to sit behind a driver with longer legs. We have eliminated many test drives with this plan. 

Take Your Time

This is a big ticket item take your time while buying a new car. Once you decide on a car compare your price while deciding what you truly want in your car. Do not settle because you will be using your new car everyday for quite awhile.

  Ten Thousand miles on the road, Honking Horn for Chicago Cubs World Series Champions, and countless trips to our lake house. I Love My CAR!
 Your time is precious and I am honored to share your day. Please leave a comment.  I would love to learn more about you and will personally respond. 

Question of the day- What is your favorite car? Leave your answer in the comments please.

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