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Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Hello darling! How have you been? I am thinking warmer weather and sunshine. I am guessing you are too. The HomeRight Electrolight Fire Starter was given to me to share my thoughts about this wonderful product. Of course my thoughts are my own but you can already see I loved the way the Electrolight Fire Starter  works.

You can see we added a ring of pea gravel around our fire. This was for safety as well as to keep your feet dry in the damp evening. These tiny pebbles warm from the fire plus keep you toes toasty and dry. I would recommend keeping the Fire Starter on a heat resistant surface for safety reasons. 

Look how quickly the Electrolight works in this collage of pictures above. It literally took less than a minute to start the sticks and tinder on fire. The wood began to char immediately as the fire lit. 

 Prince Charming and I choose to make a small fire since later in the day we had to leave. Never leave a fire unattended. Here you can see our foil wrapped bananas and varied treats are melting as well as toasting.

While the fire warmed up enough to create my sweet treat. I grabbed a tray filled it with bananas, candy, marshmallows, nuts. For this you will also need a knife and foil. Long grill tongs is a good way to place the wrapped treats in and take them out of the fire.  

Open the foil carefully with an oven mitt, then place it on a plate to enjoy the gooey melted somewhat healthy desert. Hey, it has fruit! I had this brilliant idea to add ice cream to this delight but we only had ice cream sandwiches. This mixed up banana treat can be made with what ever you like on hand. Eating this scrumptious desert while setting the lake patio watching the fire go out was the perfect way to end our weekend. 
The HomeRight Electrolight Fire Starter made the dampness of the lake easy to manage starting a fire quickly drying any moisture from the wood. 

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